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nigga we out

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gjnhjfdhns: Part TWENTY-THREE: Emerging

We pushed out the screen and tumbled onto the tiles of whatever room we had crawled into. I was aching all over from the not-so-low fall.

The room was a pristine white all over- It appeared to be a storage room, what with all the cabinents surrounding us. The far wall was covered with dusty shelves-

"The shelves from the morgue!" I pointed.

"So we're right above that place?"

We walked toward the shelves, which hadn't moved since we got there, and found a tiny slit in the floor right in front of them. We could see the rest of the shelves, but nothing else.

I looked at Mitchell imploringly.

"No, there aren't any people walking around or any dead bodies."

I looked up at the shelves. They had little name plates just above the handle: R. Wilkinson... F. Wollaby... M. Wolnisk... C. Woloshyn...

"C. Woloshyn!?" I yelled out, bewildered. I yanked on the handle and fell backwards, not expecting it to slide open so easily. I rolled over and pushed myself onto my feet, afraid to look into the drawer.

I didn't need to; Candace was happy to walk out of it for me.

She sat up, her hair hanging limp and her eyes empty. Slowly, she rose, and stepped onto the tiles, and the air suddenly got cold.

"F-ck, I'm hearing that... That..."

I looked over at Mitchell, who was rubbing one of his ears, and then back at corpse-Candace, who was walking toward me.

"Uhhmm... Hi...?" I stuttered, stupidly. I mean, what was I supposed to say to a dead friend person? 'When did you die'? 'Did you lose weight'? Hmph. Unlikely.

I backed away from her, blindly groping behind me for any kind of protection. Over her shoulder, I saw Mitchell, making some kind of funky hand signal. Supressing the urge to flip him the birdie, I deciphered whatever the hell he was trying to say and turned my attention back to Candace.

Distract her.

I felt my heel hit a solid thing, and I knew I had backed into a wall.

The dead girl knew that too. She lunged.

I tried not to scream as I grabbed one of her wrists, ducking to dodge the other one. She began to snarl, blood dripping from her teeth.

Either she needs to floss, or I'm in trouble...!

I let out a weak laugh, having some difficulty keeping her at bay. That was when Mitchell stepped in, grabbing Candace with a headlock. He twisted around and threw her into the open shelf, finishing it off by kicking it shut. I flinched as her head hit the drawer above hers when she tried to sit up.

"You- You're not allowed to open anything anymore! Or throw any parties!"

I sighed and held my hands up. "Yea, yea." I looked around at the walls of the room. "Is it just more, or are the walls getting dirtier?"

"It's just you."

I glared at Mitchell, but it was short-lived- He had his hands covering both ears now. "Are you hearing something again?"

"Let's get out of here."

I nodded, and we left the room by the door, which was thankfully unlocked.

The hall was much like the one we had first entered, stained walls, and dirty floors. It seemed that the room we came out of was in the middle of the corridor.

Mitchell looked at me.

"Oh /no/...! I'm not splitting up!"

"It'll just be on this floor."

"No way! Since when can I fight crazy monster friend people things?!"

"Since you whacked Anthony at school!"

"That... That was different!"

"Look, we're just doing this to cover more ground."


"What if the others are being tortured or something?"


"The sooner we find them, the better!"

"True, but-"

"We'll open the doors one by one."

"What if-"

"It's just on this floor."

"Fine/!" I threw my hands up in resignation. "But if something kills me, you're /so going down."

He rolled his eyes. "Yea, yea."

We went down the hall in seperate ways, him down the right, me down the left. We stopped at the first door we came across.


I nodded.

He opened his door slowly, cautiously peering into the dark room. He leaned back, looking confused.

"What's in there?"

"I don't know, lemme see if I can find a light switch..." He felt around the walls by the door and, finding nothing, stepped inside

And /screamed/.
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