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Leaving Things Behind and Finding the New

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X-over with Tales of Symphonia Anna Irving is 16 years old when she's offered the chance of a lifetime to leave her world and teach in another, but what awits her in her new home, konoha? Love? i...

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disclaimer: i don't own Naruto or Tales of Symphonia, regardless on how much I love both of them
author's note: I recently got bored in English class and others and so started this story. Enjoy this story though. This is also on my accont in, I'm sika'sheart there.
chapter 1: A new home for Anna Irving
"...Always said it's a good opportunity for someone my age," a girl in her late teens accused her two parents. Her name was Anna Serena Irving. She had waist length chestnut brown hair that currently hung free around her shoulders. She had red/brown eyes, that always caught some body's attention first. She wore a plain white tee shirt and a black skirt that just barely reached her knees. She had turned sixteen two days before. She was a good solid five foot two and she had a kick ass punch that could knock someone flat on their backs when it just grazes them. "Besides, you did sign the permission form."
"Like we thought you would actually would get the job," countered back her mother Colette Brunel Irving. She was at an age where some women were just starting their families instead of arguing about letting one go, she was thirty-five. Her blond hair that was waist length when she was her daughter's age was currently shoulder length and swept back into a ponytail. She wore a simple white cotton nightgown Her round blue eyes sparkled dangerously from the on going argument with her oldest child. She was the exact same height as her daughter, five foot two.
I had thought she would. Lloyd Irving thought to himself. He was a tall man, just bordering six feet, about five foot eight or seven. He had the same red/brown eyes as his daughter. His hair was also the same shade of chestnut brown that was currently cut close to his head. He wore simple blue trousers and a soot streaked red tank. He worked as a blacksmith and wood carver and he had spent the day in his workshop at the back of the house. He was only a year older then his wife, thirty-six.
The house itself was nothing special except to those who lived there or were here so often it felt like their own home. Originally this had been the house Lloyd had grown up in as a child. Back then it had been a two story structure made of wood. Both floors had had one room and one room only. The downstairs was the kitchen and Dirk's, Lloyd's foster father and the man he had learned craftsmanship from, workshop. The second floor was Lloyd's room. When Lloyd and Colette had gotten married, almost seventeen years ago, Dirk had given them this house and had moved in with Altessa, a fellow dwarf. Lloyd and Colette had added another floor, widened the house, built extra bedrooms, and added wooden floors onto the floor. When Colette discovered she was pregnant Lloyd had changed his old room into a nursery and added double glass doors to go out onto the balcony.
The kitchen, were they sat, was on the first floor. It consisted of a fridge, a stove, counters, a large table, and two bay windows. The walls were painted a light sky blue. Some small plants hung from the ceiling and out of the bay windows hung garden boxes full of roses and other flowers. Outside the windows hung Symphonia's two moons, Sylvarant and Teth'ella and the stars glowed brightly. Flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables lay in gardens and in between two such sat a gray headstone, a grave, for Lloyd's mother, Anna, the woman his eldest daughter was named after. Lloyd leaned against the walls opposite the bay windows and his wife and daughter stood in front of him, arguing, as they have been doing since the two hours after dinner, three hours ago.
"They'll be coming to fetch me the day after tomorrow and I'm planning on going." Anna said, stomping her foot on the ground like she did when she was a little child. "And you know, I expected something like this from Daddy, but I thought you would understand Mother." Anna said, managing to make "Mother" sound like a curse or something vulgar. She sat at the edge of the large table and crooked an eyebrow at her mother, telling her to get on with her argument already.
Lloyd sighed. He hadn't wanted to be in this argument very much, but it seems they found a way to bring him in it anyway, regardless of his wishes.
"Well, your father agrees with me. Don't you Lloyd?" The two women, one daughter, one wife, stared at him and awaited his answer. "Lloyd?" Colette asked again, taking a step towards him, but somehow she caught her leg or nightgown on something and stumbled forward.
Lloyd barely had enough time to hurrying forward and stop his wife's klutzy descent. For a moment she rested in his arms, head on his shoulders, breathing deeply to calm her shook nerves. "That was quite a fall." Lloyd's voice rumpled teasingly in her ear. She giggled. The same giggle she had always giggled when he teased her from when they were children. It was good to know some things never changed. He rubbed his hand lovingly over her hair before helping her righting herself.
They've stood there, looking at each other, for several minutes now. Do they even remember I'm even here? "Um-hm? Your oldest child in the room," Anna reminded her parents.
"And that's why you can't go, your still a child," Colette countered dreamily.
Anna rolled her eyes at her mother and said, "Same age as you were when you first left home. Daddy please!" her eyes begged him.
"I think..." Lloyd started, both women snapping their attention instantly to him, both sets of eyes pleading for him to take their side. Oh, I'm gonna be in the doghouse tonight. Lloyd thought to himself before continuing on "... Anna should go."
"Yes! Thank-you, Daddy!" Anna toward him and kissing and hugging him before turning to run out of the room. "It'll be so worth it, you'll see. I've got to go pack."
"Hold it, Annie," her father's voice called her back into the kitchen, "I'm not finished. There are several rules you must agree to if you wish to go.
"First of the rules, your mother and I must get a letter addressed from you at least once a week. More will be appreciated. I want to know what your up to, who you spend your free time with. Hell, even what you eat," Lloyd added as a second though, running his hand through his hair. "If, even once, we don't receive this letter I will personally come and bring you back home. No exceptions.
"Second rule, your money is only to be spent wisely. On things you need, like food and clothing. No wasting it on silly trivial stuff like... like boys. Or any of that silly teenage girl stuff your mother and I are always... always... buying you. Presents for friends are OK on birthdays and holidays. And please keep a book of your expenses and the money you made, not for me, but for you. It'll be easier in case some of it goes missing.
"The third rule, Noishe or your dog, Mao, must go with you and they would have to stay with you at all times. Personally I would pick Noishe, because I know, from personal experience, he will never leave you, but it's your choice who you take.
"And, finally, the forth, and most important, rule, stay safe. Don't trust anyone that isn't someone your new boss doesn't introduce you to, not even them, really." Lloyd looked at his child out of downcast eyes. "I don't want the next time I see you you'll be in your casket, like Morris's son." Morris was a man from the village who's son was sent as a moderator between two nations in another world, but ended up being killed because for his interference saving a small child from a flying spear.
"Oh, Daddy, I'll be fine. It's just a small teaching job. I'll be in the village at all times except on my way there and when on my way home when my two years are up. I'll have my own apartment. Plus it's a ninja village, like Mizuho. Aunt Sheen and Professor Sage set this up. Nothing bad will happen," she hugged him. "I love you, thanks so much for this chance." She left her father's strong arms and went into her mother's loving ones. "You won't be sorry, Mom." and she left her two parents alone in the kitchen. Stopping at the doorway, looking back at them, smiling, and thinking, Even after so many years they are still in love. One day I'll have that as well.
Colette sighed and took Anna's place in Lloyd's arms. "I probably should be mad at you, but..." she shook her head and buried it deeper into his chest, "but you know her better then I do. Are yous sure she'll be OK?"
"Not in the least bit," he wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on hers, "but she can handle herself. After all," he snickered, "she is our child." He started running a vague hand over her hair. "Honestly, I'm not sure it's the right choice, but eventually she needs to learn how the universe truly is, that it isn't all sugar and roses like it is here, at home in Symphonia. Everyone here wants the best for their children. It'll help her, balance her out a bit."
He stepped out of the embrace, but kept an arm wrapped firmly around her waist. "Let's go to bed, it's late." and they left, acting a little like the teens they had once been before their world had been turned upside down when the Journey of Regeneration began.
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