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Marry Me

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author's note: just another short slash, its ones happy this time though. =D

The silver moon, along with a stream of bright, colourful canival lights, lit the small park.

"Its such a beautiful night," Brendon commented absent mindedly as he threaded his fingers through Ryan's. They strolled down the gravel path, getting closer to the main carnvial rides. There was only a few people out in the cold night.

"Bren, there's people." Ryan suddenly said, alert and he knocked Brendon gently into the shadows behind a large tree trunk. The thin boy had Brendon pinned to the trunk as he studied the carnival.

"This is cozy," Brendon smirked. Ryan immediately unpinned him and slapped him playfully in the shoulder.

"Behave." Ryan said. Brendon's smirk grew as he grabbed Ryan around the neck and planted his lips onto Ryan's.

"I am," Brendon mumbled as he continued to kiss Ryan. Ryan broke away from the kiss first.

"How about we continue this at home?" He suggested.

"No arguments here but first I have an idea," Brendon said untangling himself from Ryan's neck and grabbing his hand instead. He pulled Ryan along the path and towards the music and lights.

"Bren, what are you doing?" Ryan asked but still letting the boy pull him along. Brendon didn't reply, he stopped at the small vending machines and twisted Ryan around before he could see.

"Brendon..." Ryan whined like a small child as he tried to turn again to see.

"Hang on," Brendon said holding him into place with one hand as he searched for his wallet in his back pocket. He found it and fumbled around with it until it was open.

"Just great," He muttered when he found he didn't have any coins on him.

"What's just great?" Ryan asked trying to turn around again.

"Do you have $1?" Brendon asked still forcing Ryan away from the vending machines.

"If you tell me what you're doing."

"Well I need the $1 to get what I'm keeping you turned away for so I can't really tell you until I get what your $1 will make me have," Brendon said.

"Huh?" Ryan said. "Oh, just take the bloody dollar." Brendon grinned and grabbed Ryan's wallet from his front jeans pocket. He found a coin and slid it into the slot. He twisted the handle and out of the vendening machine rolled a plastic sphere.

"Okay, you can turn around now." Brendon said. Ryan turned to see Brendon one knee.

"Ummm," Ryan stammered unsure and Brendon opened his hands to reveal half of the plastic sphere. In the middle of the half sphere was a small plastic ring cushioned by paper.

"Marry me unofficially Ryan. I love you, you love me. This means once we are unofficially married we have to tell Spencer and Jon, our fans..." He stopped. "My parents too."

"You're too cute for your own good sometimes, you know that?" Ryan said, a smile creeping across his face.

"So it's a yes?"

"Of course." Ryan replied.

Brendon grinned as he stood up and slid the plastic ring over Ryan's ring finger. The ring sat perfectly on his pale hands, it was pink, glittery and had a huge, silver heart in the middle. Then Brendon cupped Ryan's face with his own hands and pressed his lips gently to his.

"Now how about our other plans at home?" Ryan suggested entwining his fingers in Brendon's again. Neither of them could wipe the smiles, or the warmness they felt, away. It was love.
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