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The Maquis

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Voyager has returned, and The Maquis, targets of the newly aligned Dominion and Cardassians, build a fleet of ships, and set out for greener pastures. They didn't expect that to be an alternate uni...

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Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek or Babylon 5, even though I wish I did.

AN: There won't just be elements of the show, but elements of the Star Trek: Armada II game in this story. There may also be some fudging of dates and the timeline.In this timeline, Voyager returned to the Alpha Quad with the Ablative Armour and such before the Cardi's and Dominion were able to kill off the Maquis. Also, there will be a fraction of the population from the Star Trek universe who have telepathic powers (like the Babylon 5 universe)

A fleet of what appeared to be Federation ships orbited a moon on the inside of the Badlands. This was the last stop on their voyage, before they left behind Federation space forever. The fleet belonged to The Maquis, who could no longer take the Federation policies criminalizing them. The Cardies had also joined with The Dominion, who had started killing all the Maquis down to the last man, woman and child.
There were around a hundred thousand people crammed onto thirteen ships. Each ship had only a name, without the 'USS' or reg number of Federation ships. The fllet was made up of:
One Sovereign Class called The Avatar, with a Contruction Ship called The Muir.
One Galaxy Class called The Scimitar.
One Nebula Class called The Tribal.
One Interpid Class called The Hawkins.
One Akira Class called The Merlin.
One Ageian Class called The Leviathan.
One Colony Ship called the Lagos.
Two Sabre Classes called the Aries and The Mars.
Two Venture Classes with cloaks, called the Atlas and The Endurance.
Three Defiant Classes called The Maya, The Loki and The Sarapis.
All ships had been installed with Ablative Armour that was bought back to the Alpha Quadrent by Voyager.
A contruction ship and the Delta Flyer had been comandeered by the returning Commander Chakotai with Tom Paris, Be'lanna Torres, their daughter and all the former Maquis from Voyager. Upon their return to the Maquis, they learned that the Dominion were moving to destroy them all.
They found a dilitium and metal rich moon within the badlands, and were able to build their fleet within a month, and quickly collected all the people left on the Maquis worlds, before coming to their last base.
The Avatar was the flag of their fleet, which was commanded by Chakotai, with Tom Paris commanding The Scimitar with his wife.
With the last of the supplies, items that can be broken down for replicators, metals and dilithium for repairs.
When they left the moon base, they set out of the badlands, and set course away from Federation and Cardassian space, in the direction that would take them to the Gamma Quadrent in a decade or two, though they didn't intend to spend that long travelling.
However, two weeks into the journal, they came across what seemed to be a wormhole. They studied it for a long time, finding it lead to an area of space with no Federation signals, or known species within sensor range. Even better, there was an 'M Class' planet with several moons, rich in Dilithium, metals, and edible plants and animals.
On the other side of the wormhole, with all the ships safely through, there was a shockwave that shook the fleet violently as the wormhole imploded, stranding them there.
A conference was called on the Avatar with all the commanders of the ships.
In the end, it was decided that they would colonize the planet. They were able to build a city very quickly, and build enough housing for all the people on the ships, farms to start growing food. Pulse cannons and torpedo turrets were placed in orbit, with mining stations around the moons.
Within a month, the planet was heavily fortified, and there was even a ship-yard being built. It was decided to send the Atlas and Endurence out to search the surrounding area of space. When they came back, it was with disturbing news. They were actually relatively close to Earth - However, it wasn't their Earth.. and this Earth's government had just started bombing Mars and declared Marshall Law, as well as bringing word of a space station that had just broken away from that Government called Babylon 5.
Feeling that this station may be similar to the Maquis and the Federation, they decided to make contact, and so The Avatar, Scimitar, Maya, Loki, Sarapis, Hawkins and Merlin left the orbit of their planet called Parisian, and set course for the Station.
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