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A Million Miles Away

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He loved her more than anything, she was the girl he dreamt about before he knew she existed. She was everything he wanted, but nine words killed almost everything inside of him. He just wanted her...

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Leaning back against the tree, he readjusted his shoulders as if to get comfortable. He was there for the long haul. His eyes focused in on her as he watched her spin about in front of him. She was everything he had ever dreamt of. The girl he had spent hours day dreaming about without ever knowing someone like that actually existed.

The kind of girl who was always on his mind without him having to even try to think about her. Anything could send him into hour long day dreams about her. Something would remind him of the way her blue eyes sparkled when the sun hit them the right way, or the way her hair just always seemed to be perfect, even when in reality it wasn't. His better judgment told him she was having a bad hair day, but he could never really say it.

Like a ghost that had been haunting him all along, she was always there. She was there before he even knew her name or knew who she was. Having a name and a face to go along with this image of a perfect girl was just enough to send him to heaven.

She was wild and crazy in the most perfect ways. She tip toed around the edge of the lake with the hopes of falling in, she'd walk the lines on the sidewalk as if they were a tight rope. And, on pretty spring days she loved to spin around in circles or blow bubbles. To most it seemed childish, to him it seemed brilliant.

The head rush would send her to her knees next to him and then she'd laugh. She had to have one of the most intoxicating laughs he had ever heard. Head over heels for her or not, she had a pretty amazing laugh and anyone would agree with him on that one. He didn't even need to think otherwise.

"Don't you love how the leaves turn colors even after they're on the ground?" She smiled as she sat on the small blanket next to him, folding the extra bits of her skirt in between her legs. Her legs outstretched in front of her as she leaned against him.

"I don't think they change colors after they hit the ground. Technically they're dead now." He answered as he moved his arm allowing her to snuggle into him and get comfortable.

She let out a sigh as she shook her head against his shoulder. Sometimes he was absolutely hopeless. He always thought inside the box, he always saw things in either black and white. He could never see the gray in between everything else.

"Don't do that." He told her as he took her hand in his and moved them to his lap as he leaned his head back against the tree. His hair creating a barrier to keep the bark from scratching at his head.

"Tour hasn't changed you in the least bit, Brendon Urie." She told him as she used her free to hand to move the bangs from over her eyes. Quite honestly, the haircut was aesthetically pleasing, but a pain in the ass otherwise.

"Is that good or bad?" He questioned, his eyes fixated on the birds flying in the sky above them. He was intrigued by the simple sounds of the squirrels collecting nuts and acorns and the mother birds feeding their young.

"It's indifferent." She shrugged her shoulders as she let a deep breath fall over her lips making an almost huffing sound. She wasn't annoyed; she rarely let anything get under her skin. She considered that weak.

"Indifferent?" He questioned, as he moved his free hand making an almost 'what do you mean?' gesture.

"You're just the way you have always been. Being out there in the real world for the last two years hasn't changed you." She told him as she dropped his hand and brought herself to her feet as she walked along the grass, picking up Pinocchio noses. They were the things that fell from the trees in pairs. If you opened them you could use the sticky stuff inside to place them on your nose, creating almost a Pinocchio nose. It was just something kids did when they were younger.

"Did you want me to change?" He picked his head up as he followed her with his eyes. "Was I supposed to come back someone completely different?" He often wondered where she was going with some of the things that she said. He knew she wasn't one to hurt people, even if she had to give them the bluntest and most brutal truth. She always did it kindly enough so that there were no hurt feelings in the end.

"I didn't want you to change, no." She shook her head as she looked at the collection now in her hands as she took a deep breath and blew them around. They spun around in the air before falling to the ground.

"Then what do you mean? You're tip toeing around my questions like you do that lake. You should know by now that you have to spell these things out for me." He told her as he pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them.

"I just think that you always see the negative in everything." She told him. "For an artist, you think way too scientifically." She began to pick up the dandelions that had faded to nothing more than whispery white strands on top of the flower head. Closing her eyes she made a wish in such a lackadaisical fashion, you would think it didn't mean anything. Blowing the strands about as the wind picked them up.

"What did you wish for?" He asked as he sat down next to her further down on the bank where she had resigned herself. Their toes just mere centimeters from the lake. It was rushing down so fast it made a resounding crash of waves as it was pushed over the rocks that lay across the bottom of the lake.

"For you not to feel a million miles away." She answered honestly as she played with the hem on her skirt.

The silence that followed her answer was almost deafening as the leaves continued to blow around them. The squirrels went about their business of collecting their food, and the mother birds nurtured their young. It was business as usual down by the river for everyone else, but, nine words had changed everything for him.
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