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Follow Your Bliss

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This is a sequel to Ignorance is Bliss. Sometimes following your heart could lead to more heartache and problems than ever imaginable.

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This is a sequel. It is a long overdue sequel. I deeply apologize for that. I would greatly appreciate you reading this story but, to fully understand the characters and the storyline you should first read IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

"Congratulations, you just survived your first plane ride" Joe smirked, throwing his carry on bag over his shoulder and reaching down to grab her hand.

Madilyn looked at him evilly. There was no need for the snide remarks, she had enough emotions running through her. "thanks" she took off her headphones,stuffing them in her bag that was contently clutched under her arm.

"There shouldn't be any photographers or any fans." they started up the gangway. "but just stay close to me, okay?"

Nodding, she just followed him. Joe had somehow convinced her to go to Los Angeles with him as it was now his time to record for the new album. The two had been dating for about two months, and although that is a short period of time to be with someone and consider it a serious relationship, Joe and Madilyn lived different lives, which kind of meant different rules. They wouldn't be staying out in L.A. long, two weeks the most. After getting their luggage from baggage claim, they headed downstairs to get their rental car.

"Should I call Brian, tell him I got here okay?" Madilyn started to rummage through her bag to find her cell phone. "See if they're having fun? Make sure they are eating.."

"they are fine Maddie." Joe turned to face her, as he leaned against the counter. The guy was looking for his keys, then going to bring the car up. "Stop worrying, Brian and Kaelyn are making friends and having fun. Just like you are going to do. They do not want their big sister to call and ruin it."

"I know, but this is the first time I have been away from them." she sighed. Her brother and sister had somehow convinced her to let them go to a sleep away camp the last two weeks of summer. Joe had aided in their campaigning, so eventually the three of them got her to give in. "And now I am thousands of miles away from them. This is hard for me, I'm sorry."

Joe smiled as he pulled her to him kissing the top of her head "it's okay " Their relationship had been different than most. Couples usually went out on dates just them, but there were many times that their dates included Brian and Kaelyn. It wasn't all the time. Cherise would sometimes watch them and Brian was going to be fourteen soon, so soon he would become the babysitter. Joe made it his job to take Madilyn out on day trips when the kids had to go see their mother. It gave them time to be alone and it also helped her not to worry. The two spent a lot of time just at home, whether hers or his. As the court date neared, journalists started to linger more frequently.He sighed not wanting to push her too much so he gave in a little. "If you want, call them when we are in the car but, they're fine. I promise"

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Madilyn looked up at him and nodded. She was more worried about meeting his friends anyway, worrying about the kids was just a distraction. Pete, she was okay with. After Cherise traumatized the boy, there was nothing Madilyn could do that would be worse. She still didn't feel comfortable around him but they were okay. It was definitely her own insecurity. "No, you're right. I have to let them grow up. They are fine." she breathed "thank you." getting on her toes to kiss his lips lightly. As the rental car associate handed Joe the keys.

The trip to the recording house seemed to be the most nerve wracking. The anticipation and worry that grew inside as your mind tended to create all different scenarios is hard for anyone but, Madilyn felt like she had her life hanging on an edge every day. That feeling of uncertainty mixed with fear is not something a person can deal with easily.

"Joe, maybe I should just go back home" Madilyn looked over at him, her heart was pounding and she could feel the knots in her stomach. "I could meet them another time, and you can just record and relax. It's fine. I don't want to be in the way or, make your friends feel uncomfortable"

Reaching over and squeezing her hand, he turned to look at her "Calm down, they're going to love you." He understood her anxiety, and even he was a little concerned to see his friend's reactions. Not that he doubted them, or was afraid that they would be rude just that they might joke around and make his girlfriend nervous. Or worse, tell her stories that make her question why she was with him. Joe had told them about her, not /everything/. He knew it wasn't his place or even right to disclose her life history.

Her breathing increased as she looked out the window and watched the amazing homes pass by. They were getting closer. All she wanted was to impress them. Have them really like her, not just pretend because Joe was their friend. Madilyn knew they were mostly all from Chicago, so she had believed they all had read a paper at least once in the past year. If they had any kind of preconceived ideas about the situation then it would make this just so much harder. Unfortunately, she didn't have much time to contemplate their opposing arguments or even a way out of a situation. The car stopped.

"come on, it'll be okay." Joe had taken off his sunglasses to look at her. His blue eyes shinning like the first day she had met him. They had been almost become the enemy because no matter what was going on he would look at her and she could just simply melt. Whatever he said, was right. Whatever he wanted, he got. That might have been how he was able to get her to Los Angeles in the first place. "I promise"

Exhaling, Madilyn opened the door and stepped out. She was psyching herself out to get hurt, to be ridiculed and made to answer a million questions. "Do I look okay?" he had met her by the front of the car as they walked to the door together. "my hair and make up is fine?"

"You look beautiful. Now relax" Joe opened up the front door. They knew he was coming so Pete just left the door unlocked. "hey!" he called walking in. Upon hearing his voice all that was heard was a jingle as Hemingway made his way towards the door almost sliding across the floor and right into Joe's feet. "hi buddy" he bent down petting his head. "This is Pete's dog Hemingway."

"aww, hi Hemingway. You're adorable" she smiled scratching his head. Madilyn swallowed hard as she heard voices getting louder and their footsteps getting closer. It was so hard to open yourself up to someone who had a million reasons to hate you. They also held the ability to ruin one of the only things that have made her feel like a person again. Joe had given her a lot and as much as she would hate to admit it, Madilyn didn't know how she would handle ever losing him. He was becoming one of the most important people in her life.

"dude" the first voice called. Madilyn looked up recognizing it. "About time you got here, we have half the record done." he laughed that ever infectious full laugh that most would just love to make fun of. You know, HAR HARR HAR. Okay, I'll be honest he sounds like a seal.

"yeah yeah" he removed his sunglasses. "You guys have been sitting around doing nothing but making a mess" Joe released his girlfriends hand as he hugged his longtime friend and band mate. "You remember Maddie, right?"

Madilyn wanted to laugh at the introduction. How could he not? Her best friend Cherry was unforgettable. "Oh yeah, of course!" Pete shrugged off giving her a friendly hug. "How was your flight"

"Hi Pete, it's nice seeing you again" Maddie nodded off still traumatized "It was..I survived it. Thanks"

"first time flying" Joe called her out as he was playfully pushed. "where are the other guys? Are they downstairs?" He took her hand as he started her down the stairs almost immediately. He wanted to show her off, to show his friends how happy he was. Yes, the thought behind it was amazing but, it gave her a lot of anxiety.

Madilyn was saying a silent prayer as she desperately tried not to fall down the stairs. That would make a grand entrance. Finally they had reached the bottom and she picked up her head to see four guys sitting around. Great. Two more guys she was not expecting to meet. The butterflies and knots in her stomach just managed to flutter more rapidly and pull tighter. As much as her mind tried to scheme some way to get out, and make it back home. She wouldn't do that to Joe. He had been so great to her, and accepting of her life. All of the struggles and inconveniences that she had to do this for him. Joe's friends had to like her, Madilyn would do anything to make sure of it. A whole state might hate her, but she could win over four guys. Feeling Joe squeeze her hand, Maddie instantly smiled and looked at them. She had seen pictures of at least two of them. "Hi, It's really nice meeting you" shaking their hands and returning back to Joe's side. Their names repeating in her head to remember them. Patrick, Nick, Andy and Charlie.

"So you should totally listen to the first song man..." Patrick, who was sitting on the couch Indian style, headphones around his neck started off during the first moment of silence. Great, they just arrived and already starting with work. He promised they would have some leisure time.At least let her get a little comfortable. "I could totally use your input on some chords and like major breaks."

"Can't you wait dude?" Charlie laughed kicking his legs up, and leaning back. "They just got here. Don't cream yourself"

Madilyn couldn't help but break a smile as they sat down. Maybe things would be okay. I mean, she was beyond nervous when it came to Joe and that was an amazing leap of fate. If Joe found her to be acceptable, why wouldn't his best friends? Settling down she tried to just watch him interact with his friends. Occasionally speaking up, or asking a question. "yes, that's true! He came to my office and alphabetized my portfolios" She laughed. Joe had just gotten scolded by Pete for trying to clean up and organize his stuff. See, you may not understand by Joe has OCD. Unknowingly he will just start 'fixing' things. "he meant well though, so it was okay."

"SEE!?" Joe pointed at Maddie. "I mean well" he laughed as Hemingway made his way onto his lap. This dog went through serious Trohman withdrawals. Uncle Joe was the best doggy sitter.

Startled by the vibration and the ring, Madilyn took out her sidekick and saw who was calling. A huge instant smile spreading across her phase. "excuse me" she left her bag and stood up turning around. It was rude to leave the room, but also inconsiderate to just answer it right there. "hello"

"its about time you picked up!" the person exhaled.

"why?" Madilyn became nervous, her eyes widening as she ran a hand through her hair. "Is everything is okay? Do you need me to come back? What's wrong?" instantly going into panic mode. Something was wrong with the kids. She knew it. Her anxiety building once again as she turned to look at Joe. "what happened?"

Hello ficwad readers! If you read this story I will thank you again. It is amazing to be able to share something that allows me to relax with you. Now, i do not like to solicit reviews. Truthfully, i believe if you read my story that is enough. Although reviews do allow me to know what you think and I can adapt or continue a story. If you read Ignorance is Bliss, you may remember that it was ONLY meant to be one chapter. Again. Thank you for reading, and I am even more appreciative if you choose to review.
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