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I Disagree

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[Zanessa.] Zac's getting married, but it's not to Vanessa. The whole HSM cast is invited, and they all don't agree with the wedding, but someone disagrees with the marriage and speaks up. Who?

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Title: I Disagree
Rating: T
Author: mylifeismine
Summary: Zac's getting married, but it's not to Vanessa. The whole HSM cast is invited, and they all don't agree with the wedding, but someone disagrees with the marriage and speaks up. Who? Zanessa
Genre: Romance/Drama

Ashley arrived at Vanessa's room to find her best friend crying her heart out, Nessa was clutching to a sky blue envelope. Ashley sighed, she instantly knew what her friend was crying over.


Or as in other words, Zac's wedding.

Zachary David Alexander Efron was marrying Maggie Sopia Selliar.

Nessa was crying 24/7 because she loved Zac, but never told him so.

"Come on, Nessa. I have a surprise for you," Ashley said pulling Nessa off the bed.

Ashley had tried everything she could for the past few days. Shopping. Movies. Eating ice cream. Nothing changed.....yet. Ashley was gonna try the last thing on her mind, whether it would work......she could only hope.

Vanessa sat in the passenger seat watching as the world faded through the window, while Ashley drove.

"Isn't this Zac's house?" Vanessa asked, as Ashley braked along the roadside of a huge house.

Ashley faked a sigh, "No it's not, there's more than one house with Zac's house design," she lied.

Vanessa shrugged, "Now what?"

"Go inside, your surprise will be waiting, go through the front door," Ash smiled at her while lying.

"Okay," Nessa said getting out of the car.

As Vanessa rang the doorbell, Ashley sped off.

Nessa turned around and looked funnily at the spot where Ash's car had been.

"Nessa!" a voice cried out behind her.

Vanessa knew that voice, and dreaded to talk to the person at the moment, but slowly turned around.

"Zac!....." she said with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"How's it been going? Come on in," Zac ushered her inside.

Nessa glared at the road, as if Ash's car was still there, then turned around and went in.

Nessa sat on a black leather couch as Zac went to get a bottle of water.

"So what'cha been cying over?" Zac said coming back with a bottle of water.

"I wasn't crying," she lied.

"Nessa. Just because High School Musical finished a month ago, doesn't mean I lost my physic powers," Zac joked.

Vanessa rolled her eyes.

"So tell physic Zac what's wrong," Zac smiled.

"Um, it was just a movie," Vanessa said before a blonde came walking in.

"Maggie, this is Nessa," Zac introduced.

"Ah, the co-star with Zachary in the High School Musical thing. Nice to meet you," Maggie said to Vanessa as if she was posiness.

"Hi," Vanessa said, sticking her hand out for Maggie to shake.

Maggie ignored it, and said, "Zachary, I have to check up with the last minute plans. Toodles!"

Nessa rolled her eyes as Maggie left the room.

"What was the movie called?" Zac asked taking a gulp of water.

"Uh......" she hadn't thought of that part yet, "Sweet Sixteen.?"

"Never heard of it."

"Yeah, it's um, quite old," Vanessa said before she heard a car horn.

Before Zac could get another word out, she sprinted out of his house.

"Ashley Michelle Tisdale!" Vanessa screamed at her friend as she ran down the doorsteps to the car, where a smirking Tisdale sat.

"So how'd it go?

"'Zachary, I have to check up with the last minute plans. Toodles!' How do you think it went?!" Nessa said mimicking Maggie.

Ashley laughed, "I though he hated the name 'Zachary'?"

"I know!" Nessa exclaimed.

"What are you wearing to the wedding?" Ash asked.

"Who said I was going?" Nessa said confused.

"I did."

"Whatever, Ash."

"Look, Nessa. The whole cast is going, and anyways, this is one of your best friend's wedding! You can't miss it!" Ashley said loudly.

"Not going," Nessa said.

"You can wear my light blue dress if you're going," Ashley bargained.

Nessa smiled as she thought of the dress, "We'll see."

Once Ashley had dropped off Vanessa back at her own house, she made her way back to Zac's.

Before Zac had a chance to fully open the door, Ashley had already barged in.

"Did Maggie come back yet?" she asked him, making her way to the kitchen for food, since she was starving.

"No, not yet..... How'd you know she went out?" Zac said slowly.

"That's not the point," Ashley snapped at him.

Zac lowered him head.

"Sorry, Zac," Ashley apologized gently.

Zac shrugged.

"It's just that Nessa's been crying ever since she got the invitation," Ashley explained.

"Why?" Zac said with confusion.

Ashley took a deep breath, she didn't care if Vanessa was gonna hunt her down later, but it was for her own good, "Nessa likes, she loves you, okay? If you don't believe me, I don't blame you. But she's totally wrecked," Ashley said.

Zac didn't say anything, he was letting the information sink into him.

"Do you love her?" Ashley asked.


"Yeah, do you love her?" Ashley repeated.

Now that he thought about it, he wasn't sure, "I guess."

"I guess?" Ashley said with a raised eyebrow, "You're gonna marry someone that you guess you love?"

With that, Ashley left.

"Zachary," Maggie said five minutes later, waving her hand in his face.


"You've been staring at the door for quite a while."

"Oh, sorry."

Wedding Day!
The HSM cast was seated together before the priest started to read from the bible.

Vanessa's purse was full of small packets of tissue. Sure, people would look, but she'd just say she thought Zac and Maggie were a cute couple.

"Does anyone disagree with this couple to get married?" the preist said.

Ashley looked at her friend and sighed.

Zac turned his head and looked at Vanessa, the words Ashley had told him the other day kept on repeating over and over in his head, he silently sighed to himself as he turned him head back to face the priest.

Zac took a deep breath, hung his head low, and said, "I disagree."

Everyone's head snapped to look at the speaker, even the priest looked up from his bible

Vanessa froze, she knew who's voice that belonged to, she slowly looked up and saw everyone looking at the bride's groom, and she knew that it hadn't been her imagination.

Everyone was either shocker or surprised.

Zac turned forty five degrees around, then took Maggie's hands in his.

"I'm sorry, Maggs. But a few days ago, a friend told me something, you don't marry someone that you guess you love. You're suppose to marry someone you know you love. I'm sorry," Zac said, then dropped Maggie's hands, and caught Ashley smiling at him.

No one said anything, it was so silent, you would have heard a paper clip drop.

Then, buzzes spreaded around the sanctuary, as Maggie stood there shocked at what had just happened. Zac also stood there, his hand rubbing his neck with nervousness.

Suddenly, Maggie raised her right hand and slapped Zac on the cheek hard.

Everyone was silent, eager to find out what was gonna happen next.

Zac's hand went to his cheek this time.

Maggie shook her head slightly, with sadness.

"I'm sorry," Zac repeated as Maggie ran out of the sanctuary, tears falling down her both cheeks.

Whether she heard him or not, he didn't know, but he could only hope for the better.

Zac sighed, rubbing his cheek.

All the guests looked at each other not sure of what to do.

When the bride didn't come back -even though no one really expected her to- they all left the sanctuary, knowing that there was not going to be a reception.

Five minutes later, the HSM cast were the only ones left in the sanctuary.

The families had gone out to apologize to all the guests.

Zac first walked over to Ashley with a wide smile.

"Thanks, you saved me from a lot of trouble, I owe you," Zac laughed, giving her a hug.

"Well you can un-owe me when you save me from Nessa when she figures out I told you," Ashley said also with a laugh.

Nessa was sitting at her seat staring at the altar still not believing what had happened.

Everyone from the cast started to go home, that is except Vanessa, she was still staring at the altar, Zac had offered to drive her home when she was done staring, Ashley had quickly accepted with a wink.

Zac had told his family that they would meet him back home.

Zac took a seat next to Vanessa, copying her to see what was so interesting about the altar.

"Why did you do that?" Vanessa said turning her head to look at him.

Zac continued to stare at the altar, "Just something Ash told me."

Nessa looked at him suspiciously, "And what exactly did she tell you.....?"

Zac broke his gaze with the altar and looked at Vanessa with a wide grin, "That you lllllllluuuuvvvvvvvv me."

"When I get my hands on that girl....I will----" Vanessa said as her fingers curled into a fist.

Zac cut her off with a kiss.

"-Thank her," Vanessa finished.

Zac laughed.
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