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Strannah's Blood

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Chapter 2- Strannah's Blood

"Sir, I need some," was all the guard had to say before he fell. He stared at the fallen body for a

few seconds, realizing that was the last life he would take, if things went right. Slipping into his

hometown, Encirnia soon blended into his homeland. He talked brightly among those he knew and

new arrivals alike, as if he had never left to work. He walked into all the local shops, searching

for the gift that would prove his worthiness to his only friend. He towered over three fourths of

the town's population, most of them being under his 6 and a half feet tall body. The gleeful town

took no particular interest him, save little kids who fled in terror. Spotting a sign reading

"Trinkets & Stuff," he entered slowly. Today, he would win his sole friend's heart.

"Well well, my fine friend. You've been eyeing that little necklace for quite a while now, do

you plan to purchase it?" the plump man asked. Staring at his Santa Claus appearance, Encirnia

patiently waited for the trader to tell him the price. In the "stuff" section of the store, he was

engrossed with the silver rune in front of him. It was suspended from a dark red chain, and not

even the owner of the store knew what it was created of. The rune glittered an unnatural silver

glow, and this gave it it's hefty price. Hanging his head low, the cavernous coat gave him comfort.

He slammed an immense pile of bills on the counter, and ordered the jolly fat man to fetch his

prize. He did so skipping; glad he could make money in a few seconds than he had in all his life.

As the shopkeeper counted his tender, and found it totally legal, he hugged it tightly. Running

out of the store with his new found treasure and pride, the dark enigma jumped onto a roof. He

swiftly jumped across the building's crowns, closing in on his target excitedly. He sat down

absorbingly, observing the sight in front of him. While an intermediate house and yard was all

that greeted the typical onlooker, Encirnia saw so much more. He saw his solitary friend, the one

he intended to protect, love, and cherish for all of his life. This was the one emotion that Encirnia

had yet to master, but only one other being knew about it. Strannah. She was all he cared about,

the reason he slaughtered without her knowing, the reason he is always alone. It's her or no one,

and that was that. It was dusk, and Encirnia was still cheerfully watching his darling's house.

He had spotted her running around her house, so blissfully. This sight warmed his heart, and kept

him content.

He had begun to wonder if he was even needed, if he needed to invade her life for her to be

truly happy. While dismissing this abnormal thought quickly, he walked right off the roof he had

been laying in. A group of 10 bright clothed individuals had begun to march toward the abode,

trashing the garden and flowers. The door opened, and Strannah emerged. She came out in utmost

brilliance, the best she had ever been spotted. Her dark brown hair was taken up residence on her

back, straight down to her knees. She was famous for her long hair and bright white skin, and this

is what made Encirnia first interested in her. She let out a scream after viewing the creatures

slowly surrounding her, and it was a scream of desperation. This shriek was all the permission

Encirnia needed; he jumped from his position behind them to in front of them, challenging them to

take another step. The group just stared at each other, and retreated past the gate. They split up

and went in different directions, to the left and right of the house. Strannah did not know what

was standing in front of her, and fell down in shock. The hooded figure was careful not to show

his true identity, and picked her up gingerly. She obviously did not appreciate this, and ripped off

his hood. She stared in disbelief at the face that was so close to hers, an old memory of times past.

The one male she had ever showed affection for, so long ago, had returned. Tears swelled up in

her eyes, and he smiled. His emotions where starting to slowly take him over, so he walked with

her in his arms to the grass nearby. He sat down with her in that position, and he took in every

change she had experienced since his departure, and found nothing besides a height upgrade and a

little more skin on her front. He took the necklace he had just purchased out of his pocket, and

placed it around her neck lovingly. She fingered it slowly and in amazement, and she could do

nothing but stare at her long lost friend. The tears that had been building up in her eyelids finally

burst through and she hugged him affectionately.

From the eyes of the fruity group still watching them, this was the match, the meeting of yin

and yang. They nodded to each other and silently surrounded them, totally unnoticed thanks to

the shrubbery and housetop. Strannah felt her blouse begin to wet, and as she looked down she

saw a dark swirling liquid, one she had known well in times past. The touched her stomach,

expecting to feel a wound, but as she looked up confused, she discovered it was not her that was

impaled. The black coat that Encirnia had been adorned with for years now began to renew it's

blood stains, and his eyes opened wide. He whispered "Run babe," before turning around sharply.

The group of warriors that surrounded them did not expect him to live through their brilliant

attack, and two where decapitated right then and there, by his swift katana. Strannah found

herself scrambling behind him, not wishing to leave his side. Encirnia was pinned to the ground,

unable to swing his blade. 5 figures made sure to this, while the remaining two secured Strannah.

The sound of chains where soon heard, but it was Strannah who was bound to them. In a sudden

rush of anger, Encirnia overpowered his enemies and charged at Strannah. The 5 figures quickly

recovered and started throwing small blades at him, and he soon fell to the ground. As he

screamed out her name, he was answered by her. "You are my blood, Encirnia, don't leave!" the

maxim which she had adopted since they're initial meeting caused his love to disappear, and be

replaced with a colossal amount of self hatred. Strannah fainted from sight, and the enduring

vivid beings stared down at him. "Knock him out," were the last words he ever heard that day.

He was hit with a rock to the back of the head, and he instantly gave way to slumber.
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