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Gerard keeps a mental Diary on life events, What more could I say.

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April 27
10:30 am

I've woken up to quite literally my neighbors in the act. All I'm hearing now is what they believe as connecting physically. I honestly doubt this happens with anyone else at ten thirty in the morning. I don't want to be that person, the excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Next door could you shut the hell up! person but if this keeps up the roll will go to me. Why? Well because Frankly Ms. Baxter is deaf, she would be the only neighbor on the other side of the peacocks fucking, not that Mr. and Mrs. Next door are peacocks, they just sound like ones. If peacocks, make that noise, would i be safe calling them that. Oh god I'm really having this conversation with myself, oh I need help.

The phone rings.


Oh hurrah it's Frank, what witty thing is it now, do I tell him about my / peacock problem/? Best wait.

"Hey Gerard, what up?"

"Not much Frank," I say twirling the phone cord.

"Is that Peacocks?"

I'm staring at the phone, as if Frank can see me glaring. He doesn't know what I'm going through right about now. Then again he agrees it sounds like Peacocks, if anything it proves I know my sounds. Oh fuck I'm into this again.


"Peacocks?" He asks, "Are you at the zoo?"

"How am I at the zoo, you've called my landline Frank."

There is silence on the phone. Oh god he's thinking about this.

"Did you buy some peacocks?"

Now he's just bing stupid, I hang up.

Lunch 12:30
With Mikey and Bob

"Well Gerard," My brother says through a mouthful of his sandwich, "If they're doing this every day then just do it back to them."

"Yea," Bob agrees through a spoonful of soup.

I stare at them.

"What? Are you and Alice going through problems?"

I look down, why does he always know.

"Gerard, what happened?"

I look up, Bob and Mikey are both staring at me. I really don't want to go into this, not with them, not with anyone. I mean should I really be telling them Alice doesn't want to deal with my emotional shit right now. And what about hers, you think I could handle that abusive shit she brought in. Okay so i'm ranting myself into a corner.

"Lets take off the skirts boys," I joke.

Ouch! Bob can really give you one and hard. I think my arm has lost all feeling, when pins and needles start happening I think I'll admit publicly that I'm emo. Wait cancel that I felt my finger twitch.

"Gerard," Mikey begins, "you can't bottle stuff inside, that stuff will fuck you up."

"Well thank you Mikey," I roll my eyes, "Guys I'm fine really," Lie.

I'm not fine, I'm Really not. Crap I'm starting to hum I'm not okay. I'm not going to admit it, this is like the second time i've had a relationship end badly.

"It's good you guys weren't really serious," Bob comments.

I sink into myself, I wish I wasn't here in this place. It's bad enough I have to go back to my apartment of sorrow, depression and rejection. Listen to the peacocks. I doubt things will turn around, but who is this girl who's just walked in...

A/N: okay so I'm doing this like the Georgia Nicholson series
but with Gerard Way, and if you haven't ever read those books my gawd are you missing out.
I'm doing this as another story, because I have to clear my mind out to finish the other ones, I'm not giving up on them, so don't worry
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