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Fire Burns!

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Fire Burns! IT's not rated R yet but mostly It will be Pre warning this stories will have yaoi. Yes boyXboy if that brothers you please don't read

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Dr.Blazeus paced around his office in a worry shock. The middle age man looked good for his age usually, but today he beautiful features were turned up into a look of depression. The short 5'5 doctor had his elegant hands in his fine dark hair clutching for some kind of answer. He heard a knock at the door, he let his hands fall from his head and hang next to his thin fragile frame. "Come in he said in a small, but strong voice. His eyes looked out from his long bangs, at his visitor. He watched has a tall elegant man in a black causal suit enter. Dr.Blazeus body relaxed see him. The man in his 30's let his blue eyes smile at the hidden sliver eyes of his mate. Unlike Dr. Blazeus long Dark Brown hair, Dr.Landaus hair was a dirty blond and cut short accent his bangs. Dr.Landaus was 6'1 which was much taller than the 5'7 Dr.Blazeus. Dr.Landaus carried a box in his hand, which made Dr.Blazeus heart skip for joy. He ran over grabbing the box out of his friends hands. "Well now you're happy can I get a hug Howard said, Dr.Landaus with an arched eyebrow? "Rufus I'll do whatever you want after we figure this out okay." Dr.Landaus smiled and said I'll hold you to that he said picking up one of the books. They worked all through the night only into Howard realize something. Rufus I got it, he said jumping for joy. The Taller man lends over to see what Howard was holding. "See Rufus I told you it was him, Howard spoke with so much joy and amazement in his voice. "But this really does-Rufus started to say, but lost all will as he saw the man smiling with never ending happiness. As a pair of silver and green eyes watch them.

Ten Years Later the Fire Still Burns......

Rufus drove down the streets of Tokyo, still looking as he looked ten years ago. Next to him Howard slepted which he always did on long car rides which left Rufus to think. Howard was sure they had found the kin of the Trinity tribes. There where various clues left in each book. Rufus himself and, Howard's family could be raced back to the blood line of one of the tribes. The Fire tribe is were Howard's blood resigned. An Howard traced Rufus' blood back to the Earth tribe. This was fitting because Howard did set his blood aflame. Rufus looked at his love finger which held a single gold ring that matched his. He whispler to death due us part with a smile and continue looking at the road ahead of them. Soon the were out of Tokyo where they stayed and now where in the mountains. They pulled through the tees and soon came to a huge house at a dead end. Rufus stopped and looked at the massive house. He bent over the seat kissing his sleeping Dr. awake."Stop Howard said jumping up in a hurry looking around. "What if someone thinks we are doing something bad, he huffed. Rufus smiked leaning forward knowing how much his lover hated public affection. "But were not doing anything yet."Rufus said leaning forward again capturing the small Dr.'s lips once more earning a moan from them. "An what haven't you done yet Rufus,said a laughing voice causing Howard to push them apart, and jump out the car. Rufus growled and turned around to see a beautiful woman with dark brown hair and sliver eyes,smiling as Howard came to her side. She was taller than Howard at least by a foot. "Well beautiful as always Lussa, he smiled getting out the car and giving Howards older sister a kiss on the cheek. Lussa was far from looking like an older sister she looked like the younger sister. "Good to see you too Rufus handsome as ever,she said. "An brother I'm so happy about you're engagement congrat,"she said. Which cause her younger brother to smile. "Alright let's see my nepheq haven't talked to him in years, Howard said. "Well let's go in than Lussa said. Her maid brought them some tea. "I asked him you know Lussa said. "An, Howard said looking at his sister now serious. "He said he always wanted to go living in the Tokyo city,and if you could help him with his gift than he should go, she sighed. "He's always been like that since he was a child stronger than his mother strong and will never scare,she said. "Well is he okay about me,Rufus asked speaking for the first time since they enter the house. Worried about what the young man would think of his uncle lifestyle."Oh Lussa giggled and understanding Rufus worries, He's okay with that too." That time both Rufus and Howard breathe a sigh of relief in unison. Cause Luss to laugh than Rufus realizing what they both just did. Than Howard blushed and started to laugh."Well we know who's lost their minds came a strong smooth voice.Howard looked up and gasped he thought his brother in law had came back to life. This was not the young little nephew he once knew. He looked maybe an ince shorter than Rufus, the boy hair was jet black like his father had been. His sliver eyes were strong and brave. "Rufus was the first to speak. "Your nothing like the pictures Howard showed me he said." "Gosh uncle you still showing those pictures man,he huffed running his elegant hand through his short hair that was only long in the front from the bangs. His nephew was built nothing like his skinny built which he possessed. His nephew well defined muscles was showing through his sleeveless shirt. "Uncle he said, "Yes Tye Howard said address he's nephew. "I want to come to Tokyo with you, I want to face my destiny." he finished. He stuch out his hand and opening his hand revealing a small flame sparked from his hand 4 years ago I found out I could do this uncle, he said in a whisper now I want to find out why. Rufus and Howard stared with open mouths, as Lussa just smiled has Tye held the flame.

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