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Fiery Blood

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One-shot, Character Death. One night, in an opening in the middle of the Amazon, Harry's restraints finally snap. With anger flooding into his blood and magic, he focuses it on the main source- one...

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Fiery Blood

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Summary: One-shot, Character Death. One night, in an opening in the middle of the Amazon, Harry's restraints finally snap. With anger flooding into his blood and magic, he focuses it on the main source- one fiery redhead, Ginny Weasley...



---- ---- ----

Amazon Rainforest, 1998, January

Smoke drifted lazily from the fire in the middle of the clearing, with greenish flames hinting of its magical nature. A piece of paper, wrinkled and old, fell into the fire as an annoyed black-haired teen threw a quill at the general location of a particularly dense patch of the forest. Despite the lateness, several birds took fight, squawking and causing a din which awoke the rest of the forest with howls, scratches and other noises more appropriate to the hours of daylight.

"You know, you should rest" muttered a reasonably coherent Ronald Weasley from his conjured chair. Harry Potter just glared at the red head, before stating that he had to check up on the traps he had set.

"I thought that was Ginny's job this week?" He voiced at Harry's retreating figure. A chuckle ambled through the humid air.

"After what happened in the Artic? No way, we starved for a week because she decided to let those hares go!" Stated the humoured teen, before disappearing into the foliage of the forest. Ron shrugged, before sinking deeper into his velvet chair.

"Where's Harry?" Asked his animated sister, who had bounced out of the tent that she and Hermione shared. Scowling, Ron pointed into the general direction of where Harry had gone. After a few excited, "thank you"s, she ran after Harry.

As Ron began to drift off to sleep, his girlfriend Hermione stumbled out of the tent yawning. When Ron realized who it was, he decided to give up on sleeping that night.


Harry winced as he heard Ginny crashing through the shrubbery, causing the jobberknowl to take off in fright. Scowling, he put his wand away and turned to face his infuriating ex-girlfreind.

"What?" He scowled, his left eye beginning to twitch. As her parents had been killed whilst reinforcing some of the Order members at a safe house, Ginny had been dutifully left to the care of her oldest brother- Bill.

Fleur, not wanting to associate with Ginny, had demanded that Bill hand her to the care of his brothers. Due to Fleur's pregnancy, and his marriage to her, he hadn't been able to refuse. Charlie's job had been to dangerous for her to live with him, Percy was run of his feet at the ministry and wasn't able to look after her suitably, and Fred and George only just managed to have time to wash and eat without having to look after a 15 going on 16 year old girl. So, she had been shoved into Ron's care- which meant she had to follow them wherever he want, which happened to be where Harry went. It was arrangement that Ginny was finding brilliant, especially as she had been trying to rekindle Harry's affection for her.

Of course, at the beginning of the quest it had still been there. However, as she 'accidentally' destroyed several of his numerous spell formulas so he could spend more time with her, Harry had eventually began to hate her. Especially when she threw temper tantrums that often sparked divisions in the once Golden Trio with Hermione and Ron joining Ginny's side, which was that he had to look after himself. Whenever he said he was, they'd scoff and point out things such as his malnutritional state. These debates had left the Golden Trio as a Terrible Trio, and Harry had begun to drift away from his friends- and in some cases, his morals.

"I just wanted to see what you were doing" She grinned toothily, her head cocked to one side. A small gust blew some of her red hair into her face, and Harry turned his back to her and began walking down the narrow path animals had made.

"Now that you have, could you go please?" He asked as he heard her scuttle after him, taking his wand out as he did so.

He could nearly hear the pout in her voice as she asked "Don't you want to talk to me?" When he answered with a no, she huffed and tried to think of something to draw his attention to her.

Getting an idea, she stopped and called out to the darkness ahead of her. "Oh yeah, Harry! I'm sorry, but that book with the silver cover and blue writing. Uh, the one that has something like A History of Pottery as a title? I knocked it into the fire, sorry!"

She heard Harry's light footfalls stop a few feet in front of her, and she smiled as she heard him turn around. "You absolutely sure?" He called back, his voice calm. Ginny had seen a book with a similar title in his tent, and as it was by his numerology books she had assumed it was part of his research which meant it was the perfect thing to claim to have burnt. Violently nodding and continuously verbalizing her apologises, she missed the bright blue flash. The first hint of a spell she was given was when she blasted into a tree behind her.

Harry stepped into the moonlight that had managed to burst through of the few spots that weren't covered by nature. It threw his wicked shadow onto Ginny's limp form. Noticing how a large bump had formed from where her head had impacted, he guessed that she was still alive. Whispering a quick Ennervate, he smiled as she raised her head and her eyes widened with fear. He was fairly sure that from any other angle, he he'd look like a divine being, except from looking upwards. The moon's light illuminated some parts of his face, throwing others into darkness. His eyes, shrouded by shadows, glowed with unleashed power. His face, half hidden by shadows, was twisted into an unfathomable smile.

Ginny backed up against the tree, but was thrown onto the path with a swish of Harry's wand. Pulling out a wand, and screaming an incantation, her eyes darted around trying to penetrate the darkness that had swallowed her surroundings. Her spell struck a tree trunk, and gave a brief flash of her surroundings. Shrubbery had begun to try and sink back into the ground to escape the inexplicable horror that had been unleashed, and she was able to see yet another spell that was coming her way, and she quickly turned to bring up a shield and send a curse in the direction it had came from. Harry's spell impacted with the shield and broke into a shower of sparks. The curse Ginny had sent once again collided with a tree, and once again illuminated the clearing.

"Lux lucis Locus" Harry incanted tiredly, watching as several spheres of light burst from his wand. They floated in the air, lighting the small clearing they stood in.

The light revealed both of their positions, and a scared Ginny whispered an incantation. A sparkling green wave burst from her wand, impacting with Harry's deep red cubic shield. It burst back towards Ginny as a single ray before dispersing before it hit her, and she dropped her wand in terror at Harry's incoming quick and furious assault. Her shield collapsed after three of the spells and she was once again blasted into a tree, and was struggling to cling onto consciousness.

Harry's wand dug into her throat, blood flowing onto the Holly and phoenix feather magical foci. "You really shouldn't have chosen to burn that book. A History of Potters is the only book to detail the lives of every Potter since the Hogwarts revolution. It's a family heirloom- one that updates itself on the accomplishments of a Potter upon their deaths. The history of my forefathers was written in that book" A slow, manic glint entered his eyes. "And now, the History of Weasleys is about to have a new addition."

"Good bye, Ginny Weasley. Save a place in Hell for me would you?" He whispered as the Killing curse worked its magic.

"Because when I die, Hell shall be my province. Now come my scaly friends, for I have a feast for you." Harry hissed, beginning to slice the flesh of Ginny Weasley into chunks that they could eat.

And it was there, deep inside a rainforest that was miles from civilization, that the greatest evil had began to blossom. It would pollinate three generations of tyranny, before it was defeated.
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