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Explosions Really DO Make Everything Better

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Chapter 9. Don't try this at home, kids.

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Gerard glared at Frank, who stared back with empty eyes. Neither had spoken a word or even moved since their arrival. Frank knew something was wrong, but he didn't dare ask what.

Gerard reached for his backpack and pulled out a box of cigarettes, offering one to Frank, who gladly accepted it. Both of them leaned back against the brick wall behind them, happy to be in the building's shadow on such a warm day. It was a sharp contrast to the previous day's rain. Gerard lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply, enjoying the feeling. He closed his eyes in bliss.

"Gerard?" Frank said suddenly, breaking the silence. The person in question opened one eye and looked over at him without moving. "You didn't tell me this was pot."

Gerard shrugged. "You'll get over it," he said lazily, taking another long drag from it. Frank placed the unused cigarette back in the box, standing and picking up his backpack. Gerard simply stared up at him.

"Sorry, G, but I'm not getting high during lunch. You shouldn't, either. Not when we've got the world's most excellent prank to pull," he said monotonously, turning and walking away. Gerard shrugged again and continued smoking, feeling more relaxed by the second. It didn't take long before he was completely high.

Ten minutes went by, and Gerard decided against lighting up another cigarette. He checked his watch and disposed of the cigarette's remains as usual. It was showtime.
Ray and Frank were trying to hide their smiles, but it was difficult. Mikey and Matt felt lost; neither knew what was about to happen.

"Hey, has anyone seen Gerard? This is my last day here, and I haven't seen him all day. He wasn't even in art class today," Matt said sadly, staring down at the table. Frank was desperately trying to hide a smirk, biting his tongue, hoping the pain would be enough to halt his laughter. Gerard hadn't been in class because he was busy setting up their prank.

"He walked to school with me this morning. Everything seemed fine," Mikey said listlessly, rapidly searching his thoughts for a reason for Gerard's absence. He never even stopped to remember the prank.

"Speak of the devil," said Ray as Gerard sat at the table, dropping his backpack to the ground. He didn't say a word.

There was a muffled rumbling coming from the other side of the lunchroom. Everyone turned around to look at it, save Gerard, Frank, and Ray. They sat there with blissful smiles, awaiting the anarchy soon to follow.

There was the sound of an explosion. Frank finally gave way to his laughter, while the rest of the lunchroom gasped. They watched as the door to the teacher's lounge opened.

One of the teachers who had managed to escape the blast hurried over to the speaker system in one corner of the lunchroom, picking up the microphone with quavering hands.

"Gerard Way, Michael Way, Raymond Toro, Frank Iero, and Matthew Pelissier please report to the principal's office immediately," she said in a shaky voice. She returned to the teacher's lounge and shut the door before anyone could see what had happened.

Gerard stood up first, the only person doing so in the completely silent room. Frank and Ray quickly followed, stepping just to the side of the table. Gerard looked at them using only his eyes, and gave an almost invisible nod. They all bowed simultaneously. As they walked out of the lunchroom, one person began to slowly clap. Then another. And soon a whole table. Within seconds everyone was on their feet, cheering for the three black-clad sophomores as if they had saved the world. Gerard smirked as they filed out of the lunchroom. They were in huge trouble. Tomorrow everyone would probably hate him again. But for now he was a hero.

Matt stared after them, blinking in shock. Mikey sat next to him. He was just as confused.

"Did that just happen?" Matt asked him slowly. Mikey nodded in numb shock.

"I guess we'd better go too."
Mikey sat outside the office and stared at the floor, trying to keep nervousness out of his mind. It wasn't going well. Gerard, Frank, and Ray had been in the principal's office for a solid half an hour now, even though school had already ended for the day. He and Matt were free to go, but both remained in their places and awaited the verdict.

"Why would he go and do something like this?" Matt asked the air, burying his face in his hands.

"G said it was supposed to be your going-away present," Mikey said with half a smirk. "That was all I knew about it, though." Matt smirked.

"I guess Gerard would do something like this. That's what he meant when he said he was going to top Wright's Blood Bomb. A year ahead and a level higher."

"You knew?" Mikey asked incredulously. Matt laughed and shook his head.

"Not the specifics. I knew he'd be up to something; I just didn't expect it on this large of a scale. I should have known, though. After all, this is Gerard we're talking about." Mikey smiled.

"'re leaving tomorrow?" he asked. Matt nodded solemnly and looked down at the floor, letting his darkened hair fall into his face. "Are you going to miss us?" He nodded again.

"But at least I know I won't be sad about it. From now on, every time I think of Gerard I'll remember the time he set off a peanut butter bomb in the teacher's lounge. Just for me." He smiled again, and then checked his watch. He stood suddenly, and Mikey looked up at him. "Tell G I'll call him later. I have to go home and help my parents load up everything." Matt began to slowly shuffle down the hallway towards the door. He placed one hand on it, ready to leave, but stopped and looked back at the younger Way brother.

Mikey had his elbows propped up on his knees, holding his face in his hands. Matt wasn't certain, but it looked like he was crying.

"Hey, Mikey." The person in question looked up with red-rimmed eyes. Matt stared back at him with a small smile. "Take care of yourself." He walked out the door. Mikey smiled after him. 'I will, Matt. Promise.'
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