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Watch over each other.

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Two nothings talk about themselves.

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It was his turn to watch the girl.

"No Name", as the Dusks called her, would always sit in her chair, drawing pictures that were always so familiar and yet he could never place a name or a memory to them. Of course he knew better then to ask her about them, Marluxia had forbidden it. And not only was he the leader of the Castle where she lived, but he was the only person ranked lower then him. Sometimes Oblivion told him to cut the arrogant...

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. Thinking about his weapon's words was rarely wise. He walked over to the girl, she was drawing a vast desert, four blurry figures on a flying carpet. "Hello." He said in a calm voice, knowing she was easily "frightened."

She stopped, put down her crayon, and looked up at him. "Hello again Roxas." The faintest trace of a smile appeared. "Did you bring some food?" There was hunger in her eyes. Why didn't Marluxia feed her more?

"Um, yeah." He snapped his fingers and a Samurai walked over, two large boxes in its hands, "Pizza." He opened the box, revealing plain cheese. Plain was fitting for them.

"Thank you." She picked up a slice and took a dainty bite.

"You're welcome." Roxas shrugged, calling forth Oathkeeper he began sparring with the Samurai as the girl ate her meal. She ate a lot for one so thin, then again maybe that was why she ate so much.

" want some?" She suddenly asked.

"Hmm?" He stopped, dismissing the Samurai. "Umm, sure?" He picked up the smallest slice in the box, noting that she had emptied one of them. Taking a bite he shivered as the sensation of taste went through him.

"What's that called?" She asked, pointing to his weapon.

"Oh. This?" He held it up, "It's a Keyblade. This one is called Oathkeeper, I prefer this one, it taps into my element better."

"What's your element?" She asked, her interest rising.

Roxas paused, wincing at his slip up. Only the Superior and Axel knew his element, he rarely used it in combat because, well.. it didn't fit for a Nobody. "Light." He answered quietly.

"That's different." She said with a smile. "I thought the Light had forsaken us."

"Yeah..." Roxas shrugged, "Oathkeeper's a lot nicer then the... other one too." He held out his other hand, with a flash of black Oblivion appeared. "This one's more... Dark. And mean. I swear these two things have emotions and thoughts of their own."

"...and memory." She said.


"These blades have memories. Old ones... yet I can't reach them..."

"You can detect memories?" Roxas asked.

"Yes." She ran a finger along Oblivion's edge, gasping as it suddenly cut her.

"Careful, they may not look it but they're sharp at times, and Oblivion is difficult like that." He shrugged.

"I can see..." The girl pulled away from the blade, "It definitely has memories." She pulled out some crayons and a fresh peice of paper. "Give me a moment."

Does this count as defying Marluxia's orders? Roxas thought. Well, I guess not, after all, I never asked her. He smirked at the minor loophole.

She ran her hand along the paper, picking up crayons to fill in a detail once in a while.

A scene of a great battle... blood filling the earth a with a great heart in the sky

Oblivion sparked suddenly, a flare of black fire landing on the paper. Instantly the drawing burned away.

She shrieked and jumped back. "What... what was that?"

"...I guess it didn't like what you were doing." Roxas shrugged.

"Temperamental, isn't it?" She giggled nervously.

"It is." He put away both Keyblades.


"...the pizza's cold."

"Eh I like it cold." Roxas took a bite.

More silence.

" you have a name?" He looked at her, "The Dusks say you don't."

"...I do." She smiled weakly, "Do you want to know it?"


"OK then." She pointed to herself, "My name is Namine."
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