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RikuoKazahaya. Changing the sheets is not such a simple chore after all.

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He had just wanted to change the bedsheets.

And then he found out why Rikuo always insisted on doing that one chore himself.


The huge, dark body looming over him would have been terrifying if it hadn't been naked and too occupied with drawing him to painful arousal to harm him. The familiarity of this body was stirring, setting him aflame as he arched upwards, into the heat of the opposing body.


He wasn't sure if it was the deep, lusty breath that whispered his name with such reverence or the hand that dug deep under him and pushed inside that made him moan so loud. Probably a combination of the two.


The bastard's shoulders were so aggravatingly large, his hands so damn possessive...

But he was clinging right back, lifting his legs as one of those hands stroked him in a sensitive spot he hadn't even known he had. A strangled cry of surprise and awe was Rikuo's reward, and Kazahaya felt the smirk press against his neck, where the teasing mouth remained only for a moment longer.

Pulling him down, onto a hot, hot painful spear of-

Every one of Kazahaya's screams, moans, whimpers, and gasps were lost in Rikuo's mouth and he couldn't not kiss him back, even though he thought he was going to loose his mind because this was /madness/.

His fingernails dug into Rikuo's back, easily disregarded in favor of the pleasure that surged up and around them with each progressive thrust.

Kazahaya's cat-yellow eyes were glazed with lust as he met his partner's for the first time since this encounter had began.

"Never stop, don't leave, never, /Rikuo/..."

That gaze only broke when a large hand found and engulfed his arousal, pulling in time to the perfect motion and he came. It seemed to be too much for Rikuo too, because he went rigid, the last few thrusts rough and tender.

The earnestness that passed between their eyes was startling and heartbreaking.

"I love you."


The plain white sheet fell to the floor as the room swam into view, much brighter and cleaner than it had been a moment ago.

He didn't have to touch his pants to know that they were wet with that impossibly real orgasm. If he thought about it too much, he could bring up the feeling of a cock pressing into his ass, spreading him apart and taking him completely...

But that had never happened.

He was sure it had never happened.

No wonder Rikuo had always wanted to do his own bed-changing.

How long had he been dreaming like this? With Kazahaya just in the next room...


Spinning around, his dazed eyes didn't even have to register who it was, who it had to be - that spiritual presence could only belong to one person - before pressing by him at a run and rushing into his room. Slamming the door didn't really do much, but helped clear his head a little.

Did he really enjoy it that much?

In the other room, Rikuo bent and retrieved the recently soiled sheet from the floor. He had no illusions about what had just happened.

Perhaps some small part of him had wished that this would happen.
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