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a few minutes later, Mikey came in with a Taco Bell bag.

"Ray went to Taco Bell earlier. i just reheated the food and put it back in the bag" Mikey set the bag on the nightstand.

"thanks Mikey but im not hungry" i said.

"well its there if you do...oh and by the way, Gerard just left looking angry" he said and exited the room. i felt Frank staring at me. i slowly moved my eyes towards his.

"Audrei, can i ask you something?!?" he asked.


"well...uhhh..why'd you take your break-up with Gerard so hard?!? i know you guys dated for like four years but one of those years shouldnt even count because he cheated on you" i stared at him blankly, not wanting to answer the question but i did anyways.

"i just did"

"but why?!? was it because Nicole was my girlfriend?!? i want to know!"

"because Frank...i just did. theres alot you dont know about me and even if you did know me very well, you still wouldnt know why"

"what about Mikey?!? does he know?!?"

"no, not even Mikey one knows, only i do" i sighed as i thought:

/and Nicole does too/

he took my face in his hands and stared into my green eyes. his hazel-green eyes were hypnotizing but i wasnt about to give in.

"will you tell me soon?!?" he whispered

"i will...when im ready" i replied in a whisper...
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