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Skeleton Crew

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She had spent the weekend at Mikey and Alicia's. As promised, Brian had literally dumped Toni's stuff in the hallway outside the apartment. It was totally embarrassing and demoralising for Toni, but she put a brave face on it and saved her tears for the pillow.

They had given her their spare bedroom and she was allowed to put up her posters and stuff. Toni still wasn't completely comfortable about being in their Way for a whole six weeks, but they had both protested against her going anywhere else.

She owed them big time.

Toni's POV

It's Monday morning, yeah... whoop de fucking do... right?

I spoke to both Joey and Donnie yesterday, which had cheered me up a little. God I can't wait to see Donnie again. It seems like forever since we snuck out to behind the busses.

Mikey said he would drive me to school this morning. All I have to do now is apply my trusty eyeliner, and we can be on our Way.

'Hey, you ready yet?' Mikey shouted through the door as I was grabbing my book bag.

'Yup.' I replied opening the door, obviously surprising him. 'What?' I asked as he just stared.

' Nothing... it's just when we were kids I used to always have to shout about 50 times before Gerard would even register I was at the door.' He laughed recalling his and his brother's teenage years.

' Whatever.... Let's go.' I giggled leading the Way to the front door.

' Bye!' We shouted in unison telling Ali that we were leaving. We got a groan from the bedroom in response.

On the Way to school, we managed to hit the morning rush. I wasn't so great with whole silence thing so I turned the radio on. Ironically... it was I don't like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats that was playing. And I really couldn't help but smile

' So... What are you going to do about that Adam kid?' Mikey questioned as we stopped at a red light.

' Nothing.' Was my simple answer.

' What! Tones... ya gotta do something... tell a teacher or something.'

' And give him a reason to come after me... I don't think so. Look... I've dealt with guys like him before, I'll be fine.'

' Whatever you say.' He said giving up.

It was another 5 minuets to the school gates. We pulled up just in front of one of the busses. I waited 'till we had stopped before unbuckling.

' You want me to pick you up?' Mikey asked as I grabbed for the door handle.

' No It's okay, I'll get the bus with Sam. It goes past a stop not far from yours.'

' Cool. See ya later. Keep safe.... And kick him in balls if he comes anywhere near you.'
I giggled at his last comment. He tried to keep a straight, serious face but he cracked and smiled as I swung the door shut. I watched as he drove off in the direction we had come. I as was starring down the road I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around to find a flustered looking Sam.

' Hey... I was worried when you weren't the stop this morning. Is everything alright.' He asked all at once.

' Um... yeah, sorry I should've called you or some thing. Mikey gave me a ride this morning.' I explained everything that had happened after school on Friday and my current living conditions.

' Wow... that's kinda harsh.' Was his reaction.'

'Hey do you want to come over some time this week? I'm sure our mom wouldn't mind. I mean... she's heard enough about you... mostly from my brother by the way.' He said giving me a wink and a tiny shove. But unfortunately he nudged the bruise on my side.

I hissed a little in pain. Once he realised what he had done he was all apologies and was offering to carry my bag and stuff.

' SAM! Stop it. I'm fine. And the answer is yes, I would love to come over. Now stop fussing!' I laughed pushing him away a bit.

' Yeah I know. But if Donnie ever found out that I hurt his beloved, I would have my head promptly shoved down the toilet bowl in our en suite, our neighbour's rottwiellers set on my ass and then have my left nut savagely removed with a blunt steak knife.' He said while screwing up his face.

' Um... lovely... But beloved? Where did that come from?'

' Oh come on. I'm sick of telling him everything I know about you whenever he calls, you are all he asks me about these days. No 'how's school?' or ' Hope you're doing okay' nooooo. It's all Toni Toni Toni these days ... I have important video games to play y'know.' He ranted on.

'Are you finished?' I giggled.

I looked over at him. He stopped, looked like he was thinking, stomped his foot on the ground, then thought again and jumped on the spot trying to look angry. He managed to adopt a few strange looks in the process. He stomped once more then looked at me.

' I am now.'

We both broke out in laughter, he swung his arm around my neck, which was easy for him seeing as how I'm the size of a hobbit and he could quite easily be taller than Donnie. We made our Way up the main stairs as the warning bell sounded.

Lunch rolled around soon enough. I dragged myself out of English and entered the hallway, now full of hungry teenagers. I searched around that corridor for Sam but had no luck in seeing him, so I made my way up to the floor my locker was on. Being weary of the stairs. I hadn't seen Adam yet and really hoped it would stay like that for the rest of the day.

Finally I spotted Sam leaning against my locker with a dreamy look on his face.

' Hey, what's up?' I asked approaching him.
' She talked to me...' Was all he said. But I knew instantly that he meant Angela.... You remember, the chick in his science class?

' So... what did she say Romeo.'

' Can you pass the Copper Sulphate?'

' Huh?'

' That's what she said to me... Can. You. Pass. The. Copper. Sulphate?'

' Are you serious? Well, it's settled... you MUST propose sixth period!' I laughed mocking his little crush.

' Hey.... That's not nice... this is the girl of my dreams we're talking about here!' He said in mock hurt.

' And what did you say back to her?'

' Um... nothing. I just passed her the Copper Sulphate. But she said thanks!'

' Okay, Sammy? I got a lot to teach you.'

' Oh? ... and what does that involve then?.'

' With a little bit of my help. I can guarantee that you and this Angela will be together by the time I graduate, if not sooner!'

' Whatever it takes!' He laughed shaking his head as we headed for our tree.

' Hey... you haven't seen Adam today have you?' I asked taking a more serious tone.

' Nah... don't worry he wasn't on the bus this morning, and I didn't see him in homeroom.'

' Okay...good' I let out a breath of relief that I didn't even really know I had been holding in.

Half way through eating the sandwich I had made last night, my cell rung. It was a number I didn't recognise but I answered anyway.

' Hello?' I asked into the receiver.

' Hey! Kiddo! How's it going!' Replied the rough Chicago accent.

' Bob?, how the hell did you get my number!' I laughed

' What?... oh I've had it for ages.... Um ,since the night you bailed on us with the rental I think.' He chuckled.

' Oh... right. So... what can I do for ya?'

' Just checkin' in. The guys told me about what happened on Friday. Sorry to hear about it.'

' Gawd. Good news sure does travel fast doesn't it?' I laughed.

' Yeah... but hey, they told me that a guy had been rough. Do I need to drag my butt all the way over there to kick his ass?' He asked be half serious and kidding on a little.

' Nah.... S'okay. I got my own bodyguard here.' I said glancing at Sam who was currently stuffing his face... Beauty in the flesh.... Yeah right.
' Hey! Get off the phone I need to use it too!!' Came a voice in the background.

' Is that Frank?... Gawd. Does that guy ever go home?' I laughed.

' Yup it's him alright. Anyway I better go before he throws a hissy fit for the phone.'

' Okay... Good speakin' to ya! Say hey to the hissy fit princess for me.'

' Will do, speak soon. Bye.'


I hung up and looked back at Sam who was now starring at me.

' What?'

'Hmmf... look at you, getting calls from the rich and famous!' He cackled like a girl.

'Whatever..... Bodyguard!'

' You betcha!'

Now we were just talking crap. But it was funny crap to us at the time.


Ahh. End of the school day. There's nothing else like it... is there? Well I'm sure there is, but you know what I mean.

I clambered on the bus with Sam. I had nicked his Ipod while he got his book out.

' What is it you always got your nose stuck into?' I asked turning the volume to 'Her Portrait in Black' down.

' Skeleton Crew by Stephen King.' He said turning the book over to show me the front cover.

' Oh cool. I read that last year.' I said turning the volume up a bit more again and looking out the window. But then Sam started talking and asking me questions about the book, so I just turned it off and gave the Ipod back to him.

We had been talking so much that I realised I had missed my stop. Now I would have to get off at my old stop with Sam and walk back... great!

The bus came to a rattling stop on our corner. I clambered out my seat after Sam but got stuck behind the group of girls that get off here too. When I finally managed to drag myself past them and onto the sidewalk, I stopped dead in my tracks at what I saw.


Okay guys wudda ya think???

What did she see???? hmmmm?

You need to keep reading then don't you?? I would love it if people could comment more on what they would like to read about. I kinda want to keep it interesting for ya y'know! Just.... Nothing too O.O.C ok?

Thankies! xx
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