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March! My Madness

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bad song

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Viola stood at Bob's side as their taxi came, pulling into the hotel's front door. Viola climbed in before Bob, and together they sat in silence back to tour grounds. As the two said goodbye a familiar character emerged from behind a tent. Viola waved as Bob went in his direction and she went hers.

"Hey Viola."

"Hey Carson," She muttered trying to sound upbeat.

"What's wrong?" His tone changed.

"Nothing," Viola shook, "it's nothing...have you seen Pete around lately?"

"Moving on already?"

"NO! It's not like that," She took a sharp breath, "I saw...he saw me yesterday getting in that taxi with Bob," She rubbed at her temple.
"Well actually," Carson began, "It wasn't Pete."

Viola looked to Carson quickly scanning his face.

"That wasn't Pete?" She asked.

"No," Carson replied wrapping an arm around her, "someone has to keep an eye on you Vi."

Viola dropped to her knees clutching the dirt in between her fingers, shuttering. Carson like second nature copied her; he pulled the hair out her face looking to her grey eyes.
"I was so scared," She stuttered.

Carson laughed lightly,
"I didn't mean to scare you; I was just keeping an eye on you."

Viola took a deep breath,
"Oh god, if Pete ever found out."

"Why do you care what he thinks?"

"I don't know, I've never really been chased by guys before."

Carson pulled her back up and they continued to there bus, he placed a hand on her neck.

"You'll be okay Vi; guys have it worse when chasing a girl."

"Okay we got Spencer on the bass," Emerson called into his mic, "Carson on Keyboard," he played a small little phrase before waving to the audience, "Very nice, Elliot on guitar...thank you Elli, and last but not least Viola on the drums!"

Viola slammed hard on her tombs before ending with a single symbol crash. She tossed a stick to the audience and grabbed a new one from her bag.

"Okay, so we're gonna start you off with /March! My Madness/."

There were screams from the audience as Carson started with a simple haunting phrase. Emerson disappeared behind Viola's riser as Elliot and Spencer transitioned to there parts.

"Come to me, oh my darling,
I've got you close and were I want you
Oh darling, stay...," He screamed into the mic, "I won't hurt you,"

Carson stepped back from his keyboard as Elliot stepped center stage ripping into his solo.

"Rah," a breath, "Rah," spitting, "Rah," running out onto stage, "Rahhh," holding his final scream.

"Darling isn't this what you wanted."

Emerson whipped his brow and then continued with the fast pace of music.

"Darling I've got you already flaunted."

He jumped up and kicked air.

"Darling you're the one who's being haunted."

He paused at a break in the song silence rang out over the screaming, before the
instruments kicked up again.

"DARLING DARLING DARLING! This isn't what I wanted."

Emerson smiled,

"March! My Madness, March! My Madness, March!" He held the note, "My Madness," the song went back to slow.

Viola slammed into her drum parts, forgetting everything that bothered her. Even Pete wouldn't bother her, standing there smiling, holding a rose, -HOLDING A ROSE!?-

"Darling you've got two seconds with me
I have two years to make you see...,"

Pete raised his hand, and waved. Viola stopped playing, Carson looked to her.

"Viola!" He shouted

She snapped back.

what the hell She thought...

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