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This Is How It Looks

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i don't know where this one is going, but i promise to try and update it as much as i can. also i don't know what the rating should be, so it might change.* appearance ISN'T everything

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Published: 2007-04-27 - Updated: 2007-04-28 - 440 words

The crowds cheer and the lights go down, but it doesn't end there. Four sweaty, exhausted, exhilarated,
brilliant boys climb their way off the stage, the singer, the guitarist, the bassist, swinging instruments at their
backs, while the drummer sticks his drumsticks in his pocket and leaves the heavy lifting to the roadies. The guitarist, really, the other guitarist, and the drummer manage to sneak away easily, so they get the first hugs. Fans recoignize the girls, who have been with the band for months now. One is a girl friend, the other is of some unknown importance. The girlfriend has red curls, pale skin and baby blue eyes. She hugs the boys hurriedly, while the second girl, with similar bone structure but a tanned complexion and blonde hair, waits for her chance with the boys as they breeze by on their way. Several fans notice them and wave, and the boys wave back and head to the sanctity of the bus.

The other two boys hurry off, the short lead singer taking a rare opportunity to lead, which he wouldn't do, but for the fact his bandmate is anxious for one more second under the adoring gaze of those people. The blonde girl reaches the singer and hugs him with such force that the immovable baseball cap miraculously shifts. He laughs at her, then turns to the second girl and smiles, embarrassed by either the first girls exuberance, or, quite possibly, his success. The fans watch them hug, but miss the gentle stroke of his hand against her back. She kisses his cheek and they laugh together, innocently. The fans scream for him, and he waves, almost disbelievingly, as his partner in crime and best friend hurries over, suddenly, irrevocably eager to get away. His head is almost completely down, but his face lights up for the girls, and he and the redhead kiss lovingly. The affection between them is unmistakeable, and their respective friends can only stand and wait for it to end, hugging each other, and looking awkward. The crowd is in an uproar, some cheering, some hissing in distaste, and she laughs at him and jerks away. He hugs the second girl quickly, his arm still entwined with the first, and, as a team, they walk back to the tour bus, ready to do it all again tomorrow. Midway through the walk, the singer catches up to the couple's stride, and the dark-featured bassist slings his spare arm around the younger man's stooped shoulders. For all appearances, everything here makes a perfect, beautiful sense.

And as anyone in show business will tell you, appearance is everything.
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