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understanding in a car crash

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who grabbed camryn's arm? and will everything finally be ok

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i turned around to see brendon. "let go of me brendon" i said. "no. we're all just looking out for you because we care about you. ryan more than anyone. so quit being a bitch and stop resisting our help" brendon yelled at me. i couldn't take it anymore. i burst into tears right there. "i'm sorry brendon. i..i really am. everything is happening so fast. the wedding, the baby, travis. it's too much for me" i cried as i sobbed into his arms. "i know and i'm sorry. but we're all here for you. you can't push us away when you need us the most" he said rubbing my back. "i know. i'm guess i'm just used to figuring things out on my own. i've always been more independent than dependant" i sighed. "yeah well you're married now. not just to ryan but all of us and you can't divorce us that easily" he said smiling. "haha well i don't plan on divorcing anyone" i said feeling better. "good. now lets go back up there and finish this marathon" he said as we walked over to the elevators. as we stood in the small space taking us back to our room i couldn't help but think. 'brendon's right. i need to stop thinking of travis and let the cops handle it. i've got ryan and my friends. they're not gonna let anything happen.' the elevator dinged letting us know we had reached our floor. i slid the key into my door and pushed it open. the lights were off. we walked in and realized everyone had probably called it quits and went back to their own rooms. "well...i guess i'll just go now" brendon said scratching his neck. "haha yeah. obviously everyone got tired or something" i said laughing. brendon left and i walked into the bedroom. ryan was sleeping. i tried to be as quiet as i could so i wouldn't wake him up..."OW!" i stubbed my toe on the chair. i grabbed my mouth and looked to see if ryan had woken up. he hadn't moved. 'great...i know i can't count on ryan if someone breaks into our house' i climbed into bed and tried to go to sleep. i felt ryan wrap his arms around my growing belly. "i'm sorry cam" he whispered in my ear. "don't worry about it. everything is all better" i said turning to give him a kiss. that night i didn't dream about travis. he was the furthest thing from my mind.

meanwhile down in the lobby... (mystery pov)

"hi. i'm a friend of camryn ross. she wanted me to meet her once i got here but my flight was delayed a little. could you give me her room number" i asked the young girl working the front desk. "oh yeah. first can i have some id" she asked. i pulled out my drivers license and showed it to her. "ok....they are in room 415. do you need a key" she asked me as i turned to walk away. "oh yes. of course" i took the key from her and smiled. "thank you very much ana" i said looking at her name tag. i got on the elevator and made my way to room 415. 'this is gonna be fun' i thought as i slid the key in the slot and saw the green light.

next day... (ryan pov)

i woke up before camryn did. i decided to let her sleep longer since the last couple of nights have been bad. i walked into the living room and saw it was completely trashed. there we pictures of me and camryn, camryn at the doctor, the band, the girls hanging out, and some others taped everywhere. i pulled out my sidekick. "pete. it's ryan. i think you and the others need to get to our" i said hoping camryn hadn't woken up. she can't see this. it would stress her out even more. 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door. pete and the others rushed in. "ryan what's the matter" brendon asked walking in last rubbing his eyes. "follow me" i said walking into the living room. i looked at their reactions. they all had their mouths open in schock. "now listen to me. we have to get this mess cleaned up and the pictures thrown away. we can't let camryn see any of this. "who could have done this" jamie asked. "travis" we all said in unison.

sorry it's so short. i'm just going through a tough time right now and my mind's not really into the story. but i'm not gonna let that stop me from updating :) hope you like this....
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