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Benign Jail Cell

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Well, it's not REALLY benign..

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gjnhjfdhns: Part THIRTY-EIGHT: Benign Jail Cell

No Not again a dream, ple alone now! die here ask, all I horrible HAS to be.. and and and nobody I think I'm going m falling

I felt like I had been physically hit by the rush of flashbacks that sped through my mind. The time I found myself alone in this messed place had been repeated, and the taste was disgusting.

"Mitchell? Mitchell!" I stuffed the paper in my cords' pocket and dove toward the wall, slamming it with my fists and scratching at the infuriating wallpaper. "/Mitchell/!" In the corner of my eye, I saw something that really stood out; there, near the floor, were a row of fingers.

Fingers grabbing at the carpet and slipping by the second.

"Oh my God!" I leapt at them, grabbing them with both hands and pulling for all I was worth. A full hand came through the wall, and then a wrist, and then an arm- another arm, a torso, a "Mitchell!" With a final tug, he was firmly on ground, and I fell backward. "What the f-ck!"

"I ran at the wall and I went through," he gasped, a cold sweat having broken out over his face. "I /fell/. Sh-t, we're actually flying!"


"Look!" He swung an arm toward the wall, and the tip of his middle finger disappeared in it. "Look!"

Tentatively, I stepped toward the wall and leant forward, expecting to hit my head on it. To my shock, my head went through completely, and I saw, instead of dirt, a thick fog.

Not fog... Clouds.

I lost my balance and lurched forward- /is that my heart I'm choking on!?/- but Mitchell yanked backward at the last second and, for the second time that day, fell on my back. "Th- Tha-" I paused to catch my breath. "Thanks- Thank you."

He was staring at the wall with intensity I hadn't known he had. "You- You said something pulled you through the wall, right?"

"Huh? Wha- Oh, yea. Yea..."

"And I ran through the wall... And we both ended up in the cemetary, right?"

"Yea, we did. It's like walls we can go through are the exit... BUT," I yelled out the last word, understanding what was going through Mitchell's mind, "you can't be thinking of going through this one. You said it yourself, you fell/! And- and the wall I went through was a deathtrap! And going through this one..." I took a moment to sort through my words. "... This one's just saying '/Your only exit now is suicide', which is out of the question! You hear me? /Not the answer/!"

He looked back at where the door through which we had entered had been previously. "But then what's the answer?"

"I... I don't know." I hung my head. "We can't just stay here, but... I'm not going to kill myself."

"Wouldn't doing nothing be the same thing?"

"I'm not going to do nothing! I- I just need time to think!" I groaned, putting a hand to my forehead in frustration. "There's got to be another way..." Desperately, I studied the walls of the room, groping each one for a solid escape. There was no hollow sound when I knocked on the walls, no discolourations, no uneven surfaces, no hint that there had ever been a door in this room.

"This isn't fair!" I cried, leaning against the wall where we had come from.

"This is obvious, stupid! We jump!"

"We jump, we die! I'm not going to die here, not here, not like this!"

"Who says we're gonna die?" He threw his hand out, and it disappeared behind his wall. "After everything we've been through, you've gotta know by now- Everything you learned before is /useless/. All the laws, all the things that are supposed to be... /Aren't/."

"But- But what about... What about the constants?" I waved my hands on either side of my head, as if motioning the inner gears to spin. "Everytime one of us was crazy, you could tell, because their eyes were all black!"

"Not at the school," Mitchell retorted, arms crossed.

"Well... Well, what if that's just showing us that whatever this is is wearing out? That it's not strong enough to prolong a disguise?"

"Ah, f-ck your fancy words, man!" He rolled his eyes. "No matter what, that wasn't the same; besides, you saw everyone back there, right? Their eyes were all the same, except..." He trailed off, but I knew exactly what he meant. If I ever put the phrase 'panic eye' to anything, it would be to them.

"Okay, fine, but... In the hospital! The rooms that had danger in them, they were perfectly spotless!"

"Well... Yea, okay," he shrugged, "there are rules. And you know what rule I remember? The rule that if you can go through a wall, /go through it/."

"That's just- oh, Goddamnit." I growled in aggravation, holding my head with both hands. "I'm not going emo on myself."

Just then, the wall behind me began to rumble. I backed away from it, but I wasn't quick enough; something burst through the wall and a piece of random debris threw me backward. Looking up from my not-so-comfy spot on the floor, I saw that the wall had a huge, jagged hole in the center of it, and it was building itself back together. In front of the hole stood the monstrosity from before.

I screamed.

It began to advance, and there were no longer any places to hide.

"Come on! We're jumping!" Mitchell declared as I backed up to his wall.

"F-ck no! Didn't you see that? The wall broke! We just have to break through it!"

"Yea, like we'll have time for that after finishing with that thing over there. After all, it looks like it just wants to play!" He snarled. He grabbed my wrist and, disregarding all protest, yanked me through the wall.

The oddest thing is that, before I saw nothing, I saw stairs.

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