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Watch you walk away

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open your eyes for me

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Michael found her sitting on the bathroom floor
her knees clutched to her chest, her eyes shut
he sat down next to her, by the distraught look on her face he knew something was wrong
he tucked a stray lock of her hair behind her ear, softly caressing her cheek
her eyes were still closed and he found it quite discomforting
"are you okay?"
"i'm fine"
"you're lying"
"so what if I am?"
"Stop michael! just stop pretending you care"
"you know i care"
"no i don't"
"where is this coming from?"
"you didn't care enough to tell me you were leaving me
again, you didn't care enough to say goodbye
if you cared at all, it wouldn't have been so easy to walk away"
"easy? you think it was easy?
if i told you what i was doing you would've convinced me to stay
if i said goodbye, i wouldn't have been able to walk away"
"I needed you! God knows what i would've done if you'd actually left
I can't do this without you
you're the only thing that's keeping me together
but i should've known better by now
i should've know better than to let myself depend on you
and i have to go, i can't sit here waiting for you to leave"
she gets up and walks out of the bathroom and through the front door out into the dark night
it only takes seconds for him to catch up with her
he grabs her hand causing her to halt and turn to face him
she pulls her hand away from his
"Just leave me alone michael"
She turns around but he grabs her by her arm turning her whole body back to face him
she shuts her eyes
"just go back inside and let me go.
i can't do this anymore, please don't ask me to"
he strokes the side of her face with his palm
"don't touch me. being here, with you. it hurts too much okay?
I don't wanna be here anymore"
"than what do you want?"
"i can't take the pain any more, it's just too much pain"
he feels her slipping away, she's standing before him so defeated and frail
her eyes still shut her arms wrapped around her own tiny frame
"you're scaring me sara
please just open your eyes"
"i can't"
please try, for me just this one last time
i need you to open your eyes"
"i don't have the strength anymore i'm not strong enough"
"you are the strongest person i've ever known
most people wouldn't still be breathing after everything you've been through"
"than don't you think i deserve a break?"
"you can't give up sara"
"there's no reason to fight i have nothing left"
"you have me"
"i just wanna sleep, please just go away michael"
"i can't do that, i'd do anything for you
but i'm not leaving you.
please let me take you back inside
when she didn't respond he lifted her into his arms
carrying her back to their room
laying her down on their bed, where she curled up into a tight ball
when he layed down next to her, he wrapped his arms around her
feeling her bury her face in his chest, and her arms wrapped around his torso,
she was holding onto him for dear life
"i love you sara
i love you so much
if anything happens to you..
i can't lose you
you are my life, my everything
without you.. i can't do this without you
i need you we can get through this, together
you need to believe that
i love you"
"i need you, i can't do this alone"
"you don't have to
i'm right here and i'm not going anywhere
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