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The great invasion part 1

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A quick speech before a great war

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Location: 21st company of the Ultramarines head fleet ship
Plan: Enter Hellion Prime stratosphere, wipe out planetary forces, and destroy traitor Sister of Battle Larias.

My old seargant once told me, what makes a crusade, is it the right to attack others or is it the hope and courage another man brings for his own kind.

It is questions like this that makes one wonder, how can we achieve victory when our own kind are losing men nearly every minute on another world fighting those who dare defy the emporor.

Some of you here are good men others are not. I myself have done things i am not proud of. I was once ordered to wipe out an inoccent family but i took orders and eliminated them.

The people on that planet we are waiting to attack accuse the emporer of being a liar, a cheat, a coward and i for one... WILL NOT STAND FOR THESE INSULTS.

Go go go men of the Ultramarines enter those luanch pods and bring judgement of the imperium of man upon those who dare question us.

Oh and captains....... bring me the head of sister Larius.

To Be Continued
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