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Chatper 6: Sophie! at the Disco

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Well....:D you'll find out.

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Chapter 6:
Sophie! At the Disco

The Panic! Caravan had arrived in Las Vegas, where they were scheduled to be staying for a few weeks of their tour.

"Shame we can't stay at our homes," Ryan complained, his arm wrapped around Grace's small waist.

They were currently checking into some "classy" Vegas hotel where they would be staying instead of on board the tour buses.

"Yeah, but this is part of the experience." Eric said, excitedly rubbing his hands together, "these girls need to learn what it's like to have to take care of every aspect of the tour, including booking hotels and checking in and out and all of the included hassles. Besides, how am i supposed to fit 9 musicians, 3 interns, plus crew in your homes? eh?" It was easy enough for Eric, he would be leaving them soon. Leaving the girls to take care of the entire tour.

It was a few hours later that they arrived at the venue. Liz was staring at the impressive building, her stomach doing flipping flops in anticipation, while Grace sat composedly working on the program for the night.
"You know," Grace murmured, tapping away at the keyboard of her laptop, "I suppose that Ryan wouldn't mind performing earlier on with Fall Out; the crowds always love it....Oh and Natalie have you...."

"YES! For gods sake you asked me this five minutes ago, I did arrange for food to be delivered and I did order enough and I DID check the budget with Liz to make sure we could afford the food." Natalie snapped.

"Mm...." Grace said with a raised eyebrow, "Excuse me for checking. Liz...remember to-"

"Take a costume inventory, check with make-up and hair to make sure that they are set up properly, take roll to make sure we have all dancers at warm-ups and rehearsals by 5 o'clock, and get the boys into sound checks when we get there" Liz said in a monotone, still looking out the window, "And make sure that everyone is in make-up and hair and costume by quarter to seven and that everyone is in places at seven sharp. Oh and Natalie has to make sure that the lights and scenery are set up by four, and you still need to take inventory for the merchandise." Liz rolled her eyes, feeling a small bit of stress sink into her stomach as she listed the many things that needed to be done.

"Wow, have I been listing off everything we need to do?" Grace asked, a little subdued.

"Yes." Natalie and Liz responded simultaneously.

They were soon parked in the back parking lot, and were over seeing the unpacking of scenery, equipment, instruments, and...everything.

"Come on, lets go." Grace said in a commanding voice, "They," She motioned to the crew, "Can take care of this, it's their job. Lets get started with inside prep."

"Wow," Liz breathed, fear and excitement entwined in her voice, "I can't believe I'm actually getting to do this...this experience." She walked with her two friends towards the door of the building, unaware of Jon sneaking up behind her, "well here goes! A step into a new career." She grinned and then squeaked as Jon grabbed her from behind and swooped her into his arms so that he was carrying her bridal style.

"Jon! What the hell!" She laughed.

"Allow me to carry you across the threshold, m'dear" he grinned in his wannabe suave way.

"Dude, I'm starting a new job, not getting married."

"Whatever, you're marrying your job," He smirked, carrying her into the building. They entered a dimly lit hallway with doors off of it and a random bench near the door through which they had entered.

"You have to stay completely committed." He added, before dumping her unceremoniously onto the bench.

"Weirdo." She kicked the back of his knee lightly from where she was sprawled.

"Meanie." He made a face over his shoulder as he headed off to find Ryan.

"Grow up." Grace quipped as she walked past them towards the dressing rooms.

"So, have you always had such beautiful hips?" Natalie asked Beckett as the two walked by towards the stage, both flirting madly.

Liz rolled her eyes before noticing Brendon walking a little behind the couple, looking thoroughly depressed.

"'Sup, trooper?" She asked cheerfully, feeling like it was her duty to get him pumped for the show that night; even if she had to force gallons of red bull down his throat.

He looked up at her with a startled expression, as if he hadn't noticed her presence until just then.

"Um." He said, obviously trying to think of something, "My favorite costume has a big rip in the sleeve?"

"Really? That's not a big deal, we're going into fittings in a bit anyway and we can fix it then. Y won't die because of it." She tried to reassure him. Her goal was somewhat achieved. He smiled at least. He was cute when he smiled. "oh, and get that last year's apple bottom into sound check now, otherwise Grace will kill both our butts for not doing our job."
Liz watched Spencer hop around the large hotel room on one foot amusedly from her position of lying across the couch, her head resting comfortably on Brendon's lap. Brendon took no notice of Spencer, either because he was too used to the antics, or because he was involved with his side kick. It was after the evening's show and everyone was dead tired, except, apparently, Spencer.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Liz finally asked.

"Practicing," Was the reply from the person whose face was deeply creased with concentration.

"For....what?" She prodded, curious.

"Sophie." Was the answer.

Now this caught Liz's interest.

"Sophie?" She asked lightly.


"Wow Spence," She said, a sharp dose of sarcasms weaved in her words, "that was so informative! It's totally given me a new outlook on the meaning of life, the universe, and everything." Liz smiled, to indicate not animosity towards him, as people often mistook her sarcasm for hostility.

"Seriously thought," Brendon spoke up, "What the fuck?"

"I NEED TO FUCKING BEAT HER AT HOP-SCOTCH!" Spencer burst forth as he tripped over a table and landed sharply on a guitar hero 2 controller. He sat up looking tired, bruised, and beaten, and Liz could not repress the sympathy that was forming in her heart for him. She walked over to where he was sprawled and patted him lightly on the shoulder.

"You need to beat who, dear? And who is Sophie." She asked kindly.

"Sophie is my niece," Spencer whined, "And I promised that while we where here in Vegas she could hang out with us, and she always insists on playing hop-scotch and I always lose!"

"Oh! For a moment there I thought you like, had a girlfriend." Liz laughed a little, "So when do I get to meet her?"

Spencer brushed off the girlfriend comment good naturedly, as Liz blushed, realizing how mean that had sounded towards him.

"Tomorrow evening, actually," Spencer grinned.

"I love Sophie!" Brendon interrupted excitedly, "She said she thought I had a nice voice."

"You're so self centered," Liz said with a slightly blank look as she propped herself up on her elbows to stare up at Brendon.

"And this is new to you?" Jon smirked, walking into the room, an unreadable expression flickering over his face for a moment as he took in the scene before him.

"Ba humbug," Liz huffed randomly, resting her head on Brendon's shoulder as she curled up, glaring at her phone which was vibrating with 15 new text messages (all from Eric, demanding to know why the band wasn't still at the venue for the talk back session with the crew: a time when everyone would discuss the evening show and how it could have been better.)

"Did I hear someone mention Sophie?" Jon asked, turning away from Brendon and Liz, "She'd better remember her favorite Uncle Jon."

"Yep." Spencer sighed, slightly red in the face from his skipping, "I'm going to get my ass kicked by a 4 year old." He wailed to the room at large.

"Again." Brendon grinned cheekily, sticking his tongue out at Spencer.

"If it's not built on outside, leave it inside mister." Liz said in a motherish tone, pointing at Brendon's offensive tongue, and receiving a pout from him in return and a face (involving a tongue stuck out and a mocking nose scrunch).

Liz made a face back and turned back to face the room in general to find a pale Spencer staring at his phone.

"She's...she's getting out of school early tomorrow. I have to pick her up." He glanced around at them all, "Liz I might be late for the sound check....and.../ shit / I need to figure out who can baby-sit her. No way am I trusting a four year old alone while I'm onstage. She about as much of an angel when she's left to her own devices Brendon!"

"I resent that." Mumbled Brendon.

"No, you represent that!" Liz giggled, earning a shove in the shoulders so that she fell off the couch. "HEY!"

"Now you represent the floor." Brendon grinned, earning a tackle and being knocked over by Liz, and a raised eyebrow from Jon.

"Wow." Spencer commented blankly as Natalie filed in, closely followed by a grinning William Beckett, who shortly thereafter was followed by Grace and Ryan who, upon sitting on the couched, seemed very much interested in conversation with each other and not so much with the others..

The next day a curious sight met Liz's eyes as she entered the dressing rooms of Panic! With Grace and Natalie. Jon, Brendon, and Spencer were all in the room, by the looks of getting ready for the sound check. Well...that was the idea.

Spencer was on the ground being tackled repeatedly by a little girl with a mess of brown hair, Brendon, it appeared, was cheering her on vigorously.

Jon was giving Brendon an extremely reproachful look as he scooped a little girl up into his arms, settling her on a nice perch on his hip, wrapping an arm securely around her little waist to keep her from falling.

"Brendon, be quiet, you'll give her / ideas /." Jon scolded.

Liz wasn't sure she wanted to know what Brendon was implanting on the young innocent mind.

She was an adorable little girl with straight brown hair, pulled up into a half pony-tail, that fell in baby layers to about her shoulders, and a little pink dress with flowery pictures covering it. She was dimpled in all the right places, and shared her Uncle Spencer's beautiful blue-grey eyes and smiling mouth, with very white teeth. It runs in the Smith family.

"Well," Liz smiled at the sight she had walked in on, "Aren't you two a cute couple." She winked.

The little girl, who must be Sophie, smiled and giggled again bashfully from around the hand she was sucking on before turning away to hide her face in her 'Uncle' Jon's shoulder, which made Liz smile more.

"Liz," Jon said with a grin, "This is Sophie, Sophie," the tone of his voice changed to an even kinder one (if that's possible for Jon) and he gently propped her up more so that she could see Liz, "This is Liz, my friend and Grace, my other friend, and Natalie, the final other friend."

Sophie giggled again, this time swinging her legs a little in an attempt to be let down.

"Hi Sophie. I've heard so much about you," Liz cast a mischievous glance towards Spencer, who seemed to sense her train of thought, as he quickly began gesturing madly from behind Sophie's back mouthing "No! Don't, please! NO NO".

"I've heard," Liz continued evilly, but in a nice tone of voice towards Sophie, "That you like hop-scotch, and that you can beat your Uncle Spencey."

"I beat him just now!" The little girl said cheerfully, seeming to forget her shyness, "and Uncle "Bweden, told me to jump on him for losing." She giggled, the dimples in her cheeks deepening as she smiled innocently.

"Oh dear, really?" Grace smiled, her eyes twinkling, as Natalie sent a rather dismayed expression at Brendon.

Jon carried Sophie with him to sit on the couch and Liz joined them, pulling out her phone to send a quick message to Eric, telling him she had everything under control and not to worry. Jon meanwhile was rather preoccupied with attempting to make Sophie keep her little pink dress flipped down instead of pulled up around her stomach. He was loosing.

"How old are you sweetie?" Natalie asked, kneeling in front of the couch so that she could be on eye level with the girl.

"I'm four" Sophie smiled before spotting Uncle Ryan at the door way and running to tackle his legs in a huge Smith hug.

"UNCLE RYRY." She squealed happily, "You promised to teach me the guitar!"

"Soph!" Ryan grinned, reaching down to pick her up in a hug, "So I I did." He looked very proud that a child so young should be interested in music. Ah, it was indeed a beautiful friendship, "But you know how I'm in a band?" He asked, sitting on the floor cross legged with her and looking incredibly serious.

Sophie, seemingly sensing the seriousness of the situation nodded seriously, her brow furrowing.

"Well I'm going to be very, very busy with them today, because we are going to be performing for many people, and I won't be finished until very late, way past the time when you will be asleep."

Sophie's eyes looked disappointed, "But, since you're staying with us for a few days," Her eyes lit up as Ryan continued, "I will defiantly have to schedule a time for you to have a lesson." And her little eyes danced merrily again, as Grace smiled at the patience of her...boyfriend?

Liz observed the hint of the smile crossing Grace's face and sidled over to her.

"Hey you, poke." She said in a small voice with a smile, poking her friend, "You and Ryan seem...close." She continued in an undertone, as the others were to preoccupied with cooing over Sophie.

"Yeah, we've talked a lot." Grace said.

Liz smiled to herself and waited for Grace to continue, but as her friend remained silent she pressed the matter a little.

"So." She said slyly.

"So...what?" Grace returned, but smiled a little, seeming to know where this was going.

Liz nodded for them to head to a quieter corner of the room, not a difficult task as Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy had just entered the room and were now also cooing over Sophie.

"Are you two....together? as and girlfriend.....or are you just really effing good friends?" Liz asked, plying for information.

Grace smiled coyly, slightly evilly, and simply said, "Well...then I guess you'll just have to find out won't you?"

Liz stared at her blankly. What did that mean? Did it mean that Grace simply wasn't telling...or that....Grace wasn't sure herself?

"Oh god." Grace rolled her eyes, "I would have thought it was obvious after him blatantly asking me out to coffee. Yes we' do I say this?. We're off the market? We are... a couple." She broke into a huge smile at the last phrase, "And Ryan is adorable with kids, isn't he? I'm so glad he is."

Liz felt her eyes bug out, "Holy cow! You aren't pregnant are you?"

It was Grace's turn to look alarmed, "HEL-" she remembered that a child was in the room and cleared her throat, "Heck, no. It was just an observation."

"Good." Liz grinned, before turning back to the main group, who seemed to be having an argument of some kind over Sophie, "So do I get to baby-sit her tonight during the show?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes!" Spencer cried out gratefully, as the members of Fall Out Boy looked disappointed.

"But Spence, I'm responsible with children!" Pete whined. Apparently the argument had been over who could baby-sit the Sophinator, "Look how well Hemmingway turned out." He pouted.
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