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We Just Want To Touch, To Grasp At What We Need

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Ryan/Brendon PWP one-shot; simply nothing more to say.

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Authors Note: This is my first PWP fic. It's probably not that great. I did try. I guess I had a bit of a longing to write something like this, maybe. I hope you like it, please note that this is slash porn without plot, it's still a little tame but don't read on if you don't like that kind of thing. And I know Brendon does a little spiel before performing Lying.. but I sort of left that bit out. I'm sure you know how his monologue goes anyway... "...This is not that dream. This is hard, sweaty, crazy, angry, monstrous fucking."


They entered the stage and the crowd let out a loud roar. Amidst the cries of desperate fans, Brendon started into /Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes Off/.

"Is it still me that makes you sweat?"

"Am I who you think about in bed?" He sung, sliding his hands along his body.

This was all about pleasing the crowd, the fans and okay, so maybe he was trying to get a reaction out of Ryan too. Trying never hurt. Not that he ever really expected Ryan to respond.

Brendon continued singing and wandering around the stage. He made it to the bridge, "I've got more wit." He sang, sauntering over to Ryan

"A hotter touch." He ran a finger down Ryan's cheek.

"A better fuck." And at 'fuck' he leant in and grabbed Ryan's neck scarf. He had leant in intending to tease Ryan with their lips only inches apart.

Just as Brendon was about to pull away Ryan leant forward, closing the space between them and pressing his lips to Brendon's in a slightly messy semblance of a kiss. This action elicited a loud shriek from the crowd.

Then Ryan pulled away and turned back to the microphone to sing his line.

"Let's get these teen hearts beating faster and faster."

All those words were sung while he had his gaze fixed on Brendon.

Brendon had an odd shocked look on his face. Ryan had obviously stunned him with his little change in the performance. He smirked to himself. Brendon had always thought he was the one that did all the teasing, and he had been but now it was Ryan's turn to tease him.

Brendon had snapped out of his shocked daze and had continued to sing, almost missing the first line of the chorus. All throughout the rest of the show Ryan noticed Brendon shooting short glances at him every time he thought Ryan wasn't looking.

They finished up and Brendon yelled out a quick thank you to the crowd before hastily making his way off stage. By the time Ryan had left the stage Brendon was already rushing towards the dressing room. His pace was quick and Ryan could tell that he was trying to avoid him. That much was fairly obvious and maybe Ryan had expected it. Maybe.

Ryan had almost caught up to Brendon when Brendon slipped into the dressing room and slammed the door shut.

Ryan stopped abruptly when the door flung shut. "Man, Bren." He sighed quietly, running a hand through his sweaty hair.

What was he playing at now? Ryan hadn't expected Brendon to be angry but he could tell that he was because Brendon only slammed doors when he was furious.

Ryan drew in a deep breath and then turned the door handle as quietly as he could. He peered into the room, half expecting Brendon to hurl something at him but Brendon had had his back to the door. He was running his hands through his sweat-dampened hair and his shirt was open and hanging loosely from his body.

"Ah, fuck." Brendon cursed sharply, still running his long, thin fingers through his dark hair. "Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Finally he spun around and froze when he saw Ryan trying his best to quietly close the door behind himself. Brendon let out a strangled sigh before fisting his hands in his hair. His eyes frozen widely in shock, maybe even horror.

"Ryan." He finally choked out. Then unsure of what to say next he drew his bottom lip in between his teeth, in what may have been a nervous tic.

"Brendon, I..." Ryan began stammering, he didn't know how to explain himself to Brendon. He could hardly tell him that he didn't mean what he did because he meant every single bit of it. Every single touch, every second their closeness lingered longer then it should have. He meant it all and he wasn't about to lie to Brendon so he could go on acting like everything was normal. When everything was normal for Brendon everything was just too difficult for Ryan.

Ryan was still unsure of what to say when he finally looked back up at Brendon who had closed the space between them.

Brendon still had his lip in between his teeth and now Ryan could see that he was gnawing on it gently. Ryan now found himself resisting the urge to lean forward and capture his mouth just to get him to quit nibbling on his lip.

"You what, Ryan?" Brendon asked surely. He was so close now that Ryan could feel his body heat and smell the scent of his deodorant mixed with the post-show odor of sweat and melted make up products. Ryan found the smell strangely comforting and he was easily happy to have Brendon in such close proximity but his closeness just wasn't close enough.

Ryan reached forward and grasped Brendon's hips, pulling him roughly forward. Their belts clanged sharply together and their hip bones ground roughly into each other.

"I meant it." Ryan breathed into Brendon's lips.

Brendon was tilting his head and studying every feature of Ryan's face, trying to figure out if this boy was telling the truth or not. Every now and again Brendon would push forward, almost making contact with Ryan's lips but he would pull away at the last moment.

He was unsure if he wanted to take the step and kiss him. They were so close, pressed up against each other in this empty dressing room but to kiss would be to confirm. Brendon wasn't sure he wanted to send that message just yet.

Brendon spent a few minutes just standing there with Ryan grasping his hips, just staring into Ryan's deep dark brown eyes. Finally he decided he did want Ryan, he wasn't going to deny how badly he wanted the boy.

"Ryan," he breathed. "I want you."

The self-satisfied smirk on Ryan's face said it all. Ryan was getting what he wanted too. Brendon drew in a sharp breath when Ryan thrust his hips into Brendon's growing hard on. He kept pulling Brendon closer until he wasn't sure there could be any such thing as closer between them.

Finally Brendon could see no point in resisting. He pressed his lips to Ryan's, probing the older boy's mouth with his tongue.

Soon Brendon's lips left Ryan's and he began kissing his jaw, down his neck, nipping and sucking at every bare piece of skin he could attend to.

Brendon's trail of kisses had reached Ryan's half buttoned shirt collar. When Brendon kissed along Ryan's collarbone and bit down gently on the edge of the protruding bone it elicited a low moan from the boy he was inflicting it on. Brendon began unbuttoning Ryan's shirt, working feverently at each button until they were all undone and his shirt hung loosely open.

Without hesitation Brendon began to kiss along Ryan's bare chest. His lips kissed a trail to Ryan's nipple and he placed a soft kiss on the hardened flesh before flicking his tongue out over the tip which caused Ryan to moan loudly. He had his head tipped back against the door and his eyes were clamped shut tightly.

Soon Brendon's trail of kisses had burnt their way down to the waistband of Ryan's pants. Brendon was on his knees and gently fingering the shiny metal of the belt buckle.

"Ryan?" Brendon questioned softly.

"Mmmm?" Ryan moaned in response, opening his eyes to he could look at Brendon.

"Do you want me to?" He asked as he rested a hand gently on the soft flesh of Ryan's hip.

"Oh, fuck yes." Ryan replied.

Brendon tried to stop a smile from forming on his lips. He had Ryan now. Ryan was no longer lying or resisting or pretending anymore.

Brendon quickly worked to undo Ryan's belt and soon made it to unbuttoning and unzipping his tight jeans. When Brendon had Ryan's pants loose he grasped Ryan's manhood in his hand making Ryan moan ever so slightly.

Ryan felt Brendon take him into his mouth and begin working his tongue down the length. Ryan looked down and watched Brendon take him, watched Brendon please him.

Brendon's huge soft, pink lips enveloped his cock, sucking the length as far into his mouth as it would go without him gagging. He was pumping Ryan with his other hand, concentrating on gaining a rhythm that would please Ryan.

Each moan that escaped Ryan's mouth became louder and soon he thought he was screaming loud enough for all to hear. Brendon was not only simply pleasuring him, he was working him for all it was worth.

Ryan grasped at the hair on the back of Brendon's head and thrust forward into his mouth. Brendon had to stop himself from gagging but he allowed Ryan to fuck his mouth for several moments before he felt Ryan's cock twitch in his mouth and heard Ryan moan loudly, louder then he had already been. He began grabbing roughly at Brendon's hair and thrust one final time before he came in Brendon's mouth. Brendon swallowed as much as he could before releasing Ryan from his mouth.

Brendon stood up and kissed Ryan softly on the lips.

"I want to fuck you." Ryan breathed into Brendon's lingering kiss.

"Not tonight Ross." Brendon said, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. "Not tonight." He said again before turning and exiting the dressing room, leaving Ryan to clean up the mess of not only the physical kind but of the mess of thoughts that now clouded his mind.
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