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When hate turns to something more.

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Acima and Mather grow closer

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After her class was over, Acima found Jessica waiting for her by the door. "Abdeel wants to see us in his office." She said, Acima walked beside Jessica down the hall, to Abdeel's office. After he bid them entrance, the opened the door, Nigul and Mather were already waiting for them. Abdeel waited until they were seated than began, "Mather and I were talking about the situation," he began, "the reason Belshazzar is masquerading as Michael Sweeny, is because he wants the power over the United States, he's using the president as a puppet. Eventually, I'm afraid. He will wage an all out war on humans. We need to stop that before it happens."He leaned forward on the desk, "we're going to have to vanquish him, before his power gets any greater. Jessica and Nigul will be working on the vanquishing spell, Acima and Mather, I'm going to send you out on a scouting mission, I need you to find out Belshazzar's habits, there may be something we can use against him.
He stood up, "that is all for now," Acima stood up and approached Abdeel, "I can't work with him," she hissed. Abdeel held up a hand, "no arguments Acima, I need you," he walked away leaving Acima seething.

Acima and Mather, crouched behind a tree in Belshazzer's yard, they watched him through a window. "He dismisses his guards at night," Acima said, "we may be able to use that." She tried to move closer to the house, when a piercing shriek filled the air, something whooshed past Acima than Mather, pulled her to the ground, they quickly scooted on their bellies backwards. Suddenly Mather grabbed her rolling down the hill, as something exploded right where she had been laying. After Acima's ears cleared, she realized she was laying on top of Mather, she blushed and rolled off. "What was that?" She asked, as they slowly got up, heading back to the motorcycle. "Those were protector demons," Mather said, as they roared away, "he must have warded the yard with them. "This is going to be harder than I thought," Acima said.

Later Acima couldn't sleep, she decided to go down to the library for a book. Mather was sitting in the wingback chair, staring into the fire. He looked up when she entered, "I'll leave," he said, standing up. She put a hand on his arm, stopping him, "I don't hate you," she said, "I shouldn't blame you for what your father did." Mather looked into her eyes, "I understand how you feel," he said, " he killed my mother. When I was born and the oracle said I would have no demon powers, he murdered my mother as punishment."
Acima hugged Mather, than as she was pulling back, he turned his head, causing their lips to meet. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Finally they drew apart, and he smiled at her, "I think this is a lot better than hating me." They started to kiss again, when Jessica came into the library. "Oh," she said embarrassed, "I thought just Acima was in here, Abdeel, needs you Acima." Than she closed the door quickly, Acima kissed Mather quickly once more, than walked out of the library.
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