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Even If We Don't Look Back Again

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I should stop doing Patrick one shots...but no..wmahaha here u go...

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A crisp summer breeze came speeding by just as the sun had begun to set. The wind played with the small loose strands of Rose's dark blonde hair. She smiled and brought her shoulders up to stop a shiver creeping down her spin. She brought her knees up closer to her chest, flattening the whittling bottom of the light summer skirt that she was wearing, subconsciously she held onto it as it fluttered with the sunset. She pressed her toes upon the heel of her right sandal and kicked it far away from her, she did exactly the same to the left and soon the cool ground beneath her was felt upon the soles of her feet. She dug her toes to grab an amount of grass and sighed as she felt calm. Peace.

Her vision scanned the view beneath her; she was seated far out of the city and the light now beamed of the sides of the tall buildings. Sky scrappers reaching their tips into the beating sky, grabbing all they could of the scarce clouds. The glass and metallic giants always looming over the quick city. If Rose thought about it longer she would have known that her heart always belonged in the roads and pavements. A fast paced heart in a fast paced world. Yet, often she would need the abundance, and her writing would crave the tranquillity only Mother Nature can offer. And in her arms, Rose would relish the embrace.

A bated breath somewhat flittered out of her mouth, it match the beauty of a butterfly that came soaring by. Rose grinned broadly at the simplistic creature whose wings ranged colours of the spectrum. Delving into her bag, Rose reach for her note book, she placed it on her knees and began to digress into notes. Forms of poetry interlocked with ink and carved themselves into the paper. Occasionally she would glance up at the radiating magnificence the landscaped offered her. Breathing in again she took one look down against her wishes and new that all she had written were words dedicated to one person.

"Damn Rose" She moaned to herself. Tearing out the piece of paper and scrunching it up into a little ball. She huffed slightly and placed the rubbish into her bag. "Forget about him, for a change" she said sternly. Yet she couldn't, his image would soon possess after a minute of freedom from him and she would divulge herself in lusts that she knew would never come true. She somewhat pouted, out of the realisation it had been 5 years of this captivity and though she had now a friendship with him, she couldn't help but yearn from him.

From behind her a rustle was beginning to sound. Getting louder as she heard footsteps pad against the soft ground. She spun her head around to see hands remove foliage from his pathway and she beamed at the figure that was soon approaching her. She twisted back to her writing. She smirked as a shadow appeared upon the pad and she looked up. Patrick was stood with his hands in his jean pocket. A white t-shirt clung to his frame and he smiled at her.

"Patrick! Hello," she giggled, "I didn't see you there."

"Liar" he said, pushing her with one of his legs. "I got your note, it said you'd be here."

"Yeah" she said pretending to be partially absence, "I knew you would go sneaking around my house."

She stuck a tongue out at the innocent face he pulled. Patting the ground with her pen clad hand, she signalled him to sit down next to her, which obligatory he did. She savoured the warmth of his skin as it brushed hers, as if souls were to pass in an instant. She took the touch and made it a new memory. Placing it in the back of her mind for future inspiration.

"So what are you doing up here?" Patrick asked, peering down at her notes which Rose snatched away from his view.

"Writing," she said waving the pen and clenching her teeth as she breathed out. "Which is proving a lot harder than I expected."

"Want some help?" he offered, as he took a similar stance to hers.

"Do you want to help?" She said, frowning at his aid.

"Sure" Patrick replied, smiling honesty with his impeccable teeth.

"Well," she held out a hand to the imagery in front of her, the sun just creeping below the buildings, "Tell me what you see?"

Patrick shrugged, "A sunset."

"Well, yes," she chuckled, "Look, erm close your eyes, I'll tell you what I see."

"O...K" Patrick said confused though he obediently closed his eyes, the bottom of his lips stretching ever so softly into a small smile.

"Imagine this; a violent streak of orange travelling across with speed in a vast array of lust. Purple dyed clouds swim carefully by with passion, soft and slow, high and drifting. A red feast of love dances with the last rays of the sun as it tries to escape the forever pulling of the night. An entwinement of forever lovers and the setting of eternal colours. That is what I see." She paused to take a breath. "You can open your eyes now."

Patrick opened his eyes and the full force of the painting she had created in his mind hit him. For now he was seeing the world through her eyes, each object that surrounded them was drenched in words, adjectives and nouns and all the wonders of it were heightened. He began to stutter, "Wow, that's incredible, aren't you going to write it down?"

She blushed at him, "I don't think I need to. I've been waiting to say those words forever; they're sort of imprinted into my brain."

"Are you ok?" Patrick said as he began to notice Rose had drifted of, staring at everything bar him. "You seem to have.."

"Gone into my own world?" She interrupted.

"Well yeah." He said wrapping one of his arms around her and pulling her into his torso, she made sure her head lolled onto his knees, resting there. She closed her eyes.

"I'll be fine" she whispered and what followed was the sudden heavy breathing of slumber.

"Rose?" Patrick asked as he peered down at her, yet there was no response. He sighed heavily and started to push the hair that was covering her face behind her ears. From behind his light glasses he studied her, his pulse fluttering. Rose's chest began to rise, up and down, moving her chest and shoulders with in. Patrick leant down and caressed one of her cheeks with his lips, he said hushed, "How am I supposed to tell you, that I love you?"

It was in that moment that Rose's breathing faltered ever so perfectly. She stirred, turning her head to look at him, "That could work.."

She reached up and pulled him down, pressing her mouth against his and taking in the taste of his kiss. Shivers were sent down her spine as the sweet movements she made were mimicked by him, he responded with the same bliss she applied, and that was golden. They broke apart but she kept her forehead still against his. Stroking each cell upon his cheek and letting her thumb slid across the seat of his lips. Their eyes met and their breath circled between them.

"I love you too" she replied, falling into the hold he had around her and falling into the perfection of the sunset.

Ciao Bella
"We'll have to make new love"
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