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Miss Kiss

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Jemma denies any evidence of liking Scott more than a pal.

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Chapter Eight

I woke up on the next day, at ten in the morning. It was Saturday. I sat up and Yawned. I laughed to myself thinking about the night before, how Scott had defended me from those two jerk wads. I pulled my blankets away and got in the shower. I put on a pair of Capri pants (since it was starting to get warm for March) and a purple top. I dried my hair put it in a pony tail, and applied some make-up. I went to the living room and saw mom drinking coffee in her chair, reading the newspaper.
"Hi honey." She said with a smile.
"Hi." I replied.
"Julia called at about nine and said to call her back."
"Ok, thanks." I said and went back into my room and picked up the phone.
The phone rang twice and Julia answered.
"Hey, It's Jem, what did you want?" I asked.
"Oh Yah, I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch."
"Yah that sounds fun. Where do you want to go?" I asked.
"How about Alexander's?"
"Awesome, meet me there in a half hour. Cool?"
"Perfect. Bye." I hung up. We both loved Alexander's. It was a cafe' downtown. That was actually the first place we met. It was the summer before seventh grade, and she had just moved in town. My mom and I had been shopping down town, and she sent me to Alexander's to get us some ice cream. I walked in and saw Julia sitting at a stool, looking at all the ice cream in the freezers. I walked up to the freezers and looked at the different flavors.
"Can I help you two?" asked the guy at the counter.
"Two blue moon cones." We both said at the same time.
"Ok." The guy said with a laugh.
"Blue moon is my favorite flavor." She said to me with a smile.
"Me too." I replied. And we hit it off. We had been best friends ever since.
I grabbed my purse and told mom I was leaving. I hopped in my car and drove to Alexander's. I walked in and Julia was already there. I sat next to her.
"Hey I'm starving." She said. We talked for a little while and a waiter came. And who do you think that waiter would be? Scott Harrison.
Julia was concentrating on her menu, and Scott walked over looking at his notepad so neither of them new we were running into each other likes this.
"Hello, welcome to Alexander's can I get you something to drink?" he said, finally looking up, in shock I may add.
"Julia, Jemma?" He asked. Julia looked up and smiled.
"Hey, Scott! Since when do you work here?" she asked.
"Yah, I didn't know you were the waiter type." I chimed in.
"I just started working here last week."
"Well that's cool. Now I can make sure you're always swamped." I said with a smile.
He grinned. He was so cute. I couldn't help but stare at him. I finally pulled my gaze away and ordered lemonade.
"Coming right up maim." He said. He came back with two lemonades and walked away.
"So....when is you going to ask him out?" Julia asked with a sip of her lemonade.
"What? Why would I ask him out?"
"Jem, you like him, so your going to ask him out sometime, I'm just curious to know when." She said, casually looking at the menu.
"I don't like him." I said.
"That proves it! You like him. And he likes you too. I can tell. And even all those girl waiters know it too. You are the envy of the room right now." She said.
I looked up to the counter, where there was about four teenage girls giving me a rather dirty look. That didn't mean anything though.
"He doesn't like me, and I don't even like him that much." ...Lie... "I mean we're just friends."
"Whatever." Said Julia with a grin. Her cell phone rang.
"Hello?" she asked. I heard a guy's voice, scratchy over the phone. I couldn't quite make out what he was saying, but the voice kind of sounded familiar.
"Look, I'll have to call you back ok?"
Ok.........I......and......go......Love you." That was all I made out.
"You too. Bye." She said then quickly hung up.
"Who was that?" I asked.
"My dad." She said, obviously lying.
"Oh." I said. I didn't know who that was, but it wasn't her dad. Scott came and took our orders.
"Be right back." He said, and then walked off.
I pictured myself standing up and putting my hand on his shoulder, looking deep into his gorgeous eyes, and kissing him. I could picture him putting his arms around my waist and deepening the kiss. I could picture us together, walking and holding hands, but for now that would all have to wait. I bit my lip and looked back at the table.
"Oh my god, you want to kiss him." Said Julia.
What was she physic?
"What? No I don't. What the heck are you talking about?" I said looking at her with utter confusion.
"It's so obvious. When a girl bites her lip around a guy, it means she wants to kiss that guy. And you maim were biting your lip after totally staring at Scott."
"Oh Yah, if that's the case, then what does a guy do if he wants to kiss a girl?" I asked.
"He looks into her eyes for a long moment, then quickly looks away." Said Julia.
"Whatever, how can you truly know if anyone wants to kiss someone unless they tell you?"
"It's true! Girls bite their lips, and guys look then look away!" Said Julia, with frustration.
"Whatever." I said.
"Hey, miss kiss go over to the jute box and put something good on." Said Julia handing me two quarters.
"Ok and I am not miss kiss."
I walked over to the jute box and looked at the song choices. Brittany Spears......Led Zeppelin......Hawthorne Heights......
For the first song, I chose Universe and U by KT Tunstall, and for the second song, I chose Dance Dance by Fallout Boy.
I turned around as I heard the first lines of the song.
A fire Burns
Water Comes
You cool me down
When I'm cold inside you are warm and bright......
And just as I turned around, Scott was right behind me, I assumed trying to scare me because his hands were up in a sort of "bear claw" scare-you sort of fashion. The scare tactic worked, because I jumped and screamed. Loud. But the jump tripped me and I started to fall, and you know what? Scott caught me. I was in his arms, three feet above the ground. He held me there for about five seconds, but it felt like days. He looked into my eyes and I felt his warm arms around me. He lifted me up on my feet and we both burst into laughter. He was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. When we caught our breath, he asked me if I was ok.
"I should be fine, just a minor cardiac arrest." I said on my way to my seat.
I sat down, and Scott got our food. He walked to another near-by table and Julia flipped out.
"He held you in his arms! He caught you! He wanted to kiss you Jem, he looked into your eyes then looked away when you were on your feet!"
"Whatever." I said as a dug into my sandwich. But maybe she was right. Maybe he DID want to kiss me.
We started toward the door, leaving a ten dollar tip for Scott.
"Bye Scott!" said Julia and I at the same time.
"Bye Julia, Bye Jem Girl!" he replied.
I walked to my car, waving to Julia and remembering Scott's warm arms around me.

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