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The end of the story

Category: Horror - Rating: PG - Genres: Fantasy - Published: 2007-05-05 - Updated: 2007-05-05 - 181 words

Nigel and I got married, a month after we saved each other. We wed right there on. The front lawn of The Sanctuary, so everyone I had grown to care about could attend. People gradually began to accept Nigul for the wonderful person he was, and soon he was teaching classes to new souls.
Abdeel explained to me that my journey into the devil's lair had given me the power to see my mother, I spend time with her every day, when I'm not teaching classes of my own.
Nigul and I live at The Sanctuary full time, we're dedicating our lives to help people like us, when people have no where else to go, they come to The Sanctuary and we protect them.
The greatest delight in my life came the day I found out I was pregnant, I knew Nigul was a little worried that some of his demon blood may still linger, but I gave birth to two beautiful wholly human little girls. We named them Joy and Hope, because of the devil's bargain, that's what I found.
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