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Dream Lover

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Daniel has a very nice dream!

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Disclaimer: This is pure fiction and none of it really happened. I mean no harm or disrespect to Darren Hayes or Daniel Jones.

Chapter 1/1

Darren sat naked and cross legged on the bed watching his beautiful lover, Daniel, as he slept. Daniel was laid on his back naked, with his whole body on show and Darren marvelled at the beauty before him; he loved to watch Daniel as he slept, he thought he looked so innocent, like an angel.

As Darren continued watching him, Daniel's chest rising and falling with each breath, a smile passed across Daniel's lips and Darren could see his eyes flickering under his closed lids. The smile grew wider and Darren wondered what he was dreaming about, he didn't have to wait long to find out.

"Oooh Darren!" he suddenly moaned in his sleep.

Darren smiled happily as he realised Daniel was dreaming about him, and it was obviously a very nice dream.

"Oooh that feels so...Oooh!" groaned Daniel as he continued sleeping.

Darren traced the sleeping form before him with his eyes and he noticed Daniel was getting hard.

/Oooh Danny, you naughty boy!" //thought Darren smiling to himself. //This dream must be amazing! /

As he saw Daniel's erection growing and watched him writhing in ecstasy in his sleep, Darren smiled happily and could feel himself getting hard too. Moments later, he was amazed as he saw Daniel suddenly come hard over his belly and chest.

/Wow, I'm good! / thought Darren with a smile.

He leaned over and gently kissed Daniel on the lips, slowly Daniel opened his eyes and saw Darren's beautiful blue eyes gazing into his; he smiled up at him.

"Hey honey," said Darren with a smile. "Seems you had a really good dream!"

Daniel looked confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked him.

Darren ran his hand across Daniel's body, spreading the sticky mess across his chest.

"You're all icky!" said Darren with a grin.

Daniel looked down his body at the sticky mess.

"Oh God...I didn't?"

"You did!" confirmed Darren still grinning.

Daniel groaned in embarrassment and blushed.

Darren then decided to play a joke on Daniel.

"So...who exactly was that guy?" he said pouting and pretending to be upset with Daniel.

"What do you mean?" asked Daniel in confusion.

"The guy you were dreaming about," said Darren as he ran his fingers through the cum on Daniel's chest. "The guy who made you all icky...who was it?"

Daniel thought about his dream while Darren looked at him suspiciously.

"Well...I'm waiting...who was he?"

Daniel then remembered who he'd been dreaming about.

"It...was you!" he said at last.

"Really?" said Darren with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah...really!" Daniel assured him. "You have to believe me Dar, it was you, I swear!"

Darren pouted and tried to keep up the act but he just couldn't and he smiled lovingly at Daniel.

"Hey, it's ok, I believe you," he said as he leaned over to kiss him tenderly. "I know you were dreaming about me!"

"You believe me?"

"Of course I do, I was just teasing you!" he said with a loving smile. "You were calling out my name so I assume I was the one you were doing it with...unless you know another Darren?"

Daniel thought again about his dream and sighed happily.

"Yeah, I was dreaming about you!" he confirmed with a loving smile.

"I'm a pretty good lover hey?" Darren said with a lascivious smile. "I did this without even touching just dreamt about me and I got you all sticky!"

"Yeah, you're good!" Daniel agreed, his eyes full of lust for Darren.

Darren kissed Daniel hungrily.

"So honey," Darren said as they broke the kiss. "Would you like the real thing now? You've got me all worked up!"

Daniel looked down and saw how hard Darren was and smiled.

"Yeah, I'd love the real thing!" he said. "You're my dream lover so make my dream come true!"

"It'll be my pleasure babe!" said Darren.

The End!
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