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II. I Need True Emotions

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{Axel, Roxas, Demyx, and Zexion finally get a chance to try to love, and Larxene has already began to love. Who is the mystery guy?}

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Chapter II Title: I Need True Emotions
Rating: T for bad language
Warning(s): Alternate Universe
Pairing(s): Implied Marluxia/Larxene, Axel/Roxas, Zexion/Demyx

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, nor do I own the characters from said game.

Summary: A new life, a new chance at love, a new world. How will they handle this change? Better yet, how will they handle the surprises that will soon be appearing everywhere they go? Axel, Roxas, Demyx, and Zexion finally get a chance to try to love, and Larxene has already began to love. Who is the mystery guy?

Author's Notes: I apologize for the language. I have a rather foul mouth myself, and it seems to come out a bit in my stories.


"Axel, are you here?"

Axel sighed, putting down his game controller and walking to the door. Demyx stood there, an umbrella held over his head, and next to him was Zexion. Axel immediately invited them in, then continued his game. "What's up?" he asked after Demyx and Zexion had also sat down.

"Well, me and Zexion," he received an elbow in the ribs for his 'bad grammar', as Zexion would say, but continued none the less, "we're going to the mall to see a movie," Demyx blushed, not believing that he was actually asking Axel this, but decided to continue, "and, uh, I was wondering if you would, um, come with us?"

Zexion tilted his head down, hiding the small smirk that had found its way onto his face. Him and Demyx had been best friends since they had come to this new world, and he was the first, and probably only, person to find out about Demyx's crush on Axel. That was the reason he had decided to take Demyx to the movies. His plan was to get Axel to go, then leave the two of them alone in the dark theater.

"Sorry, Dem, I can't. I'm waiting for Roxas to come over. Sorry, dude," Axel apologized without looking away from the television screen. Therefore, he didn't see the crestfallen look that took over the melodious nocturne's face.

Zexion spoke up, "Okay, then, we'll see you later, Axel. Tell Roxas we say hi." Axel waved an arm at them, still staring at the screen. Zexion sighed, "oh, by the way, next time you're bored or just want to talk to someone, call Roxas. We don't really want to hang out with someone who's going to ditch us the minute his ex-best friend calls him up." He grabbed Demyx's arm, immediately pulling him out of the room and house before Axel could respond. "Damn asshole," he mumbled, looking up at his friend's face.

Demyx quickly grabbed Zexion's hand, looking at him with pleading eyes. "You'll still come with me to the movies, right?" He asked, a small nervous smile on his face. Zexion could still tell he was practically heartbroken though. He had gotten over his pleading phase when they had woken up in this strange place.

"Sure, Dem. I'll still go with you. You have no need to worry about that," Zexion said with a small, reassuring smile. This definitely was not going as planned, especially if his own feelings resurfaced. "What movie do you want to see, Dem?"

Demyx shrugged, then tightened his hold on Zexion's hand, dragging him down the street. "Can we just go to your house and watch movies?" He asked, a pleading tone in his voice, "I don't want to go to the mall anymore," he whispered.

"Yeah, we can go to my house," Zexion replied, a small smile once again touching his features, "do you want to sleep over, also? My parents are out of town, and we have a day off from school tomorrow."

Demyx nodded, then looked worriedly at Zexion. "I don't have any clothes to wear to bed or for tomorrow, though, and I don't want to go home."

"You left some clothes at my house the last time you slept over. I'm sure my mom washed them."


"Larxene, hurry up!" Vexen shouted from outside Larxene's house, his breath coming out foggy in the cold night air. He stood next to her car. Larxene walked out of her house, a smirk on her face as she jangled her keys. "It's cold you here," he whined, rubbing his arms and trying to warm up a bit.

"Oh Vexen, stop being such a baby. I won't open the car until you tell me where I'm supposed to be going with you." Vexen opened his mouth to complain, but was cut off by, "Don't give me any of that 'you'll see when you get there' bullshit, either," she added, "I want to know now."

Vexen sighed, then hung his head. "Marluxia wanted me to bring you over to his house," he stated, leaning against Larxene's car.

She grinned, then unlocked the car. "Well? Get in," she said after rolling down the windows. She chucked, mumbling to herself, "I knew he would come around some time."


"Dem, I found you some clothes," Zexion said, walking into his room, where Demyx had sat to wait for the shorter boy. The nocturne wasn't there, but Zexion found that he was in the shower. He knocked on the door, then opened it when he realized that it was unlocked. "Dem, I got you some clothes," he repeated, setting the clothes down on the vanity "I'll pick a movie out while you in here," he added.

"Thanks Zexy!" Demyx's voice was back to it's normal, happy tone, and Zexion smirked when he imagined the big smile that would be on his face. "I'll be out soon. I just have to finish washing my hair."


"Hey Axel, I didn't know that you had plans with Demyx and Zexion," Roxas said, after passing said boys down the street, "this could have waited. I mean, Zexion hardly ever leaves his house."

Axel advanced toward Roxas. "No, Roxas, this couldn't have waited." He closed the space between them, grabbing the blond's arm. Before Roxas could even respond, he found himself leaning into Axel, who had covered his lips with his own.

After a while, Axel finally pulled away, cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Then he sat down, grabbing his game controller and turning away from Roxas. The blond seemed to be in a temporary state of shock. He finally blinked, pulled out of his thoughts as the sound on the television was turned back on.

"Axel?" The red-head didn't respond. "Axel." Again, no response. Roxas sighed, then walked to stand in front of the tv. Axel immediately diverted his gaze, not wanting to look up at the younger boy. "Axel, you can't just kiss me then ignore me," Roxas stated, crossing his arms over his chest. After that, Axel finally looked up, then pulled Roxas down and, again, kissed him full on the lips.


Demyx found himself hiding on the opposite side of Zexion's bed as the other boy spoke to his brother in the doorway. The blond was terrified of Saïx, as were most other boys his age. Who wouldn't be, though? The scarred man hit on anything with a pulse short of his own family, and he seemed to be even more terrifying after he finally got his heart.

"'Kay, Dem, you can come out now," Zexion stated, sitting down on his bed. "You know, he's not going to rape you. He's already been warned that if he touches you in any way, I'll cut off his penis." Demyx giggled quietly at the threat. "You ready to watch the movie?"

"What movie? It's not horror, is it?" When Zexion didn't respond, Demyx began to whine, "Zexy, you know I don't like scary movies. They scare the shit out of me!" Demyx gave a small pout, turning his back to Zexion and letting out a small 'hmph'.

Zexion clapped once, then reached over to grab Demyx's shirt as the lights went out. "I'll let you sleep in my bed if you watch the movie with me." Demyx looked at him with an unbelieving look. The look was obviously asking him where he would sleep. "Of course," Zexion continued after a small pause, "you'll have to share with me. I absolutely refuse to sleep on the floor."

Demyx reached past Zexion and grabbed the remote controller, pressing play. Zexion's back was soon pressed against his stomach. The beginning scene for Thirteen Ghosts played on the large screen, and Demyx tightened his arms around Zexion's waist as he let out a quiet groan. "Zexion, I hate th-"



Axel was awakened the next morning as Roxas jumped off the couch, the whole time quietly cursing. The red-head sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Roxas glanced up at the loud yawn that followed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you up. Sora called, and the ring-tone scared the shit out of me." Roxas laid back down on the couch, nuzzling into Axel. "Demyx called here, too." Axel's face paled at the mention of the water boy. "I told him you were sleeping, and he wanted me to tell you he was sorry about whatever Zexion said to you. Oh, he also said that he's going to be busy, so if you need to talk to him leave a message." Roxas added nodding, "I also turned my phone off, so we can go back to sleep."


Zexion woke to the soothing smell of the ocean - they lived right off the west coast - candy, vanilla, and fresh air. There was a cool breeze against his face, and he opened his eyes in time to see his mother walk out the door. Him and Demyx had stayed in the same position they had fallen asleep in, with Demyx's chin resting on Zexion's shoulder.

Saïx walked in, looking with disgust at the two boys in the bed. "Don't tell me you've fucked him /already/," he hissed, startling Zexion out of his sleepy stupor.

"No, asshole, and I don't plan on it," Zexion replied, his voice coming out low and deadly. He felt Demyx's arms tighten around his waist.

"Good, you're saving his little tight ass for me. That's so nice of you."

"I'm not doing that either, asshole. He doesn't like me that was anyway, and he definitely doesn't like you."

Saïx glared at Zexion, then turned and stalked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. Demyx slowly lifted his head, and Zexion continued staring at the door. "Who said I didn't like you that way?" He asked, pulling Zexion closer to his body.

"You like Axel," Zexion reasoned.

"I like you/, too," the last words were a whisper, and Zexion was about to respond until he felt something cool and wet on the back of his neck. /Did Demyx just lick me? "You taste like strawberries!" Demyx exclaimed with a big smile, and Zexion blushed.


"Hmm, I'm guessing Demy-poo is having fun at Zexion's house," Larxene mused after closing her phone. She had been trying to get a hold of her brother, who still had yet to come home. "I suppose it's only right that he gets his wish on one thing. Now, what's today's d-" Her eyes widened as she glanced at Marluxia's calendar. "Shit!"

"Lar, what the fuck are you yelling about so early?" Marluxia questioned, lifting his head from under his covers. He watched Larxene run around, gathering and throwing on her clothes.

"It's Demyx's birthday!" She shouted before running out the door.


Axel opened his eyes at the sound of his cell phone ringing. He groaned, crawling around Roxas to answer it. "What the fuck do you want?" He mumbled, eye twitching.

"Oh my gawd, Axel, please tell me you know what my brother wants for his birthday!" Larxene's voice screamed from the other end, causing Axel to hold the phone very far from his ear. Mumbling came next. Something along the lines of "I can't believe I forgot something this important."

"Larxene, what are you talking about?" Axel asked, slightly alarmed at the way Larxene was acting.

"Oh /nooo/." The two of them were quiet. "Today is Demyx's birthday."

"What?!" Axel shot over to where his calendar lay, picking it up and examining the date. He cursed, rubbing his eyes. "Shit. I totally forgot. What are you going to do about his party?"


He waited, calmly and quietly, for Demyx to wake up from his deep slumber, a small smile on his face. Today was Demyx's seventeenth birthday. He hadn't gotten to celebrate it last year. They had arrived a couple days after it.

His brother walked in, a hint of anger on his face. "Dammit Zexion, get your little ass up!" He practically shouted, walking to the bed. He stopped when he heard a groan, and Zexion briefly prayed that Demyx had not been woken up by the yelling.

"Saïx, shut the hell up! Demyx is sleeping still." Zexion hissed, clenching his teeth.

"Well wake his pretty little ass up. Mom wants you both ready and downstairs in twenty minutes. She said something about taking you two out for some special reason."
Saïx turned and walked back out the door, once again slamming it closed.

"What's going on?" Demyx questioned, his voice slurred and drowsy. Saïx's yelling had, in fact, woken the blond boy up.

"My mom wants to take us somewhere," Zexion replied, stifling a yawn.

Demyx groaned, cuddling up to Zexion even more than he already was. "I don't wanna," he whined, shaking his head, "nope, don't wanna. It's my birthday, and I want to stay in bed and cuddle with Zexy. Not moving, no way, no how. My birthday, my choices, and I want to stay here and sleep all day."

Zexion sighed, knowing that arguing would not change the blond's mind. He explained what Demyx had said to his mom later on when she opened the door. She just smiled, saying something to herself about something that was "so very cute". Zexion assumed it was the fact that he was still curled up next to the blond.

"My mom's getting ideas that we're gay together," Zexion mumbled, turning to cuddle into Demyx's chest. He closed his eyes again, a small, content smile on his face. He soon came to the conclusion that he didn't care if anyone thought they were gay together. He was perfectly fine where he was.

"So what if we are gay together? Your mom doesn't care. If anything, she thinks it's cute." Demyx let out a small, and in Zexion's opinion, cute laugh. It could almost, but not quite, be considered a giggle. "'Sides, she's letting us stay like this, and that's all I wanted. I don't care if everyone else forgets about my birthday, because I have everything I want right here." To emphasize what he was saying, Demyx cuddled closer to Zexion, sinking down more into the bed and closing his eyes.

Zexion decided that he was going to take a small risk after Demyx said that. He leaned forward until his face was right in front of Demyx's, holding his breath, then slowly and sweetly touched his lips to the other boy's. He definitely didn't get the reaction he had expected. He had expected Demyx to pull away and say something like "ick", because they were, after all, both guys. Instead, he felt Demyx lean forward, deepening the kiss.

There was a knock at the door, and Zexion broke the kiss and turned around just as the door flew open to reveal a very frantic looking Larxene. She surveyed the scene - two boys in bed, one looking mildly angry about something and the other looking quite flustered - before practically running forward and pulling Zexion out of the bed.

"You /pervert/, trying to get into innocent Demyx's pants, and on his birthday no less. That's really low of y-"

She stopped as Demyx mumbled, "It was only a spur-of-the-moment kiss, Larx. Don't freak out at him."

Zexion swore he saw a vein throbbing in Larxene's temple after that comment. He braced himself for the yelling that never came, and opened his eyes to see Larxene staring at Demyx with a mix of horror and surprise in her eyes. "Y-You had your first kiss?"

Demyx blushed, looking away. A car horn blared somewhere, and Larxene jumped. "Oh, I've got to go," she glanced warily at Zexion. "Happy birthday, Demyx." She tossed a wrapped box on the bed, then ran off.

Demyx read the card, then blushed, hastily putting it away. He took one glance at the box, then shoved it under Zexion's bed, hoping to never see it again. Zexion found himself smirking; Demyx, the attention whore, was a virgin?
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