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You Are Happy

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So she's happy now right?

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Jeremy and I layed on a blanket under the stars. The cool night air caused me to cuddle closer to him.

You are happy.

"Did you really date Vanessa?" Random much?

"Yeah. But shes not the girl for me." He smiled at me. I half smiled back.

You are happy.


"She wont stop calling me though. Keeps saying how she wants me back and tells me how you're no good. But I know that's not true." He leaned over and kissed me. It was soft but still messy. I moved my mouth out of instinct not free will.

This is love. Real love.

I heard a bus door slam. Along with yelling and some sort of crying sound. I sat up knowing very well who it was. Gerard stood leaned against his bus, banging his head on it over and over while a crying Laura paced back and forth. Fights, fights, fights.

Fight more. Break up! I thought but quickly wiped that thought from my mind as Jeremy came up and kissed me again. I knew at any moment he would be taking this back to the bedroom. I didn't want to personally but I felt like a dog. Do something wrong, get hit with a newspaper dipped in guilt and depression. Do what he wants, get a treat dipped in revenge against Gerard and his bimbo.

Gerard's Point of View

I watched as his hands moved up and down her back. Laura kept pacing and crying and yelling. What's new? She always cried about something. I didn't even do anything to offend to her tonight. She just picked a fight. But I still loved her I guess.

She looked uncomfortable and all I could think about was how that bastard hurt her once before. I wanted to kill him. I want to rip out his heart and feed it to him through a straw. Disgusting pig.

Audrey's Point of View

Sex with Jeremy isn't that great. He's good at it and all but he doesn't put his heart into it. just his mind and body. I wonder how Gerard was... No. I don't.

I lie there next to him as he slept. His arm was around my waist. All I wanted was to go get drunk. And that I did. I slipped his arm off me and got dressed quietly. I didn't want him waking up. if he did he would want to come. I just needed alone time. I slyly slipped out of the bus and made my way around the others. It seemed like there were no parties that night. Just as I thought my luck was about to run short I heard the music.

Thank you god. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I could almost taste the alcohol it was so near. I jumped onto the bus not really aware of who's it was and went for the drinks. That night on the bus consisted of drinks, dancing and drugs.

I found the coke in my back pocket and pulled it out. I passed it around to a few people and was about to do a line but then I saw him. He hovered over me, his dark eyes clouded with...tears? I didn't understand but before I could collect my thoughts he darted of the bus. I followed after him pushing through the crowd of drunken people. I made a big mistake...
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