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Now I am sure that, that will be the last time I ever see him except on stage and all of this experience will become a memory but one of the best memories ever!!!!

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Hello how y'all doing!! Hope u like this chappy cause its the last chappy mwah xxxxx

Kitty's Pov
KITTY, I heard Charlie scream.
My other friends were screaming I opened my eyes and looked around I was quite dizzy and my vision was blurry. I shook my head and my vision went back to normal I looked for my school bag and saw it was next to me.
I sat up just a Charlie came running up to me.
OMG kitty are you ok...I am soo sorry I didn't see the car sorry sorry sorry.
I am urm fine just shocked I guess.
Oh thank god, she said just as emma, remi and amsy reached us.
KITTY are you ok, Amsy yelled sitting down next to me the others copied her action.
Yeah guys I am fine don't worry.
After about 5 minuets of reassuring the guys I was ok and Charlie had spoken to the driver of the car that had hit me and he was very apologetic.
Ok well guys we are now officially 30mins late for school, Charlie said looking worried
Mrs Ashby isn't going to be very pleased, emma said looking worried
I think we better get going, remi said looking at me, are you sure you're ok?
Yeah I'm fine
I proceeded to get up but as I put weight on my right leg I felt pain stab through my ankle I yelped and tried to stop myself falling over but I couldn't.
I fell hard but just before I hit the ground I felt strong arms grab me and sit me down on the pavement I heard all my friends cheer.
Kit are you ok? Said a male voice from behind me.
I turned around I was met by Gerard's hazel eyes
Well I have been better, I said smiling at him.
He laughed a bit.
Seriously though are you ok? He asked concern showing in his face.
Yeah I think so but I can't stand or walk because of my ankle and I am very late for school.
Well you were just hit by a car isn't that a good excuse for being late.
I doubt it not at our school.
Wow strict much
Yeah very strict much
He laughed
I can't walk I said quickly I can't even stand.
We all thought for a moment
I have and idea, Gerard said.
Well enlighten us we haven't got all day, Amsy said we all laughed.
I can carry you. He said looking at me I blushed slightly.
I weigh too much
Sure you do, he said sarcastically
Come here, he bent down and put one hand under my knees and the other one under my shoulders he then lifted me up.
Whoa, I said as he lifted me.
Omg kitty you weigh like nothing.
Oh coolness
Ok guys we better get going unless we want to be any later. Remi said
True True.
Gerard started jogging and I laughed as I bounced about in his arms. After a ten minuet jog but with regular stops because of lost cigarettes, hair bands and bubble gum (Gerard, Emma and Amsy) we could see the school.
Destination sighted, remi cried she was slightly out of breath
She isn't a very good runner. So Amsy decided to do what she did in school when we were running 800 meters.
REMI just imagine mikey waiting for you at the end naked
Remi then sped up and I heard Gerard cough behind me. I looked around at him, he looked disgusted.
EWWW night mares NIGHT MARES, he cried I started laughing.
Gerard started to slow down and I don't blame him he had run about a mile carrying me.
Amsy jogged up to us.
GERARD just imagine Paris Hilton waiting at the end for you.
With that he burst out laughing and had to stop to catch is breath.
We finally got to the gates and gee put me down on one foot.
AHH I wobbled over and he had to catch me again.
Emma and Charlie the grabbed my arms and supported me.
BYE I waved to him again and as I walked into the school building.
Now I am sure that, that will be the last time I ever see him except on stage and all of this experience will become a memory but one of the best memories ever!!

Yo well I have finished this story I think I will do a sequel where they like meet what do u fink?
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