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the unknown true love

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ok this one is a hanger!! im going to let you guess what happens next!! but its a DaisukeXSatoshi yaoi story so if yu dont like yaoi dont read it!! and no bad comments please.... constructive criti...

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"Daisuke, sweetie time to get up!" chimes his mother from downstairs "your going to be late!" a few minutes later a young teenage boy appears with nappy hair yawning. As soon as he reaches the kitchen downstairs he hears the telephone ring. He walks sleepily towards the caller I.D. to see who could be calling his house so early but before he could reach the phone his mother answered the phone " hello? Niwa residence?" The person on the phone obviously asked for Daisuke because his mother handed him then phone. "Hello?" Daisuke quickly said into the phone. The reply was sort of slow and timid " um... hey Daisuke" Daisuke was stunned and almost fell right where he was standing as he heard the voice of Satoshi Hiwatari. He replied slowly back to Satoshi "h-hey Satoshi... um... what's up?" Satoshi and Daisuke talked on the phone for a few minutes and then Daisuke told him he had to get ready for school. As they hung up Daisuke ran up stairs to get ready and came back down in under five minutes fully ready to go. "Bye mom ill see you when I get home!" Daisuke called out as he walked out the front door.
As he reached school he heard the bell ring for school to open and the students to flood the halls. He quickly ran into the school all the way to his first class of the day, and sat down in his assigned seat awaiting the class to start. He started to think about the odd phone call that morning from Satoshi and begun to wonder why he had even called him in the first place. As the next bell rang for his second class for that day his friend Takeshi had to snap him out of his daydreaming and tell him to go to his next class. On the way to his next class he passed Satoshi who handed him a note of some sort. As he arrived to him class and sat down he opened the note and it read 'Daisuke, meet me after the final bell at the corner of the schoolyard playground and the courtyard. I want to talk to you. Signed, Satoshi' as he read this he became worried. 'What could've happened to Satoshi to make him want to talk to me?' he thought to himself. Yet a part of him was excited that Satoshi wanted to speak with him. 'What could've made him want to talk to ME?' he repeated to himself at least fifty times.
At the end of the school day Daisuke walked to where Satoshi was waiting for him and smiled as he approached the tall skinny blue haired boy. "Hey Satoshi what's up?" Daisuke asked as he reached Satoshi. "Daisuke, I would like to walk home together if that's ok with you?" Satoshi told him calmly. Daisuke quickly replied to him "of course we can walk together!" Satoshi smiled and started walking and Daisuke didn't fall behind the entire time. They walked right past Daisuke's house without even thinking about it and they walked for about an hour then they reached Satoshi's house and they kept walking for a while. They came to an old car lot that was now abandoned and they went and talked for a while. "Satoshi it's getting late and I don't want my mom to worry about me I have to get home soon." Daisuke told him with a sorrowful voice. "We can do this again another day then Daisuke. Okay?" Satoshi replied with an obviously fake smile. "Alright Satoshi, you want to do this tomorrow?" Daisuke asked him happily. "Tomorrow Daisuke? Tomorrow is perfect." Satoshi said with a cocky half smile spreading across his face. Daisuke and Satoshi got up and began walking back towards Daisuke's place. They both kept quiet, both thinking of what to say to the other. they finally reached Daisuke's home and Satoshi walked him up to his doorstep and smiled. "Well Daisuke, I cant wait for tomorrow!" Satoshi said and turned to walk away. Daisuke grabbed his hand and turned him around like he was going to say something but as Satoshi turned back to him he couldn't say what he had wanted to. He gulped hard and made up something really random. "Be careful ok Satoshi?" Daisuke's face was red and he didn't want to seem stupid so before Satoshi could even reply, Daisuke bolted inside and slammed the door. "Daisuke, sweetie, is that you?" he heard his moms voice coming from the kitchen. "Why are you so late?"
Daisuke walked slowly into the kitchen. "Sorry mom. I was talking to Satoshi and I guess time just slipped away." He left the kitchen and walked to his room and shut the door behind him. His face was still a bit red but only barely. He lay down on his bed. "How can I be so stupid?!" he growled at himself.
The next morning he awoke to his mom yelling "Daisuke!! You're going to be late to school!!" He jumped out of bed and rushed to get his clothes on. He ran downstairs and out the door yelling as he slammed it "Bye mom!! I might be late today!!" he ran down the road and reached his school. He ran in the front double doors and bumped into, none other than, Satoshi Hiwatari. "Oh! Satoshi.... I... I'm sorry!!" Daisuke stammered.
"Oh I was just looking for you Daisuke. What took you so long to get here?" Satoshi asked him. "Oh I slept in late that's all!!" Daisuke answered him. "Oh. Well are we still on for tonight?" Satoshi asked. "Yeah." Daisuke replied slightly blushing. Daisuke turned away and walked to his class.
By the time school let out Daisuke was already out front of the school waiting on Satoshi. He waited for about 10 minutes and still no Satoshi in sight. He sighed and sat on the front steps outside the school. After about 28 minutes or so he looked back at the doorway of the school and saw Satoshi standing there smiling at him. He could feel his face becoming hot and red. Satoshi came over and grabbed Daisuke's hand to help him up, but as he did so Daisuke fell the other way right onto Satoshi. The two of them rolled down the steps together and Satoshi blacked out from hitting his head on the stairs. Daisuke placed Satoshi gently on the concrete and shook his shoulders softly. "SATOSHI?! SATOSHI?! WAKE UP!! I care about you now get up!!" Daisuke screamed. Satoshi's eyes flickered open. "Whhaattt?" He asked weakly. "Oh. I? Um... well... Fudge!! You weren't supposed to hear that Satoshi!!" Daisuke said hastily and nervously. Satoshi sat up quickly and stared deep into Daisuke's eyes. He smiled to Daisuke and wrapped his arms around him. Daisuke's face became very red and he was shaking slightly, he also felt his heart rate increase. He couldn't describe the feeling but was unable to ignore it. Daisuke decide if there were any day to tell Satoshi he loved him, that day would be today!
The started walking soon after that, and they got pretty far before it had gotten dark. Satoshi handed Daisuke his cell phone and said for him to call his home and ask to stay the night with Satoshi. So of course, he did. "Hello? Mom?" Daisuke spoke into the tiny phone. "Dai! Sweetie where have you been?!" She asked him. "Oh I told you I was walking with Satoshi tonight and that a may be home late!! Well that's not what I called for. I called to ask you if I could stay over at Satoshi's place tonight?" He quickly asked her. "Alright hunny!" just don't be late to school tomorrow." She said and hung up.
"So what did she say Daisuke?" Satoshi asked. "She said it was ok" He was blushing. "alright well since my dad is never home it will be no trouble for you to be there. lets go ahead and get back." Satoshi told him. "Alright" Daisuke replied.
Soon the two boys were back at Satoshi's home. They were sitting beside each other watching a scary movie and Daisuke got scared and jumped into Satoshi's lap. Satoshi wrapped his arms around Daisuke. He kissed Daisuke's cheek and it was then Daisuke decided was the time to reveal his feelings for Satoshi. "Sa-Satoshi?"
"Yes Daisuke?" Satoshi asked.
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