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Another of my better off stories, which is in a full out series. This story is all about Lola and her few months at Stage School! Lola also has a mega crush on a certain PCA member! This all happen...

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Acting Up

Chap 2

A/n: At the end of this story there is a fantastic cliffhanger, so you'll need to read 'Love Hurts And I Can Prove It' to find out more! I just came up with most of the characters in my sleep! Hope you enjoy it!

"Yes, Mam!" Bertie answered attentively.

"Tut! Tut! This just wont do, late on your first day!" the lady sighed, shaking her head all the while.

"Sorry, Mam!" Lola apologized.

"I'm sorry too!" Dizzy added.

"It's alright! It's just 'get to know time' you're wasting!" the lady sighed.

"Sorry!" Lola apologized again.

"Right, your room numbers are...... 101 and......81! Lola you're in 101 and Dizzy you're in 81!" the lady said sternly. (101 from the show and 81's my lucky number!)

"Bye, Dizzy!" Lola said kindly as she marched over to the stairs which read 100-200.

"Bye, Lola!" Dizzy shouted as she strolled over to the stairs which had 1-99.

Lola pulled her case up the stairs until she got to a small landing, with two doors on. One read 100 and the other read 101. Lola knocked on room 101 and a posh, petite girl answered the door.

"Hello! What would you like?" the girl asked kindly.

"Hi, I'm your new room-mate!" Lola announced.

The girl's expression suddenly changed from friendly to 'there's a nasty smell in the room'. Lola just kept smiling although she could tell that they were never going to get along.

"Alicia, Lola's here!" the girl shouted into the back of the room.

"She is! Oh, I was hoping it was a cute boy!" Alicia groaned.

"So what's your name?" Lola asked slowly.

"Sylvia! And in there's Alicia!" the girl barked, "I know you're Lola!"

"So....can I come in?" Lola asked inquiringly.

"I suppose so!" Sylvia sighed.

Sylvia pushed the door wide open to reveal a white room, with three white, separate beds, a pile of coloured sheets, a pile of paints and a bookshelf, with loads of different script books.

"Why's it all white?" Lola asked.

"So we can personalize it after lunch!" Sylvia replied as if it were a well known fact.

"Lola, do you have any siblings?" Alicia asked excitedly.

"I just have one little sister!" Lola replied, while scanning all the books on the shelf.

"A sister!" Alicia moaned.

"What's her name?" Sylvia asked curiously.

"Dizzy!" Lola answered, while fingering through the script for 'Some Like It Hot'.

"What a weird name? Does she run round in circles?" Alicia asked sarcastically.

"So, Lola, who is your hero or heroine?" Sylvia asked, completely ignoring Alicia's remark.

"Oh, forever and a day, Marilyn Monroe! What about you?" Lola asked, whilst flicking through 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.

"Lindsay Lohan! Isn't she fantastic?" Sylvia exclaimed.

"I love Hilary Duff!" Alicia added, determined not to be left out.

"So do you have any siblings?" Lola asked the two of them.

"Yeah, one little brother, called Jamie! He is such a sissy!" Sylvia answered.

"I don't have any!" Alicia replied grumpily.

"So, what's your favourite film?" Sylvia inquired.

"Oh, I think, 'Some Like It Hot'! It's so funny!" Lola replied as she picked up the script for 'The Misfits'.

"Mine is 'Casper Meets Wendy'!" Alicia replied.

"I will always love 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'!" Sylvia announced, "It was so great, I've seen it like...a million times already! The passion Lindsay puts in is.......amazing! I one day dream to be as good as her!"

Just then a bell went off. Sylvia and Alicia got up and marched out the door. Lola slowly put back 'The Misfits' and strolled out the room.

She found Sylvia and Alicia waiting on the stairs for her.

"We're going to show you around!" Sylvia ordered.

Lola raised her eyebrows.

"Have you got a problem, Lola?" Alicia asked.

"No, no! Why should I?" Lola shook her head rapidly.

"Good! Now it is lunchtime, so we have to go to the cafeteria or a restaurant of café on campus, OK?" Sylvia asked coldly.

"Shall we check what's in the cafeteria first?" Lola asked calmly.

"I suppose! Alicia?" Sylvia replied.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Alicia answered excitedly, "Some of the cute boys eat in the cafeteria!"

Sylvia rolled her eyes, and so did Lola.

In the cafeteria there was, just as Alicia had predicted, loads of boys. One particularly cute boy waved at Sylvia. Sylvia waved back.

"That's Stuart!" Sylvia commentated, "Sitting beside him is Steven and Conner! And facing them are Sammy, Davie and Danny!"

Alicia drooled over the table until Sylvia yanked at her arm and started pulling her towards the table.

"Stuart, this is Lola!" Sylvia rolled her eyes.

Stuart nodded his head and went back to talking to the one that was supposedly Conner. Sammy looked up and smiled at them. Lola smiled back. Some weird sensation fled over her, but Lola shook it off. She could 'not' like him, she liked Chase! OK, she may never see Chase again, but there's still a chance.

"Hi, Lola! I'm Sammy!" he said after a long pause.

"Hi! So, how long have you been here?" Lola asked, just wanting something to talk about.

"Oh, not very long! Just a year!" Sammy answered, "I know you just arrived!"

"Yeah! It's kinda weird, this is my third new school in three years!" Lola started to feel comfortable in this school.

"That would be really confusing if it was me!" Sammy added.

Lola grabbed a chair from the table behind and plopped down.

"Lola, we'll be over here with Fantasia and Chrissie, OK?" Sylvia butted in as Lola sat down.

"OK!" Lola answered.

Yet again, Sylvia rolled her eyes, and then she walked over to a table with Alicia and two other girls. Lola waved, and then turned back to Sammy.

"So which one's which? I mean which one's Fantasia and which one's Chrissie?" Lola asked.

"Well the one to the right of Sylvia is Fantasia and the one to the left of Alicia is Chrissie, she prefers to be called Chris." Sammy replied.

"Right! OK, so any sibs?" Lola asked curiously.

"Well would you believe it, Steven's my twin, non-identical, of course!" Sammy answered as though he couldn't believe it himself, "And you?"

"One little sister called Rachael. I have a twin, but he or she took of with my dad when I was four! Rachael hasn't even met them and I haven't seen or heard from them since!" Lola sighed, regretting the fact that she even brought up the subject.

"That's a shame! Oh well, as long as you're here I'll help you track 'em down......"

"There's the thing, I don't know if I wanna do that! Mom wont even talk about them! It's like they never existed! I know they did coz I remember them! I know there is two of us and not just me!" Lola sighed again, "Please can we change the subject?"

"OK! So who's your hero or heroine? Mine's David Tennant, just because I admire his work! If I didn't have to have a hero I wouldn't!" Sammy did as he was told easily.

"Marilyn Monroe! I always watch her movies! If it's my turn to pick the film, I always pick one of hers!" Lola exclaimed.

"That's one gal to live up to! Just don't die at thirty-six!" Sammy said admiringly.

Lola laughed, "Well you just stay away from the 1800's!"

"Name your all time favourite film!" Sammy shot out.

"Hey what is this? Twenty questions?" Lola giggled.

"Just answer the question!" Sammy chuckled.

"'Some Like It Hot'!" Lola answered quickly, "And you?"

"Definitely 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'!" Sammy answered just as fast, "Why's 'Some Like It Hot' your favourite film!"

"It's so funny! Plus completely different from stuff you get nowadays!" Lola replied readily "Why's 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' yours?"

"It's action packed, plus you get to see Hermione in a dress!" Sammy laughed.

"Well Sammy it was nice getting to know you, but I'm starving, so I'm going over to Sylvia and Alicia! Bye!" Lola eventually said after ten minutes of 'Question Shootout'.

"Bye!" Sammy shouted as Lola left the table and walked to the table of girls.

"So you did eventually decide to show your face!" Sylvia mused.

"Uh huh!" Lola nodded as she sat down next to Chrissie.

Fantasia gave her a disgusted look and Chris gave her a friendly smile. Lola smiled at them both and wandered why they didn't have any food yet.

"Can we go and get something to eat yet Sylvia? I'm starving!" Alicia whined.

"Now that Lola's here we can!" Sylvia replied.

"OK, today's choices are Nachos or Taco!" Alicia announced.

"So what does everyone want and I'll pay for it today?" Sylvia asked as though it were a chore.

"Can I have a Taco with ham and chutney, please?" Chris asked kindly.

"Nacho with extra cheese!" Fantasia ordered.

"Nacho with extra chili sauce, please!" Lola asked gently.

"Taco with chicken in spicy dip!" Alicia demanded.

"So that's three Nachos, one with extra cheese, one with extra chili sauce and two Tacos, one with ham and chutney and one with spicy chicken, right?" Sylvia asked, just to be sure.

They all nodded their heads and Sylvia walked up to the counter and ordered the food.

"Lola, what do you want to do when you leave school? I wanna be a vet, but my dad wants me to be an actress!" Chris asked sweetly.

"Well I want to be an actress; of course, my mom would never force me to do anything!" Lola exclaimed, "What about you Fantasia?"

"I want to work behind the scenes; you know special effects, backgrounds and props, that's all my sort of thing!" Fantasia replied, not even looking at Lola.

Just then Sylvia arrived with their lunch and they all started to eat.

After lunch Lola, Sylvia and Alicia were up in their dorm figuring out how to decorate their room.

"Well I definitely think pink!" Sylvia declared.

"I want blue!" Alicia announced.

"Green's my colour!" Lola stated.

"Well, if that's our colours then we should all take a wall near our bed, and decorate it!" Sylvia determined proudly.

"Yes I agree, that's a good idea!" Alicia agreed.

"I do to, except for the fact that there are four walls and three of us!" Lola sighed.

"Well, then we can get whoever comes into this room to sign the fourth wall!" Sylvia announced smartly.

"That's an ace idea! I'm sure we can do it!" Lola agreed.

"Right then, I want the wall with the window!" Sylvia declared.

"I want the bare wall!" Alicia stated.

"So, Lola you have a choice between the one with the door or the one with the books!" Sylvia smirked.

"Definitely the one with the books!" Lola announced.

"OK, then! It's quick dry paint so it should be dry after we've had dinner!" Sylvia determined.

So they got to work and when it was time for dinner there were three clashing walls and three signatures on the fourth wall. The girls were pooped by the time they got back, so they put contrasting sheets with their wall on their bed and put all the spare sheets and left over paint pots outside the room. They got changed and went to bed.

A/n: Well I am not going to dedicate this chap coz no-one is actually reviewing this story and it really upsets me! The first person to review this story gets the next chap dedicated to them!
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