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Funnel Cakes

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funnel cakes are yummehful :D

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I looked up, mouth agape and eyes trembling with fear. I didn't recognize the voice from anywhere, wasn't Zine. A middle-aged man towered over me, thick rimmed glasses hanging sluggishly off his plump nose. He smiled, his beady eyes glinting with wickedness. I instinctively backed away, scuffling my shoes and feet through the dirt.

"Now, now sweetie," the man said in a gut-low voice, following my movements. "I'm only here to help." He extended a grubby hand, caressing my face as if I were some sort of remarkable display object. His fingers felt greasy against my skin, making me shudder. I didn't know who the heck he was, didn't know why he was standing in front of me, but all I knew was that I had to get out of

I smacked his hand away, scrambling up to my defense. He growled at me, his meaty hand wrapping around the nape of my neck. He yanked me forwards, fingers clutching around my hair.

"Listen here you little bitch," he whispered, his face leaning down in front of mine. "If you make any sound, any sound at all, I'll kill you. There's a gun in my back pocket and I won't fucking hesitate to kill you and everyone that's here, got it?" By now I was panicking, an immense feeling of fear coiling itself in the pit of my stomach. I nodded shakily, my mouth trembling.

I didn't know what to do. Should I call for help, kick him in the balls and run? I shook my head. He said that he had a gun, who knows what he might do if I disobeyed. My mind traveled to Zine and Mom. He could kill them. I saddened at the thought, tears threatening to spill. If that were to happen, I'd never forgive myself. I'd rather die.

I stared solemnly at the ground, my arms falling limp. Taking it as a sign of defeat, the man grabbed my hand, entwining his fingers with mine. We began walking, taking slow and cautious steps. He pinched me, sending me a harsh whisper to act normal, as if we were just father and daughter.

I immediately obeyed, lifting up my head and putting on a false smile. I stared up at the man, giving him my best glare. How I loathed him at the moment. He merely gave me an evil smirk and squeezed my hand harshly. I winced and stared ahead of me.

We turned at a corner, the man halting in front of a souvenir booth. He looked down at me and nudged my arm. I glared up at him, my lips pursed and brow furrowed.

"Don't fucking give me that look," he whispered harshly, a fake smile quickly taking place to hide his snarl. "You want a souvenir or not?" I quirked an eyebrow, staring at the array of stuffed animals, glowing necklaces and photo frames aligned on the wooden shelves. Why in the world was he going to buy me a souvenir if he was kidnapping me? If I were him, I would have left the damn fair a long time ago, child in tow. I shrugged and looked away. I wasn't going to cooperate with him.

He pinched my hand once more and walked over to the purple booth, taking me along with him. He pointed at a pink stuffed bear and made to grab at his wallet, releasing my hand momentarily.

The adrenaline rushed through my veins, realizing the chance to escape. I did exactly that.

I took off, a trail of dust kicking up into the air. I ran as fast as I could, even thinking back to when Real had chased me in the Anderson's house to further stimulate me. My shoes pounded against the earth, my ears ringing and chest heaving. I turned into a deserted pathway, hiding behind a huge building that read House of Mirrors on it. I stopped, kneeling over to catch my breath. I straightened out my hair, which was messy and tangled due to the wind.

I straightened myself, eyes alert and searching for any potential danger. It seemed that I was safe...for now. I walked around the dirt clearing, placing my hand against the black wall of the House of Mirrors. Why was everything happening to me? First Real, then kidnapper. What was next?

Suddenly, I was grabbed around the waist, a punch to my abdomen soon following after. I squirmed to get free, kicking and punching, screaming and biting to get loose of the tight hold around my torso. Why did I have to pick the very back of the building to hide in?

The hands turned me around, my eyes meeting with the middle-aged man again. His beady eyes were pointed and feral, his lips drawn up into a deadly snarl.

"What the fuck did I tell you?!" he yelled at me, shaking me by the shoulders. My head lolled from side to side, throttled by his violent shaking. I didn't answer him, instead I spit in his face.

A wad of saliva dripped down his eyes, dribbling down his cheek. His face flushed with anger, steam practically exploding from his ears. That's when he slapped me.

A stinging sensation pooled in my cheek, my skin turning red. Tears welled up in the corner of my eyes, waiting for permission to be released. I blinked once or twice and willed them away.

I glared up at him, my nose scrunched. My cheek was still stinging very badly.

I was so angry that I wanted to hurt him, to jump on him and attack him with my teeth till he blead red. Of course, my body wasn't really responding properly, so I just stood there, staring up at him. I took the chance to spit on him again.

He seemed to finally snap, shoving me to the ground. I landed on my backside, legs and arms sprawled across the dirt. He tumbled after me, landing on his knees.

His palms slapped against the earth, landing on either side of me. His body shadowed over mine, towering over me. I quivered, my body shaking dreadfully. What exactly was he going to do?

My fears were realized when he began to unbuckle my belt. I kicked and punched at him, clawed at his face, but he wouldn't budge. He still kept at it. I panicked.

"No, no, no, no..."I shrieked, fingernails scratching at his face. "Stop, please... stop, stop, STOP!!" My voice was stained now, my arms weak and limp. I still punched, I still kicked, but it seemed like it had no effect on him whatsoever. I shook my head from side to side, wanting to smack the grin right off his face.

"Stop, please...just-!"

I felt him stiffen, his body suddenly leaning backwards. Something sharp and pointed rested against his neck, silver glowing in the darkness. It was a knife.

"Ha ha, silly me, it seems that my knife has accidentally slipped its way under your chin." I stopped squirming, my body stiffening along with the mans. That voice, I could recognize it anywhere.

Real was sitting smugly on top of the mans back, one hand under the his chin with a knife prodding into his neck. His black hair swayed in the breeze, the moonlight from above illuminating his form. He looked feral, impenetrable, like a God of Death.

The man gulped, shuffling away from me with Real still on his back. I took my chance to scramble away, buckling my belt in place.

"I don't wanna' cause any trouble," the man said through a strained voice, his fingers up in the air and shaking. "I wasn't gonna' do nothin' to her, let's just talk things over and-"

Real laughed, his chuckle wicked and narcotic.

"I'd don't care what the fuck you do to her, I just don't wanna' be the prime suspect when her body suddenly shows up in a river somewhere."

I gaped at them both, outraged by Real's statement. Is that what he really thought?! My anger fueled once more, my fingers clenching into fists. That bastard! After all he had done to me...

I found myself running, my feet no longer under my control. I ran straight towards Real, jumping on him and tackling him to the ground. I pulled at his hair, clawed at his face and ripped at his clothes, wanting to throttle him so badly that my mind was slowly slipping away from reason.

I didn't care when the man quickly sneaked away, didn't care that it was just me and Real behind a deserted building in the dark. I just wanted revenge.

"I hate you, I hate you!" I screamed at him, yanking on his blond fringe.

"What the fuck!" he yelled at me, slapping my hands away. I had lost it, screaming and clawing at him like a cat.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you..." I chanted, scratching at his chest. It was just pure luck when I heard a shrill voice come from behind me.

"Get off of him you little brat!"

I stiffened, my hands ceasing their brutal attack. I turned my head around slowly, as if in slow motion.

A blond headed girl with a pink blouse stood behind me, her blue eyes angry and her brow furrowed. She ran over to me, yanking me by the hair to throw me on the ground away from Real. I sat there stunned, the gears in my head slowly turning.

'Katie,' I thought maliciously. My eyes slanted and narrowed, throwing a heated glare at her. She didn't see it because she was already bending over Real, caressing his face tenderly, tending to him.

He was sitting up, a black painted fingernail rubbing against his lip. I had supposedly scratched him there, a trickle of blood flowing down his chin. He glared at me through his messy bangs for a brief moment, then averted his eyes back to Katie. From there on, he ignored me, getting up and taking off with Katie hot on his trail.

I watched them leave, too dizzy to follow after them. I hung my head dejectedly, my eyes void and solemn. I stared down at my hands, a tiny droplet of blood speckled on my index finger. I wiped the offending fluid on my shorts. I ran my hands through my hair, smacking my palm on my forehead. I flushed with embarrassment.

I didn't even know who I was anymore. What I had done to Real, it was pure insanity. I guess I was so angry with him that I totally lost my sense of reason and attacked him. I sighed. I wouldn't blame him if he never wanted to talk to me again.

I began walking, shuffling my feet through the dirt. I made it out behind the House of Mirrors, bright artificial light bathing me. The wind was cold against my skin, raking against my face. I didn't want to think about anything anymore, I just wanted to go home and take refuge up in my room.


I turned around at the call of my name. Zine was running up to me, his white hair swishing in his pony-tail. He halted in front of me, out of breath.

"Fucking god, I was looking all over for you!" he practically yelled, taking my hand in his. He squeezed my hand tightly, my palms warming up. I stared up at him solemnly and frowned.

"When that kid told me you didn't have a dad, I nearly pissed my pants!"

I jerked my head up, staring at him quizically. What did he just say?

"What?" I asked him, tugging on his hand. He gave me a relieved smile, bending down to my height.

"That kid with the emo hair, he asked me where you were after that man took you," he replied, scuffling his hand through my hair. "I thought that guy was your dad so I wasn't worried when he suddenly took you like that, but when that kid said that you didn't have a father...I freaked. Glad you're okay though." Zine winked at me, giving me a chaste kiss on the forehead.

I suddenly felt guilty, shame sitting at the pit of my stomach. I wanted to barf again, to expell all that shame. I merely gulped.

Real was worried about me then. It was obvious that once Zine had told him where I went off too...he came looking after me. I hung my head, my shoulders hunched. Today was just not my day.

Zine stared at me, blue eyes quivering. He leaned down again, tucking away a strand of hair behind my ear.

"You want some funnel-cake?"

I nodded, not really caring if he got it for me or not. He led me away, the scent of baked goods filtering in through the air. We stopped in front of a pink cart, pies, cookies, brownies and all sorts of delectable treats displayed through the cart window.

Zine ordered a funnel cake, giving the man at the register three dollars. Once the plate was in his hands, he came over to me and entwined his fingers with mine, pulling me over to a nearby bench. I sat on the blue thing, Zine plopping down beside me. He placed the funnel-cake between us, setting a fork on his half of the cake and one on my half.

I stared at the sugary confection, watching the strawberry topping run in circles all around the white paper plate. I took a sniff and was easily lured in by its sugary smell. I smiled and picked up my fork.

"Damn," Zine said through a mouthful of funnel-cake, strawberry sauce running down his chin. "Guess I'm not gonna' get paid for tonights shift." He smiled at me, slender fingers coming up to wipe at the sticky red liquid. I smiled at him, shoving cake into my mouth. I swallowed, the strawberry topping sliding down my throat. It was yummy.

Zine prodded at the confection, stuffing another mouthful of cake in his mouth.

"Delicious," he said, licking his fingers.

"You have sugar on your chin," I informed him, pointing at his face. He grinned, scooting over to me and leaning inwards.

"Wanna' lick it off?" he asked seductively. I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed.

"Hell no," I retorted. He mimicked me, sticking his tongue out as well.

"You want the last piece?" he asked, eying the last piece of funnel-cake. I smirked at him, nodding my head vigorously. He pouted and scooted the plate over to me.


I nearly jumped in my seat, the last piece of funnel-cake falling to the ground. Red dirt speckled its powered surface.

Mom came rushing over, Sheryl following in tow.

"Time to go now hun," she said merrily, halting in front of me. She stared at Zine wearily, giving him the evil eye.

"Who's your friend?" she asked, fake sweetness lacing in her voice. I stared at him, watching his blue eyes quiver in fear. He pushed himself back into the bench.

"He works here," I explained, pointing at him. "I was lost, so he showed me around." It wasn't true, but why give him suspicion? He was nice, a little bit...too affectionate, but at least he always found a way to cheer me up. No sense in having Mom point the finger at him.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, flashing him a genuine smile. "Thank you for taking care of my little monkey then!"

Zine suppressed a laugh.

I glared at him. Suddenly, Mom took me by the arm and led me away, leaving Zine to stare after me. I waved at him, his form growing smaller and smaller, his hands waving in the air.

We exited out the fair admission booth, Sheryl left in the dust. Mom headed over to the Nissan, me following after her.

She shoved her keys into the lock, opened the door and clambered in. I followed suit, strapping myself into the passenger seat. I looked over at Sheryl's car. She was already seated and strapped in.

"Mom, where's Real?" I just couldn't resist asking. As if on cue, Real made his appearance...a bubbly Katie following after him. My insides churned, the hairs on my skin bristling. Why was she here?

I watched with wide eyes, face pasted into the window. They both climbed into the backseats of his car, sitting side by side. I watched Katie smile at him through the glass, flipping her platinum blond hair over her shoulder. Why was she going with him?!

So lost in my seething thoughts, I didn't notice the penetrating glare that cut through me like a dagger. I met with Real's eyes, his black orbs pointed and void of emotion. I gulped and sat back in my seat.

Then they drove away, the black car growing fainter and fainter as they sped back to their home. I couldn't help but hate them both, hated how they were both sitting together in his car, hated how he seemed to ignore me. Why was she even with him anyway? Then, the car vanished all together, and I was left staring into space, the parking lot growing more and more deserted.

I rubbed my fingers against the crinkled $20 bill in my pocket, relieved that it was still there.

I stared out the window, watching the forms of gnarled trees whiz past. The stars twinkled down, glittering in all their glory. I found myself wanting to be one of them, to be speckled like a glowing ember in the dark, to be so far out of reach that reality couldn't possibly get to you. I sighed to myself, leaning my head against the window. I yawned and closed my eyes, the vibrations of the car lulling me to sleep.

"Stupid Katie," I muttered under my breath and then I knocked out.

end of 10th chapter! (yush) the fair scene is officially ova'. i liked typing this one out, i was watching Family Guy while doing so :D so much drama D:

Real's a bish'...but i luff him.

Katie's a whore...and I loath her.

Zine's mah bisshie...and he's adorable.

Rey is...a cute little monkey :D

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