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Shattered Twilight

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Maeglin cannot let go of his muse during his final moments. This ficlet is written for Trekqueen who asked me to drabble Maeglin.

Category: Silmarillion - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama - Published: 2007-05-04 - Updated: 2007-05-04 - 322 words - Complete

The perfect image of her started to haunt my dreams once I realised that the lady my mother always so fondly spoke off in her memories, was as beautiful as Varda's stars. The first day I saw her and watched her graceful moves, I noticed the light in her eyes and became enchanted of her melodic voice ever since. My muse through words and tales, my passion once I was close to her. Her scent, her long silken hair, her soft hands that caressed my cheek on the day my father poisoned my mother.

Ah, how I wished for your lips to touch. And how I craved to taste your sweetness, to make you mine by the bond of marriage and love. And yet, that Adan stole you away from me. From me! The righteous heir of your father's throne. Have I not fought bitter battles on behalf of your father's Kingdom? Have I not always stood by his side with council? Haven't I been your champion? All these memories are engraved in my mind and even now, my beautiful Idril, you are the only thing I can think of while the wind cannot bear my weight and the cold air encompasses my body. Death will be imminent soon, my life is laid in ruin, and yet all I want is you.


Author afterword:
I would never have written this short work if it was not for Trekqueen, who at LiveJournal asked me to drabble Maeglin and how I saw him as a tragic character in the Silmarillion. I fetched the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and the books of the History of Middle Earth, to perform a character study of Maeglin... but the challenge was to pour all this knowledge into a ficlet. I succeeded with that, by writing a ficlet of 222 words (my personal goal) precisely. Much to my astonishment I won the First Place in the MEFA 2006 Drama: First Age Elves.
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