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19. Don't Leave Me With Scars That No One Can Heal

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Lexi's POV

"I hate this. I'm okay with being away from everybody, I just can't stand leaving." I start tearing up as everyone hugs me goodbye, and I hate it. I hate crying in the airport, because once everyone leaves, I'm just that weird, splotchy, puffy girl waiting on a plane. Nobody likes that girl.
"We can't stand you leaving either. But please don't cry because I don't want makeup stains on this shirt."
"Oh, fuck you Pete."
"Hey, I'm just trying to liven things up a bit here."
I give him a little shove, then pull him in for a hug. "I'm going to miss your 'livening-up,' even if you are a meanie."
"Hey, I'm no meanie. I'm just way too good-looking to know where to draw the line."
I laugh and move on to hug everyone else, trying not to take too long since Patrick is anxious to go. Anna's waiting in the car for him, and apparently she doesn't like to be kept waiting. I give him a quick hug and a little push.
"Go on, it's okay. I understand. We'll talk soon, okay Trick?"
"I promise to call. I'm sorry, she just..."
"Don't worry. Just call me once in a while."
"How about answer your phone once in a while?"
We exchange half-hearted smiles and one last hug before he heads to the door. I watch him walk away for a few seconds, then turn back to the rest of them.
"He's not kidding, you know. You need to learn to answer the phone. Or just, you know, touch it once in a while. Make sure you still remember what it is. Maybe one day you'll even learn to call other people!"
"We can only hope, Andy. Until then, I'll keep looking forward to your messages. Tell Tyra I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her, but next time I'm in town we'll definitely hang out, okay?"
"I'll make sure to. Now come here." He grabs me and squeezes me until I think I might pass out. "We love you, Lex."
"I love you too." I give everyone one last hug, and pause when I get to Joe. "Thank you again," I whisper. I give him a little kiss and tousle his fro, then smile and head to my gate.


Pete's POV

"Dude, what the fuck was that?"
"She kissed you!"
"Uhm, so?"
"Joe, I know you are not that dense. Why are you and Lexi macking on each other in the airport?"
"Pete, we were definitely not 'macking' on anything. It's just a little joke, nothing big. She gets it, I get it, you don't have to."
"Are you and Lexi doing the dirty deed?"
"First, never say that again. Second, do you honestly think Lexi would have sex with me? Come on, man. I thought you were anti-drugs."
"I do not believe this. You guys are humping! Totally doing it."
"For the last time, no we aren't. I adore her, but she's Lexi. For god's sake man, she's LEXI."
"Oh please. Lexi's a total fox. OW!" I smile sheepishly at Lucy and rub my arm. "Come on babe, you know it's true. I'm just making a point!"
"We'll leave you two to hash this one out. See you at the car, Pete. Hopefully in one piece!"
"Jerks." I mumble before grabbing Lucy's hand. "I swear, I was just making an observation."
"Oh, don't be stupid, I know that. I just like hitting you sometimes."
"Listen, I'll get to the bottom of it. I'm almost positive that something happened with them. But I can guarantee Joe won't tell you a thing. Leave it to me."
"Lucy, I knew there was a good reason I love you."
"Okay, now I'm gonna hit you for real."


Lexi's POV

"So, what?"
"You and Joe, then?"
"Listen, I've been home for half an hour. I do not need this right now."
"Oh, come on! Just tell me! Are you guys together or something?"
"Please, Lucy. It's Joe. That's not even feasible."
"True. So then what was with the kiss?"
"Just a friendly thing. He's the only one not attached, so he's the only one who got a kiss."
"Nice try, but it's me. It might have worked on anyone else, but I know you way too well. Something is going on."
"Nothing is going on. I got into a mini-argument with Anna the night of Patrick's birthday, she basically threw me out of the house, I needed somewhere to go and I didn't want to wake you and Pete. Joe just talked me down, kind of helped me get my brain in order. That's it."
"You fucked him silly, didn't you?!"
"Please, Lex. I'm not stupid. 'Talked you down' my ass."
"Okay, fine. I slept with him."
"He did talk me down first, though. Technically, I wasn't lying."
"Whatever. Tell me all about it."
"Tell you what?"
"Oh come on. What was it like? Was it good?"
"It was like having sex with your really good friend. Yeah, I guess it was good. He was really sweet, and we just had fun. It was just a way to stop thinking for a while."
"Right, whatever. Was it good?"
I laugh at how ridiculous Lucy can get. "Yes. It was good. Now that I think about it, it was really good."
"So then are you going to come home and get together with Joe?"
"Would you stop looking for excuses for me to move back?"
"Well, to answer your question, no. We talked about it, we're both totally clear on how we stand. We're still friends, that's it. It was just fun for a night."
"Ugh, boo. I was hoping some good sexing would convince you to come home."

Chapter title from "Be A Man" by Aqua. Yes.
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