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Ball Number One

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Basically, Cinderella is off to her first ball. This story is NOT based on the Disney version, so the story is far from over at this point

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A.N: Sorry I'm not good at updating quickly, I'm still working on that skill.

Hello there everyone. Still with us? Good. Well to recap, Sis and I are riding in a giant white pumpkin on wheels pulled by some species- confused mice and wearing clothing that is 100% temporary with a cat playing the roll of footman. Any questions? No? Excellent! Let's continue!

"I must be crazy!" I muttered to no one in particular as we arrived at the gates of the palace. I must have been afterall to get myself into this mess! The "horses" startled at the sight of a cat, dog or even stray human and tried to snatch at cheese! Meanwhile the "footman" was trying to groom himself by licking his glove and rubbing it over his hair, his hat in his lap. I slapped my forehead with my hand as one of the mice/horses nearly shied at the site of a cat, again. The Guard at the gate stopped us.
"State your buisness." It was all I could do not to snap at him. He wasn't nesecarily an idiot, he could following procedure after-all. Oh alright. I know I'm not that nice. I had to do it to a) keep in character and b) not to take a chance that he might realize I was a girl. My goal for that night was to avoid unnecesary contact with the other staff at all costs! (The nobles never notice the staff anyway.) So I told the guard we were there for the ball. He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.
I pulled the horses up to a stop in front of the steps and waited for Ella to get out.
"Remember," I hissed "Avoid The Hags like the plague!"
"I know!" she snapped back. "I'm not stupid!" It was true. She wasn't, not at all. The problem was that she didn't always use that marvelous mind of hers. When I saw that she had safely entered the palace I quickly parked the carriage, watered the horses and then started to make my way into the ball room. However, first I had to get into the palace.
Remember me saying that no one ever noticed the staff? Well if I'd had any previous doubts, I didn't any more. Getting in was a piece of cake. My real problems would be after the other servants all figured out who was who. However, once I was in I started wishing that they could put a map or something on the walls to show where the ball room was! The place was like a labrinth! I kept expecting to come across a minotaur or something every time I turned the corner! Yet despite my...uh...lack of directional capabilities, I was the picture of dignity and grace.(Oh alright you win. My hat was askew and I tripped over a broom...twice. But I did find a closet with a reasonably good disguise in it!) Finally I found the huge, thankfully open, doors to the ball room and ducked behind a tapestry when I heard footsteps nearing the corner.
"Gee, you think this is the ball room?" Came an arrogant male voice.
"I believe it is sir." Was the stuffy reply of what sounded to be an elderly man. Peeking through a small hole in the thick fabric, I noticed that I had been correct on both counts, not bad, I suppose. The young man looked to be in his late-teens-early-twenties. He had Dark hair, reasonably tanned skin, brown eyes and as I hated to admit it) Tall and muscular with a well shaped head and features, he'd be pounced on the second he walked in. Judging by his fine livery, he looked to be someone important, not to mention rich!
"Your majesty, do not forget your manners when with your cousin." The butler said (See? Royalty. Richest, most important of the hierarchy in our scociety.)
"Yes, yes I will. Alright? My goal is simply to survive the night before succumbing to boredom. Don't worry, I won't make my cousin regret his very un-wanted invitation. I'm not a playground bully you know." Finally he went in and I could sneak around some more. However, just before entering, a slip of paper on the ground drew my attention. Picking it up, I saw that it was a page from a diary, a very mischievious entry too. Filled with harsh opinions and snarky remarks on certain members of the royal family, though it was clearly written by someone related to them. Quietly slipping it into my inside jacket pocket, I slipped into the ball room.

Ella was easy to pick out. She was practically glowing (or was that the candle light behind her?) and looked exquisite, at least the guy dancing with her seemed to think so. Judging by the other ladies' reactions, he must have been important as well as extremely handsome. Next to spot were our Step Family. Madame was giving her girls what looked to be a whispered pep-talk, however, Annelise seemed distracted. For one terrifying moment I thought she had recognized Ella, but no. Wrong direction. Still... I needed to make sure that they never figured it out. So, using my page/waiter-guise, I quickly bustled over with a tray of food I had picked up from another, very tired servant and went to set it on the buffet table(Oh yeah, forgot about that. Our royal family's got the best cooks in something like the nearest 10 or 20 kingdoms and love to show them off at gatherings such as these). When doing so I "accidentally" knocked over a salad bowl, making the piglets and their mother jump back slightly. By the time everyone started looking around wildly for who had done it, I was out of the vacinity and mingling with the other staff, blending into the back-drop and home free. I thought.

When I made my way outside I found my arm gripped by someone standing right outside the door to the gardens and was being led deeper into the courtyard. My fancy hat was tilted down over my annoyingly-feminine features and my head was also looking down slightly, so I got a good view of the guy's fancy boots.
"That was a nice stunt there." Ooh. That voice sounded eerily familiar... The Prince from the Hallway spoke again, "I have to say I admired the precision and timing, but if there's somebody creating havoc, I get the blame for something that I didn't have the pleasure of doing myself, and I am under strict orders to restrain my practical jokes. Is that clear young man?" I nodded, but didn't dare say anything. If I tried to artificially deepen my voice, it would be obvious. But perhaps I could get away with an adolescant male with voice cracks-
My thoughts were interrupted by the prince shaking my arm for a response. Then the worst happened. Okay, well not the WORST, but something pretty bad. My hat fell off and my long-ish braid fell down my back and, well you get the picture. In a word, I was busted! After everything I'd nagged my sister about, I had been caught! God, I would NEVER live this down! My "captor" was so startled that he relaxed his hold on me and I yanked my arm out of his grip and stared up at him defiantly.
"W-Well. That's a...certainly a surprise." he stammered, but regained his aloof arrogance pretty quickly. "I suppose that's a pretty good disguise for a midget."
"I am NOT that short!" I exclaimed quietly albeit furiously. (Ok. Time to fess up. I may have exaggerated my height a TINY bit. Okay I'm only around 5 foot 4 or so, and Ella's 5'3 and a 1/2)
"Never the less what, pray tell, is a girl doing in that uniform?"
"What do you care? It isn't illegal."
"You know that for a fact?"
"Yes. I checked." Was my defiant retort. I have been accused of having the sharpest tongue in the kingdom and was proud of it. Therefore, using it is almost fun. After all, one must keep up appearances mustn't one?
"So why aren't you out dancing like all the other ladies?"
"Why aren't you?" He had to stop himself from grimacing then laughed at that. Apparently the comment had got him at a loss for words. He cocked an eyebrow at me.
"Impressive. I don't have an answer. that hasn't happened to me in years."
"Bound to happen sometime." I muttered ruefully.
"I'm going to assume that you always have to get the last word in don't you?" he smirked
"Yes." was the retort. Personally, I didn't like that smug look on his face. It was like he thought he was better than me! This prince-ling clearly needed to be taken down a notch...or 5! Personally, I rather hoped it was the latter. More fun that way. Suddenly he spoke again,
"Tell you what, I won't turn you in if-"
"Wait a moment, hold on there. I don't need to do you any favours. I know how to fight fire with fire. Try to black-mail me and I'll do the same." He scoffed.
"With what?" This time it was my turn to look smug and I took out the slip of paper. The colour drained from his face.
"This doesn't necessarily have to be written by you personally for it to cause trouble." I informed him, snatching it out of his reach as he lunged for it.
"Wrong move." I said. "Had any doubts before, I KNOW it's important now." The Handsome young man shook his head, and odd smile on his face.
"I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be out-maneuvered."
"Like I said, had to happen one day. Some day it probably will happen to me." he tried to snatch it again but I hopped backwards then continued backing away, heading for a tall hedge. Looking up at the clock, I noticed it was ten minutes to 12 O Clock. The magic would wear off in a few minutes. Time to go.
"But not today." I said with a little mock-salute and ducked behind the bush. He was quick to give chase, but guess who was the one that was in comfortable shoes and clothes that didn't matter if they got dirty! In a way it was a little ironic. By the time he reached the door to the ball room, Ella and I had slipped away.

A.N: For the record I do NOT in anyway support blackmail or anything illeagal etc. I was just trying to show both Chrystal's tough, defensive attitude and her street-wise, sort of slums-like knowledge of how to "survive" in her "world" (or how I think it may be like anyway.) since not all the people in the town would be kind and understanding of her and her sister's position.
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