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Autumn Love

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Birds and breezes. Fall is the perfect time for this. H/D fluff

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Draco, Harry - Published: 2007-04-26 - Updated: 2007-04-26 - 216 words - Complete

"You know you want to."

His mind went pleasantly fuzzy when he was kissing in this way. It only happened when he was in a rare good mood, though, and tended to compound rather than cause this phenomenon. For once, they didn't skip right to the end and end up jerking each other off in the bathroom or whatever hidden corridor they could happen to find that was close enough.
Fall was the time of year for these kinds of romances, when the previous year's bitterness was pleasantly muted and the separation of a few months is enough to make any couple hesitant, let alone this one.

Hesitant touches and slow, languorous kisses accompany the growing amount of clothing and the increasing need for shared body heat, both perceived and actual.

When they sat too close to each other, that was fine in the Fall. The sun was warm in the afternoons that lacked an approaching Northern breeze, and they could sit out in a sheltered corner for a little healthy silence and a little more cuddling than was absolutely necessary.

"Don't tease."

The birds make a racket as they fly overhead, towards more southerly regions, and startle the pair with their hands already on each other. They look up, together, and watch them fly away.
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