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My Last Goodbye

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/My Last Goodbye/

Provehito in altum:
To plunge into the unknown.
I feel the cold around me,
And I realize I'm alone.

I feel the pills set in.
My mind is on full throttle.
I drop what was in my hand,
And hear the smash of the bottle.

I start to get weak and limp,
And I drop to the floor.
I feel the liquor in my blood.
I wanted so much more.

The sticky shards dig deeper still,
As if the alcohol and pills weren't all.
The blood runs crimson across the tile,
And I collapse with a fall.

To the world, I'm not missed,
Not special to you or you or you.
Please forget me, don't remember,
But carry on what I would do.

Although the world is spinning,
I cannot close my eyes.
I feel as if I'm flying,
This is my last goodbye.

Chelsea Pollok

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