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The Kid From Chino

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It was a silent night. Che and his brother Trey were approaching a car which was parked near the library.. Then Trey said ''am your big brother if I don't teach you this who will'' He took the iron rod he was carrying and broke the car's window. Che jumped back and said ''Trey what are you doing!?!'' Trey took out the lock, got into the car and turned the car on.

A car from the police happened to be patrolling the area, as the cops saw what was happening they decided to go take a look..
Trey saw the car approaching and began driving, Che didn't had an other option but to go into the car.. As they drived faster and faster every time a lot of police reinforcements began showing up, until Trey and Che, crashed into a Bench.....

Once at jail, Che was taken to his lawyer.. ''Hey, 'am Sandy Cohen the court appointed me as your lawyer'', the guy said.
''were's my brother?'' Che asked in a nervous tone. Sandy looked at Che and then said:

''Trey... was over 18, he was carrying a gun in his pockets, some drugs and.. I guess Trey is looking from 3 to 5 years''

''Che..'' Sandy continued ''Let's take a look at your history..
Your name is Julio Calderon. You are 16. Suspended twice for fighting too much, your grades aren't great and... Your test scores.. 75% failed.... Have you ever given a thought to your college?''

''I don't want to think about college.. its too soon..'' Che answered.

''Che... You are a smart kid in abo..'' before Sandy could continue Che interrupted:

''Were 'am from having a brain doesn't make you smart, life here at Chino isn't easy you know?''

''I know.. I know.. I am all the way from the the bad part of the Bronx.. My life was hard I was pissed off I was stupid..''

Sandy continued
''But.. Stealing a car because your brother tells you to do it, Its stupid and weak, and those are two things you can't afford to be anymore..''

Then Che said: ''Look how 'bout his you get me out if this place, and I promise to start again. Like it?''

Sandy liked che's deal and accepted... As they got to the front door, a woman came out of a car and shouted at Che:

''Che!!! Come in the car now!'' It was Che's mother she was shouting and acting like crazy.

''Alright!'' Che replied as he opened the car's door..

Before he left Sandy said to him: ''If things get to be too much call me'' and he gave Che a small card with his cell phone and home number..

Once home Che's mother began drinking and suddenly she said:

''I can't to this anymore Julio.. I can't''

Che tried to replied as fast as possible, but when he was bout to say a word his mom said:

''I want you out of my house.. I want you out!''

''B-But mom where am I gonna go!?''

''You heard me Julio, get your stuff and get out!!''

Che thought for a second My mom is drunk i better go and come back later.. so he took his stuff and went out. Che began riding his bike and got to the nearest public phone. He started calling some of his family members but none of them could help him... Che remembered about the card that Sandy gave to him, and so he decided to call him..
In less than an hour Che was inside Sandy's car..
After about half an hour driving they got home and Sandy said:

''Well... Here we are please wait here while I talk to my wife''
Sandy left the car and went in the house. Its a very nice house. Che thought, then he went out of the car, took a cigarrete out and began smoking...
Che was starring at everything around him.. Suddenly a Girl came out from the house next door, she asked Che:
''Who are you?''

Che wasn't sure about what to say so he said: ''Who ever you want me to be''

''Ok.. In case you wondering my name is Ana..''

Before they could keep talking Sandy came and said: ''Che come in everything is ready''
Che turned off the cigarette and followed Sandy to the house. Once inside Sandy's wife Kirsten came in and said: ''Welcome, Julio this is our home, if you need anything please call me''

Then sandy said: ''Alright, get comfortable and have a good night.''

Sandy and Kirsten went out of the room.

Che turned the lights off and went to bed.....
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