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The Dark God

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The history of Darth Nihilus.

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With each passing in time, challenges are beset on one another, they can change and destroy destinies. Time can corrupt any man, no matter the will power. But what happens when time has no say for a destiny? What evil seed sprouts? It is not uncommon for anyone to give in for power and embrace darkness, it takes time and hatred. It's only been once in history for a being to realize the corruption of themselves and still want more. What power can truely be that tempting...

On the world of Onderon is where it began. A lone child walked the streets with no guardian. He gazed up in the stars every night and cursed every one of them for his destiny. It was until a crusade of jedi had arrived that his life seemed meaningless. As the sacred warriors walked pass the streets for a government meeting that they found Nihilus. He looked up at them as they gazed upon him as if they were atrracted.

"Child where are your parents?" The master requested

Nihilus stared in amazement. It only took a moment for the master to realize.

"Ah, so you have no parents."

Before he knew it the jedi had sent him to Dantooine for training. He spent many nights fearing the destiny that was inevitable. He was dropped at a landing pad where two republic soldiers took him to the enclave. He strided in the large temple doors where several jedi masters awaited. The next minute was spent staring at one another, until the Jedi Master Vandar broke the silence.

"Child, do you know why you are here before us?"

Nihilus shook his head.

"Our fellow warriors sensed a power within you, one we have never seen before. The power was so strong it was easily traceable."

Nihilus remained silent.

Ulik Vandar then calmly asked. "Child, we are giving you the option to join our great order."

For once in years, Nihilus was happy.

"I...I shall begin my training at you request master."

Ulik sent Nihilus to a small apartment. It was not abundant in space, yet he cherished it, he had a home indeed and a truely great destiny ahead of him. He was greeted the next morning by a jedi girl who was about two years older than him. She was suprised to see him up so early compared to the other new padawans who had homes. He wasn't the least bit tired and was standing straight like a soldier.

She chuckled. "It's ok, there's no need to be so formal! Relax; I'm Jaina Valari."

Nihilus smiled. He shyly said "I... I'm Nihilus"

He felt so shy in front of her, she was beautiful, she had mystical green eyes and strawberry blond hair.

She said "What an exotic name, where are you from?"

Nihilus remembered his first homeworld Malachor 4 which had burned taking his parents.

"Um... Onderon"

She peered into his black colorless eyes and could almost see a city burning in his imagination. She felt a loss for words. She hugged him and caught Nihilus unaware yet he put his arms around her for a friendly hug.

"I could see you first homeworld. I'm sorry." Jaina grabbed his hand and walked him to the training room. She stood there and presented him to a woman 'Bastila Shan'. She greeted him with a smile and he nervously smiled back.

"No need to be shy young Nihilus, we're family in this order."

Nihilus nodded and she handed him a training sword, it was heavy yet he wielded it with a perfect stance. Bastila stared deeply with amazement it had only been a few minutes and he was fencing. She called in Jaina and handed her a practice sword. She called a practice duel. She smiled trying to get Nihilus to lighten up. Bastila shouted "Go!" Jaina ran up and swung sideways and hit him with the sword he groaned in pain and crumbled to the ground not crying but clenching his side where blood was slowly coming out. Jaina almost broke down in tears, she meant no harm but to just have a play fight.

Bastila walked in, Nihilus was expecting discipline. "Why didn't you defend yourself Nihilus?"

"I...I...I couldn't hit her nor take arms against her."

Bastila said calmly. "Just try, she's not going to die." He had a hard timne trying to fathum it.

Bastla whispered to Jaina. "We have to teach him, I just can't live with letting him down. Just insult him, it's practice it's not dark sided."

He ignored his wound and put his sword up as he did last time and Bastila shouted "Go!"

Jaina wanted to help her friend learn to handle a sword. She didn't want him depressed because of him failing his physical test. She said the first thing that could spark him. "Forget your homeworld, Malachor 4, they were weak and pathetic just like you." She didn't mean it but Master Shan told her to say it.

She expected for him to just fence, but instead he let out a furious roar and his eyes turned oddly red with hatred. He Swung his sword randomnly not caring what he hit. Lights around him were smashed and sliced. He reached Jaina and flurried his sword hitting hard and fast, Jaina could barely defend herself. He struck hard and they went into a lock he easily defeated her and roundhouse kicked her in the side causing her to lean. She reached a chassis pillar to try and use the terrain to hide. He swung for her head. She ducked and Nihilus struck missing again hitting the bar and slicing it in two. She put her sword up to defend her she yelled mercy. Finally he went under her blade and sliced up, the sword was flung from her hands. She dover from his furious strikes.

Finally he sliced her in the side and she gasped then he hit her in the knee. She fell back. Nihilus dove to combat and tripped over her leg. She didn't mean to trip him. The sword fell from his hands and he ran with his fists up. She said sorry over and over truely meaning it she wasn't afraid of his fury. She just didn't want to hurt her friend. He punched hitting her stomach.

He went back and he round house kicked her again in the head while she ducked; she lay unconsious.

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