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Beautiful Mistake

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"This left Yuna to ponder Tidus himself. Had he been nothing but Shuyin's replica? A mistaken vision created from one thousand years of forgotten memories?" Title challenge.

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It was a scary thought for Yuna, one that she would have left unacknowledged if the decision had been entirely hers to make. Unfortunately, on more than one occasion, her tired or idle mind would drift onto the dreadful topic. This in turn would bring forth memories that, while rather joyous on their own, became depressing when paired with the subject at hand.

"Thank you," Lenne had said, just before she and her beloved dissolved into a mass of pyreflies, which in turn floated off into the distance; toward a happy ending that they had been denied until then.

The fight with him-Shuyin-had been nothing short of agonizing for Yuna. She had to assure herself with every hit that Shuyin was not the one she loved, no matter the physical resemblance. "He's not Tidus," she would whisper to herself between pulls of the trigger and his exclamations of pain. "He's not Tidus,"

Somehow though, she couldn't help but make a connection between the two of them that sent shivers down her spine. Tidus had spoken romantically of his Zanarkand, a beautiful metropolis. A place he had wanted with all his heart to show her, and she wished for the same, though she knew she could never see it, no matter how much she wanted to believe otherwise.

Shuyin, however, can come from a place much more tangible; more real. Through technology, she had seen it in its prime. Through hardship and trial, she had touched it in its current state of desecration. It was real, while Tidus's Zanarkand was its replica. This left Yuna to ponder Tidus himself. Had he been nothing but Shuyin's replica? A mistaken vision created from one thousand years of forgotten memories?

One of Yuna's hands tightened around a fold in her blanket, which was currently shielding her from the majority of the night's chill. For a moment, she forgot where she was, confused by the lack of the gentle hum that generally accompanied the Celcius. However, the moonlight that had spread across the floor and the sound of swaying grass did a quick job of reminding her. She was in Besaid once again, after a year's time traversing the skies.

Just as promptly, she once again became aware of another's presence in the room, quickly given away by the sound of gentle breathing at her side. Tilting her head a little and running her hand over the blanket, both eyes and fingertips found their mark: a young blonde, his half of the blanket kicked away, peacefully snoozing and dreaming about whatever it was that a dream would dream about (blitzball, it she were to take a guess).

Gently, as to not wake him, she ran a bit of his hair between two fingers. A small smile graced her lips as she looked upon his tranquil features, just as strangely beautiful as they had been two years prior. A replica. A copy. A mistake. Yuna could find no logical reason why he couldn't be one of these, if not all three.

Lightly, she brushed his lips with her own, hardly more than a breath's weight. She accompanied it with a hand against his arm, and this is what woke him. With a disoriented groan, he shifted somewhat, lifting his head.

"Yuna?" he said groggily, extending a hand to find her in the dark. By this time, however, she had already tucked herself comfortably against his chest, her hand remaining in its place upon his arm. Within a moment's time, he had settled as well, and she soon heard his breathing return to that which it had been before.

A replica. A copy. A mistake. Maybe he was. However, as Yuna drifted off to sleep once again, she couldn't help but feel blissfully unconcerned. Even if he were such things, it didn't matter, because he was still Tidus. If he was truly a mistake, he was a beautiful one.

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