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Chapter 12 - FINAL CHAPTER

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"Ayla Owen!" Bea hollered from the bottom of the stairs.

"I can't find Patrick!!" She yelled back.

"He's in your shoe cupboard!!" Bea shouted.

Bea smiled to herself as she heard Ayla rummaging around for her starfish friend.

"Patrick!" she said proudly, her footsteps getting close to the top of the stairs.

"When will we see Uncle Patrick again?" she asked boldly, Bea's eye's quickly looked at her daughter.

"Um...Well he's quite a busy man, I'm not sure..." Bea said softly.

Ayla didn't ask any more question, she obediently slipped her arms through her little school coat and Bea fastened her rucksack on to her back firmly.

"We're good to go kid, let's bust a move." Bea said.

"Yahh!" Ayla said, she lunged into a ninja kick as they moved towards the door.

Bea giggled and shook her head.

"Remember, no gymnastics today, we gotta go see someone after school ok?" she said to her child, unclipping her seatbelt.

"Who?" she asked inquisitively.

"Someone who needs our help." She said.

"What help?"

Bea stopped and knelt down to her little girl.

"You remember Peter, the sick person Mommy was looking after...." She said softly, Ayla nodded and her eyes immediately reflected the sombreness of her Mother's tone.

"Well, he needs us to be there for him because he feels very sad at the moment."

"Why is he sad?"

"He's sad because bad things have happened to him." She said simply.

Ayla looked at her Mom.

"Come on now ninja, lets get you into school before Mommy has to sign the late book ...again." She said, Ayla giggled and sped off ahead of her.

Michael observed her from the reception desk, she was skilfully carrying out her work. He looked down at the transfer request she'd written to him and then looked back over at her.

He knew she would be sorely missed if she had to go. Even more so, because she wanted to go because of him.

As she made her way over to him at the desk with her hands full of clipboards, he let a little smile come across his face, it wasn't shared with her and she looked away, placing the boards in their places.

"Could we have a word?" he asked her, she glanced at him.

"It's about your letter." He said, she immediately stopped what she was doing and looked up at him.

"Fine." She said

He closed the door to the rest room and she folded her arms defensively.

"I'm not giving you this transfer." He said calmly. Anger instantly flared up in her eyes and as she went to attack he responded further.

"As of next week, I will no longer be working here. I'm resigning." He said. Bea stared at him, he didn't seem to have a hidden agenda either, he was deadly serious.


"-It's for the best. I'm moving to California, the family and I...we have to make a new start or it'll never work." He said. Bea didn't know what to say.

"So, I'm not doing a transfer reference for you because you need to stay here, you fit in here, you're an amazing intern." Michael said affectionately. Bea looked down at her blue trousers and gripped her stethoscope a little tighter around her neck.

"Good Luck, Beatrice." He said warmly.

"You too." She replied softly.

He nodded and stepped backwards, giving her an awkward smile before opening the door and leaving her alone. She took a huge sigh and swept her hair back. Was this chink in her chain of defensive armour that had just been loosened so that maybe she could make a start at moving on in her life?

"Hello Peter." Bea said softly, he turned quickly and stood up from his place at the table.

"How are you?" she asked, moving towards him.

"I don't know." He said honestly. Bea glanced at the paperwork he was looking over on the table. Pete looked down at it too then back to Beatrice.

"Divorce papers." He said, shoving a hand in his pocket.

"I'm sorry." Bea said, not knowing what to say.

"Don't be." He replied.

"She..." he started.

Bea moved closer to him, letting him know she was here to help him and support him.

"She never understood me...she loved the strong controlling side of me but when I got weak...when I became regular Wentz, she would look at me as if she hated me." He said.

"Her expectations of you were unrealistic Peter." She whispered.

There was a couple of minutes silence as Pete mused over those words, his life, his failings.



"There's something you need to know." She said, Pete looked at her, he could see she was incredibly nervous.

"Ok..." he said

"I've wanted to tell you for such a long time but nothing ever seemed to go right when I did and I took it as an omen that either it was the wrong time or you just weren't to know." She explained.

"Bea, you're scaring me..." he said, trembling slightly.

"Don't be's just big." She said, she stood up and held out her hand.

"Come..." she uttered gently and he took her hand and followed her out of the room. Pete grew nervous, where was she taking him, what was going on?

Bea paused and made Pete stand still as the little girl quietly read singular syllables from the book on the floor in the waiting room area. Pete's eyes fell upon her endearingly.

"This is Ayla...." Bea whispered to him, she stood behind him, putting her arms on his waist and pushing him slightly closer towards the brown haired girl. Bea wrapped her arms around Pete.

"Pete, this is your daughter." She said softly to him.

Bea physically felt the breath come out of Pete's body as her hands embraced him from behind.

Ayla looked up from her book and leaned her head slightly.

"Mommy, why are you hiding?" she laughed.

"Oh my god..." he gasped.

Bea let him go and she moved towards her.

"Come meet someone Ayla..." she said, Ayla clambered up and stepped over her book. She leapt into Bea's arms and they walked to Pete, who stood his eyes frozen on the little girl.

"Ayla, this is Peter."

"Hello Peter." Ayla said, a cheeky grin.

"Peter Winter??" Ayla asked Bea in delight. Bea chuckled.

"Yes..Yes this is Peter Winter." Bea smiled, Pete's hands went to his mouth as his wide eyes studied the smaller version of himself and Bea.

"Why don't you give Peter a hug?" Bea suggested. Ayla held out her arms and Pete wearily took her into his arms but Ayla did all the work, she wrapped her legs around him, her small arms squeezing him with all her might. Pete's arms held his daughter so tight, he began to cry and so did Bea.

"Don't cry!" Ayla said, she looked at her Mom and her eyes grew concerned at seeing both adults crying.

"We're crying because we're happy." Pete said.

"That's silly!" She giggled and Pete smiled wide at her.

"You are beautiful!" he said, studying her.

Ayla not knowing what those words really meant just grinned at him.

"Do you like spongebob?" she asked in excitement.

"I do - I love spongebob!" he said, nearly as excited.

"Patrick's my favourite."

"Patrick's my favourite too!" he said excitedly.

Ayla ran her hand over Pete's arm and looked at his tattoo's. Pete couldn't quite get enough of her. This was exactly what he needed to feel human again. He'd had everything taken from him, that's why he'd just wanted to end it all. He was so grateful there was something to keep him from doing something stupid like that again.

"Ayla..." Bea said gently, moving closer.


"You know that Grandad is Mommy's Daddy right?" she asked, Ayla nodded firmly.

"Well, Peter is your Daddy."

Ayla looked at Pete and then to Bea.

" Aiden Patterson's Daddy who picks him up from school?" Ayla asked, Bea could only smile at the child-like comparison.

"Yeah, like how Aiden Patterson's Daddy who picks him up from school..."

Bea and Pete looked at each other.

"Cool!" She said. Bea laughed.

Pete pulled her into him firmly and kissed her hard on the lips. Ayla giggled furiously.

"You're kissing!" She whispered. Bea laughed.

"I thought you'd be mad! I wanted to tell you so many times Pete, you must know that!" she said quickly, Pete shook his head.

"You have no idea how happy I am." Pete said, squeezing Ayla into him again and she made a noise as he squeezed her tight.

"I've never been so happy in my life." He smiled proudly, wrapping both arms around his young daughter.

"Daddy!!!!" Ayla yelled hard.

Bea and Pete stopped fooling around under the sheets and Pete popped his head out.

"Daddy!! I've broken with the TV!!!!" She yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

He clambered out, hopping to slip on some trousers and going to see what the fuss is about.

Upon getting down the stairs, his eyes opened at the devastation in his batchelor pad. Cereal was scattered all over the kitchen floor, the fridge door was open, foot steps of milk trailed into the livingroom and the white noise from TV pierced his ears.

"Hurry! Daddy, Spongebob is on!!" She whined frantically. He hurried over to the set top box of his TV and rewired it, switching it off and on again. She squealed ecstatically as the yellow square character appeared.

"Shit! Ayla!" he said at her high pitched squeal.

"HEY!!!" he heard Bea yell and Pete slipped a hand over his mouth.

"You said shit!" Ayla laughed at him, pointing.

"Shhhh!" He gestured to her.

"Daddy, Brody Jackson said I'm gay, what's gay?" she asked. Pete stared at his daughter, her eyes mirrored his and sometimes it freaked him out having someone who looked like him.

"You tell Brody Jackson to shove his-"

"-You tell Brody Jackson that next time he says things like that to you, you're going to report it to the teachers." Bea intervened.

"That's right!" Pete said, standing next to Bea.

"Ayla, what did you do?" Bea asked, looking at the mess.

"I was hungry!" she reasoned.

"Pete, I'm sorry, I'll clean it all up." She said. Pete took her by the waist as she walked away and kissed her longingly.

"Can't we finish that very important thing we doing and then clean it up?" he asked, she laughed slyly as his lips nipped her soft skin on her neck.

She gave in and Pete guided her back up the stairs.

"Where are you going??" Ayla whined.

"We'll just be 5 minutes sweetheart!" Bea said, Pete continued to pull her up the stairs.

It wasn't the love they used to make, this was different. Bea knew it was the bond of having a child together that made you connect stronger with someone.

They'd only been back in his life for 6 months but it was everything she needed and more.

"It's weird...a little time ago, I would've said that this isn't what I wanted..." She whispered onto his chest gently.

"But now?" he asked.

"Now it's different, it's everything I wanted, I just didn't want to admit it." She explained. Pete kissed her, moving so he leaned over.

He moved down and began writing on her tummy and she flinched as it tickled. She went to look.

"You can't look!" he said, laughing, she flopped back down and he continued to write.

"What are you writing?" Ayla enquired, she jumped onto the bed excitedly.

"Words for Mommy..." Pete said.

"Please...Please." Ayla stuttered, reading the words.

Pete looked at her quickly, realising what was going to happen.

"Marry me." She finished, proudly. Bea opened her eyes and looked at Pete.

"Please marry me." Ayla repeated, more boldly and with a huge smile.

Bea sat up quickly and then down at her tummy, rechecking the words and then looking at Pete.

"Well?" he asked her.

Bea was speechless, she could only nod and Pete swept her and Ayla up into his arms and held them both tight.

"Now I have everything I ever wanted...."

He kissed his daughters head, then his fiance's.

She had her family, she had love and more importantly, her dark haired boy was back. Forever.

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm not sorry for how I've ended this, I just wrote what I felt needed to be dealt with according to the characters and the plot.
I hope you enjoyed reading it, however I feel happy with the closure.

Thanks for all your reads and reviews.
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