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Trust me

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Frank stayed the night eh?

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Renn woke up the next morning, happy to find Frank snoring next to her. She smiled to herself. Frank was in his boxers and she loved staring at his chest. He'd gotten a lot more tatoos than the last time she'd seen him. In fact the he'd only had one last time, the jack o lantern on his back with 'keep the faith' written above it. But now he had a load more. She loved the 'halloween' on his knuckles, and the 'live each day as if it was you last' on his thigh! Frank opened one eye and looked at her.
"Stop watching me sleep" He mumbled. Renn giggled.
"I cant help it, your so gorgous!" She replied.
"Well that may be but I hate being watched when I'm sleeping" Frank said. Renn smiled.
"Im sorry" She said. Frank smiled and rubbed her cheek with his thumb. Renn began tracing the outline of the scorpion on Franks neck, she guessed it was there because his star sign is Scorpio. They lay there for a while before Renns phone began to ring. Renn tutted, angry that it had ruined the moment, she rolled over and answered the phone.
"Hello?" She asked, Frank noticed a tatoo of tinkerbell on Renns back, between her shoulder blades, he didnt know she had a tatoo and began going round the out line with his finger, like Renn had been doing to him.
"Oh hi Gee" Renn began to squirm under Franks touch, it tickled.
"What? Oh yeah sure, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Aaaaagh! Frank stop it!" She cried as Frank began tickling her.
"NO DONT! FRANK!" She cried rolling around and laughing, whilst Gerard waited in confusion on the phone.
"OOOOOH!" Frank grabbed the phone.
"Hellooooooooo! Frankie here!" Said Frank.
"Frank? What the hell are you two doing over the there?" Laughed Gerard.
"Oh nothing, just a tickle fight!"
"Anway, did you want something?"
"Yeah, are we all meeting up again today?"
"Sure! Where and when?"
"Erm...starbucks, one hour?"
"Okie dokie dovebum!"
"Dont ask, I dont know myself"
"Frank are you on drugs?"
"I dunno? Does Renn class as a drug?"
"What? Your on....EUGH! FRANK! THATS NOT RIGHT!"
"Hahahahahahahaha! Why?"
"I dont want to know what you two are doing? Eugh! Disturbing mental images!"
"Ah lighten up I was joking!"
"Yeah, but still disturbing mental images!"
"Well get them out your head dude! Only I can see Renn naked!"
"hahahahahahahahaha! I love disgusting you, it so damn funny!"
"Yeah yeah yeah, Im gonna go now!"
"Ok see ya in an hour!" Frank put the phone down. Renn was scowling at him.
"Only you can see me naked? What the hell was that about?" She asked, trying not to laugh.
"Oh nothing, just scaring Gee!" Said Frank with a grin.
"Oh I can imagine!" Said Renn getting up and crossing the room.
"Hey! Where are you going?" Asked Frank running over and wrapping his arms round her waist.
"To have a shower" Said Renn.
"No! Me first!" Cried Frank running towards the bathroom, Renn raced after him, they both began fighting to get through the door. Renn got there first and jumped in the shower, laughing.
"HA! I WIN" She cried, after she heard the bathroom door shut. She guessed Frank was off to get some breakfast, she turned and let the water run over her body. Suddenly she felt someone grabbing her waist.
"Fraaaank" She whined trying to pull away, Frank laughed and snuggled his head into her neck.
"Whaaaat? Never shared a shower before?" He asked. Renn laughed.
"And what are your intentions?" She asked. Frank turned her round and kissed her deeply, her began running his hands over her body.
"Frank..." Began Renn as Frank kissed her kneck.
"Trust me...." He whispered.
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