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This is a short story i had to write for creative writing. tell me if it sucks.

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As soon as the blade hits my skin, every bad thought and bad memory slips away. I washed the blood streaming down my arm off under the running water, wiped my tears and thought, How could I let it get so bad? I put my long black hair into a messy bun and fixed it so that my bangs covered one of my eyes. My sister's pounding at the door woke me from my thoughts as I heard her scream.

"Hurry your emo-ass up u freak!"

Once again my eyes welled up with tears. I can't let her get to me, I thought. I dried my face and cleaned up the eyeliner that was running down my swollen cheeks. Pulling on my hoodie, I opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.

"God! What the hell have you been doing in there? Cutting yourself?" She asked, a smirk forming on her oversized annoying mouth. The world would be a far better place if she would just shut her freaking mouth. I gently pulled the sleeves down on my sweater covering the cuts as I rolled my eyes and walked past her, shoving her on the way.

"Girls! We have to leave in 5 minutes. I'm going to be late!" My mom called from downstairs. Once again I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen to pack a lunch with my mom breathing down my neck the entire time, telling me to hurry up. As my mom repeated herself for the 16th time, yes people I counted, I deliberately slowed down just to piss her off. What can I say, I sometimes find hidden enjoyment in pissing people off. I let out a yelp as my mom's hand came in contact with my cheek with a loud smack.

"HURRY UP NOW GOD DAMNIT!" She screamed into my face. "Why can't you be like your sister, I know that's hard for you but can u at least try? She's already in the car and if you aren't out there in the next 10 seconds, you're walking!" she yelled before she slammed the front door. With my head hung low, I made my way toward the car and climbed into the back seat.

"Mom?" my sister asked, "Why does Kayliegh have to be such a loser? I mean she'd actually look kind of pretty without all that eyeliner on. It's embarrassing!" she complained with an exasperated sigh. "I don't know hun." Was my mothers reply.

"Leave me alone! Maddie you're such a bitch, just because you're a slut doesn't mean that I have to be one too!" I yelled as I slammed the car door shut and headed off into the school. I could hear my sister whining and complaining about how mean and weird I was.

I made my way through the crowd of people towards my locker, trying to drown out the yelling going on around me. I knew that I was in grade 8 a few years ago, but all of the new grade 8's are so tiny, not to mention annoying. When we had a blackout earlier on in the year, all of the grade 8's started running around screaming. I mean, it's the middle of the day, there are windows everywhere and the school was anything but black, so why in hell do they intend on screaming? Anyway, back to reality, I thought as I finally made it to my bottom locker and unlocked it.

"God your lockers a mess. You know that you're actually supposed to clean your locker on those 'Special-locker-cleaning' days." Trevor McArthy, my best and only true friend laughed behind me. His 5'11" frame towering over my own 5'4" height.

"Yeah, I know! But I can't help myself, I guess I'm just too busy." I laughed as well.

"Lazy is more like it." He taunted and received a backhanded slap on his head as my reply. "Oww!" he murmured, "Anyways," Trevor continued, "we have to get to class, in case you haven't noticed, the bell rang, so hurry up!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I said as I grabbed his shirt and practically dragged him up the stairs. As soon as we entered our English room, we received glares and disgusted faces from all of the "popular" people (aka. the Sluts). Just for fun I flipped off those students and Trevor and I made our way to the back.

"Oh no! They'd better not start an emo make out session, I'd like to keep my breakfast down." Some girl whispered from two tables down. I rolled my eyes at Trevor and took out my ipod.

"Here." I said, handing a headphone to Trevor and put the other one in my ear. Eric Cartman's "No Kitty" song from South Park came on and Trevor burst out laughing, his dark blue eyes shining through his black emo bangs. God his laughter is contagious, I thought as I too, started laughing. Tears started streaming out of my eyes.

"Trevor McArthy! Kayliegh Peters! Principles office NOW!!!" Ms. Adams yelled which automatically shut us up. What a spaz, no wonder she's still not married, I thought to myself as I glared at her. Laughter and whispers filled the room as we made our way towards the door. Keeping to myself is what I'm good at and taking the walk of shame was no way to make myself un-noticed.

"Why is it always so hot? It's like 100 degrees C in here!" I complained as I took off my bright red Clandestine hoodie. We reached a water fountain and I gladly bent over to take a drink.

"It's not that hot in here, it's just you." Trevor replied. His eyes traveled down to my wrists where the newly formed scabs were just barely visible under my bracelets. Noticing where his eyes had landed, I covered my wrists self-consciously." You haven't been cutting again have you?" he asked as tears welled up in my eyes, concern immediately filling his features. "Why do you do that to your self? You don't deserve to be put through that." He said, pulling me into a hug as I sobbed into his chest. He always managed to make me feel safe, it was definitely something I was lacking in my life.
"You know what? You're going to stay at my house for a couple days. You're mom's at work right now right?" when I nodded, he continued, "I'll take you home so you can pack everything you'll need then we'll go to my house. My mom wont mind, she loves you!" He smiled as he drug me to his car.

"My mom..." I said as we drove along the road towards his house after the brief stop at my house, all my bags thrown into the trunk of his car. Trevor looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to continue. "she's hitting me again." My hand instinctively made it's way to my cheek. "I just want it to stop, everything. Everyday, it's 'you're not good enough, or why cant you be like you're perfect sister.' You have no idea how hard it is to be second best, you're parents love you. I just need to get out of that house, I'm tired of putting up with the two of them and I really don't know how much more I can take. I've had enough!" Trevor looked at me in shock at my sudden outburst, then smiled.

"Took you long enough to realize it. I know it's been hard for you, but it'll get better, everything will be fine, I promise" he said and grabbed my hand, gently squeezing it. All I could do was smile, he really was my best friend and I was glad of it. He was the only one who understood me, despite my issues. I don't know what I'd do id I lost him.

Reaching his house, he took my bag up to the spare room as I went and laid on the couch. When he came back down, he turned on the TV and we watched a CSI show before I fell asleep with my head on his chest. The beating of his heart giving me a strange sense of security.

I awoke with a start, hearing screaming coming from downstairs. I got up and walked over to the door, feeling around for the light switch, I turned it on and got dressed. Sometime during the night, Trevor must have taken me to the spare room. When I opened the door, the screaming coming from downstairs became clearer.

"Where is she?" The slurred voice I realized as my mothers yelled. "I want that little bitch home now and I know she's here so don't tell me she isn't!"

"Kayliegh is just staying here for a few days, to let things cool down at home." Trevor's mom, Carol explained calmly.

I let out a small yelp as someone grabbed my arm. Trevor, while holding onto me still, made the notion to stay quiet. I obeyed immediately and saw Mr. McArthy run down the stairs to call the police and to help get my drunken mother out. Hearing someone scramble up the stairs, I stepped forward, thinking it was Mrs. McArthy. As soon as I took that step I regretted it. My mom ran at me, grabbed my throat and slammed me against the wall. With every breath I struggled to take, she squeezed harder, hitting my head against the wall each time. I looked around and noticed that no one was there. Where did everyone go? I thought desperately. Realizing that there wasn't anybody there to save me, I swung my fist as hard as I could, hitting my mother square in the face, which only made her squeeze harder.

Now, being unable to breath, everything around me went blurry, and when I hit the ground I felt something sharp pierce my stomach. My mom's brutal kicks were stopped as I saw police pull my mother away from me. Trevor... Then it all went black...

I opened my eyes to solid white. I felt nothing short of lost, confused and an unbearable amount of pain. I didn't know where I was, I didn't recognize anything. Trying to sit up, I realized I couldn't. I looked around, wires and tubes ran down my arms and disappeared into my skin. Was this a dream? I wondered. Then the events of the night before came flooding back to me. The screaming, the yelling, the police pulling my mother off of me and then everything going black. It has never gotten this bad. I thought as I started to shake, the tears finally coming.

I couldn't breathe, I was shaking uncontrollably now and another thing that I realized was that I was alone. Nobody actually cared enough about me to come see me, other than the McArthy's. My dad was the only one who truly loved me, but guess what? He's dead, 6 feet under! It seems like anyone who cared ended up leaving me, but I'm used to it, heaven forbid, it's happened enough.

Trapped inside my own head is how I feel right now, little annoying conflicts constantly being started. I remember when this all started, back when dad died, she went into a depression and took it out on me and alcohol. It seemed that all she could ever do was put me down. Was it because I dressed differently? Or was it my friends, or the fact that my hair is black? I know I'm not perfect and that I'm not some Barbie who is morally challenged like my sister, but weren't parents supposed to love you no matter what? It should be her in here, not me.

With my mind set, I ruthlessly ripped the tubes and wires out of my skin. Wincing slightly when the two tubes in my nose dug into the back of my throat as I pulled them out. Reaching toward the inch thick tube coming out of my stomach, I cried out in pain as I yanked it out. Blood, bile, stomach acid and chime came flooding out onto the bed. Oh No!! I thought as I saw Trevor come in. The soup he was carrying fell to the ground with a crash as he saw the scene before him. He ran out as fast as he came in and yelled frantically for a doctor. When there was one on it's way, he ran back in.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?!" he screamed, tears making his eyesight blurry. "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU COULD DIE KAYLIEGH! Oh My God, WHY????" he yelled as he fell to the floor.

"That's kind of the point you idiot!" I said through clenched teeth, the pain becoming unbearable.

There was no response to my last comment, just him looking dumbstruck. I saw doctors rush in and the next thing I knew, I was being carted off to the ER. Doctors giving each other my vitals was all I could hear, my head was buzzing uncontrollably. But the one comment that gave me the most relief was the female doctor solemnly stating, "I don't think she'll make it and it's a shame, 16 years old is too young to die." I didn't pay attention after that, my stomach slowly becoming numb from the drugs. I watched as the nurse injected another drug, one that would make me fall asleep she had said. I knew what "asleep" she meant and a wave of relief came over me. Daddy, I'll be with you soon...

"Time of death, 11:52 pm."

thats it lol, i know its bad but oh well
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