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He's back

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I know I've skipped like what?...six months of the story but oh well!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-05-07 - Updated: 2007-05-07 - 670 words

Six months later, and Frank was fine, happy and finished therapy.
"Thanks for helping me you guys" He said happily to them all.
"No problem Frank" Said Gee. Frank turned to Renn and took her hands in his.
"I know all this has hurt you Renn, but please believe me when I say it wasnt your fault, in fact if it wasnt for you and the guys I probably would have killed myself, I love you, becuase your perfect to me and please dont let my depression spoil what we had...what we may still have, I love you like I always have, probably more now, but I dont want you to hate me for being depressed, its over now and in the past...please dont let it stop me from being with you" He sounded so worried, Renn had been colder to him, not nasty, but she tried to avoid him, not because she didnt love him, but because she didnt think he loved her. But now as she stared in his eyes she realised he was being honest, always had been and she had been stupid to not have seen it before.
"I love you" She said, Frank smiled and hugged her, holding her close, small tears of happiness running down his cheeks. Mikey, Gee, Bob and Ray glanced at eachother smiling.
"Well...we'll just leave you two in peace" Siad Gerard getting up and heading for the door, the others following him.
"What? You dont have to go" Said Renn, but Ray shook his head.
"Nah, you two havent been too close lately, we'll let you catch up on all those lost moments" Ray gave a wink and then shut the door behind them. Leaving Renn and Frank alone in the apartment. Frank smiled, his eyes flashing Mischeviously. Renn grinned.
"I guess we have lost out on a lot of moments" She said. Frank nodded.
"Absolutely" He said leaning forward and kissing her deeply.
Renn pulled away and lead him into the bedroom.
"Time to make up for it" She said. Frank shut the door.
"Couldnt agree more!" He laughed.

They lay together, Frank was sleeping soundly, Renn was watching him closely, he had an arm draped over her shoulders and gently, slowly, careful so as not to wake him up, she moved it and looked at the underside. She smiled as she saw the scars from cutting were just scars, scars that would never fade, but were obviously old, he didnt cut anymore - that was good. Renn put his arm back carefully on her shoulders, she liked it there, it felt safer that way. Renn smiled as she knew that they would be married in 3 weeks. The thought made her want to cry out in happiness, her dress had been selected, Alicia and Melissa were to be bridesmaids. Gee was best man, Bob and Ray were going to be ushers and Mikey was ring bearer. Which Renn regretted slightly because Mikey had lost both rings about 50 times since he had been given them one month ago. Thankfully Alicia found them each time and scolded him for losing them in the first place.
Frank shifted slightly but didnt wake up. He gave a small yawn and then turned over onto his other side. Renn took the chance to get out of bed and take a shower.
When she got out she walked into the bedroom and got dressed. She left her hair to dry naturally, Frank had taken the covers and pulled them just under his chin, so he looked like a big lump of duvet other than his head poking out the top. Renn laughed, he looked so cute and comfy. She walked over and kissed him on the forehead, Frank opened one eye, smiled at her, then closed it again, going back to sleep. Renn didnt have the heart to wake him, even though he was meant to be going out with Gee to buy a tux, but he could be a little late right?
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