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23. Betty Can't Quit Carving Question Marks In My Wrists

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23. I am in such a frigging good mood.

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Lexi's POV

It's been three days and very little has changed. Pete's still in the hospital, the psych ward now, but he's pretty much back to his usual self: causing trouble, getting naked, talking everybody's ear off. The only thing he won't talk about is his "incident," but the doctors say he's improving, so I guess he's talking to them about it. He'll be out in another week or so, and Lucy and Mrs. Wentz, along with the doctors, have decided it'd be best if Pete moves out of the apartment he's been sharing with Lucy and back home with his parents. I'm currently living in a two-story apartment over a headshop on Halstead, and I'm trying to convince Lucy to move in with me so she won't be alone all the time.
"I still don't see the point. You're not going to be here that long, and sooner or later Pete's going to move back out."
"Then he can live with us too. See? Easy."
"Not easy, dumb. We've got like three months left on our lease, and like I keep saying, you're going back eventually. So why leave?"
"Why the hell not? It'd be fun. Sublet your old place. Hell, leave it empty; you know I won't make you pay rent."
"And then what about when you go back to Gainesville? Where do you suggest I live then?"
"Stay in the apartment. Go anywhere. It doesn't matter. I just don't want you alone in this apartment all the damn time when I know I can do something about it."
"I work, I'm barely home as it is. I'll be fine."
"Well, if you change your mind, the second bedroom is yours."
We go back to packing up Pete's things, both lost in thought. After about ten minutes, Lucy chucks a ball of newspaper across the room and sits back against the wall, sighing.
"This fucking blows. Gino's?"
I half-smile and pick myself up. "I thought you'd never ask."


"So have you talked to Patrick since you've been back?"
"Not really. Just the 'hi's and 'I missed you's and the like. Why?"
"No reason, really. I just think he's taking this a little harder than he's letting on, you know? And I think maybe he'd talk to you before he'd talk to me."
"Well, he is Pete's best friend, he's got a right to be concerned. I'll call him later."

The waitress has just left with our money when my phone goes off.
"Dammit. It's Adam, I kind of should take this."
"Not a problem, I told Pete's mom I'd call her this afternoon."
"Thanks. Hello? Yeah, hey Adam. What's up?"
"Well, John wanted to know how you were, if everything was okay."
"Eh, I'm okay. We had a scare but everything seems like it's on the path to being normal again. But if you're calling to see when I'll be back, I honestly don't know."
"Yeah, about that." I sigh. "We kind of want you to stay there."
"Am I getting fired? I told John when I left that..."
"No, no. Calm down. Remember when we opened the New York office and sent a ton of people up there?"
I scoff. "Yeah. Training two dozen new kids sucked."
"Yeah. Well, you're gonna have to do it again. We're opening a Midwest branch in Chicago, and John wants you to head promo."
"What?!" Lucy glances over at me, then goes back to her conversation once I shake my head.
"Yeah, you need to get a team, you and three people, ready for April first. And John wants me to get down on my knees and beg you to take at least one newbie; he doesn't want you taking his whole home team out from under him."
"You're sure you're talking to the right person? You want me to do this?"
"Yep. Alexis Andrews, that's what the memo says."
"You guys send memos to eachother?"
"Okay, it's a blue post-it. Way to ruin the illusion. Do you want the job or not?"
"Heck yes!"
"Good. Work on your staff, you've got a month and a half to get this rolling. We'll stay in touch on the details."
I hang up and shake my head in shock. Not only am I getting promoted, but I'm being trusted with choosing my own team. And the best part is, I'm coming home.


I spend the next week arranging to have my things shipped to me and getting my house on the market while trying to convince Lucy to come live with me and Dale to come work for me. Needless to say, I am getting pretty much nothing accomplished. I'm laying on my empty living room floor when I hear footsteps on the back stairs, followed by my door creaking open.
"You shouldn't leave your door unlocked. Anybody could just walk right in."
"And steal what, Patrick?"
"Good point. How's it going?" he asks as he stretches out on the floor next to me.
"Not bad. Kind of stressed. You?"
I turn my head and watch him stare at the ceiling. I can tell he wants to say something, but I'm not sure if I should force it out of him. I close my eyes and we lay in silence for a while.
"I miss you, you know."
"I missed you too."
"That's not what I meant. I miss you. I miss us. I'm sorry things got so fucked up. I'm sorry about Anna, I'm sorry I was a dick, I'm sorry I lost my best friend over something completely inane. I miss you, I miss talking to you about nothing or everything or anything in between. I wish you were here so we could be who we used to be and go to movies and go on picnics and write stupid songs for eachother. I'm glad you're home, even for just a little while."
"Oh." I keep my eyes closed but I can picture him laying there, chewing on his lip, fiddling with the zipper on his hoodie. "Patrick?"
"I miss us too. And I'm sorry I gave up on us so quickly, and I'm sorry I was such a bitch to Anna."
"It's okay. She probably deserved it."
I can hear the smirk in his voice and I smile before scooting over and laying my head on his chest.
"So, how long are you staying?"
"Well, it's kind of indefinite right now."
"Ballpark. Two days? Two weeks?"
"A while. Like a long while."
"They're just going to let you take all that time off of work?"
"Actually, no. I'll be working. Here. In Chicago." Great. Now I'm fidgeting with my zipper. "They're, uh, they're relocating me. I'm coming home."


Patrick's POV

I spend three seconds in complete confusion, then roll her off of me so I can see her face, see if she's messing with me.
"You're moving back?" She nods. "Here?" She nods again. "For good?" Another nod. "Say something!"
"You're sitting on my wrist. It kind of hurts." I scoot over and she leans up on her elbows. "Thanks, Lunchbox. So yes. I'm moving home. Here. For good."
Thank you baby Jesus, I'm going to get my best friend back! I wrap her up in a huge hug and she falls back to the floor, laughing. And then Joe walks in.
"Whoa, guys. Awkward. Maybe next time leave a tie on the door or something?"
I look for something to throw at him and come up emptyhanded. "Jeez, Alexis, this apartment is completely empty."
"You're just now noticing? What's going on, Trohman?"
"Well I was coming to get you and see if you knew where Patrick was, but clearly he's been here all along."
"Stop insinuating silly shit. You know damn well that if Patrick and I were having sex, I'd totally be on top."
I turn bright red and stand up. "Well, uh, Joe. Why were you looking for me?"
"Oh, yeah. Get your dirty asses up, Pete's coming home."

Chapter Title from "The Future Freaks Me Out" by Motion City Soundtrack.
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