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talking leads to sex

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hannah and ryan spend the day together. they go back to his house later that night...

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i had to repost this whole story because it didn't show up that i updated...

work went by super fast. that rarely ever happens. i work at a bar/strip club. sometimes i dance and sometimes i work behind the bar. i've been working behind the bar more often. i actually like that better. even though i'm a prostitute, i always feel uncomfortable up there in front of everyone. as soon as i got home i took of my make-up and put on my pjs. i would just take a shower in the morning. that night i dreamt of my mother. it was always the same. it was the day she gave me away. we lived in chicago before eric moved me to las vegas. my friend joe and i were playing video games because that was the cool thing to do. my mom came into the room. "hannah. come downstairs there's someone i want you to meet" she said and walked out. "i'll be right back" i told joe as i paused the game. i went downstairs to see a guy in his late-20's, early-30's standing next to my mother. "honey this is eric andrews. you're going to go live with him. i can't take care of you anymore" she said. my heart stopped. "you'll need to pack all your things and say goodbye to joseph because you're leaving in 4 hours" she said and went into the kitchen. i looked at eric with tears in my eyes. he tried to speak but i ran upstairs before he could say anything. i went into my room and told joe everything. i cried, he cried, we cried on eachothers shoulders. we have been best friends since we were younger minus the 5 year difference. he had already graduated from high school. we had been spending every waking day togethe since he was leaving for college at the end of summer break. he helped me pack my things and told eric we'd meet him at the airport. joe sat by the gate with us until our plane got there. we said our final goodbyes and we promised to keep in touch with eachother. that was the last day i heard/talked to my best friend.

i woke up to my phone ringing. "hello" i said groggily into the phone. "oh shit, did i wake you up" a nervous voice asked. "ryan? is that you" i asked looking at the clock. it said 10:30. "yeah. i'm sorry if i woke you up. i just didn't know when you wanted to hang out" he said. i could hear the embarassment in his voice. "well since i just woke up, i have to take a shower and get ready. how about 12" "sure 12. i'll be there to pick you up then" he said. we hung up and i got out of bed. i took a nice warm shower. i stayed in there for a long time, just letting the water run over my body. i got out and looked at the clock. 11:15. i had 45 minutes to get ready. i put some capris and a band t-shirt on. then i brushed out my hair and put on a little bit of make-up. keeping it simple. i grabbed my purse and phone. the doorbell rang as i made my way into the hall to go downstairs. "whoa...where are you going miss" i turned around to see lacy and molly looking at me with smirks on their faces. "i'm hanging out with ryan today. have you forgotten already" i said. "oh yeah. well i got a call from brendon about 20 minutes ago. he said him and spencer might stop by tonight" lacy squealed. "uh oh. they want to hit that" i said to both of them. they laughed and i said bye to them. i got downstairs and saw eric talking to ryan. eric was probably asking him a million questions. "geez eric, give him the 3rd degree why don't you" i said saving ryan. "oh no, we were just talking about you" eric smiled at me. "oh really, what about" i asked. "nothing. you two have fun today" he said kissing the top of my head. i looked at ryan to tell me but he just took my hand and we left. first we went to this cute thrift store and tried on silly clothes. we ended up buying half of them since they were amazing. then we went to see a movie. we saw disturbia. i had been wanting to see it since it came out but i never had any time. it was about 5 so we decided to get some food. after we ate, we got ice-cream and went to the park. "today has been the greatest day of my life" i said resting my head on ryan's shoulder. it was about 6:30 and we were sitting on a bench. "yeah. i'm glad you agreed to hang out with me" he said lacing our fingers together. i smiled at him. he smiled at me. he leaned into kiss me and i let him. his lips were so soft. i could honestly get used to this. his tongue begged for entrance and roamed my mouth when it was granted. "ryan, we can't do this here" i said breaking the kiss. "you're right. lets go back to my place" he said grabbing my hand. he shared a house with the other 3 boys. when we got there it was empty. there was a note saying that spencer and brendon went to hang out with lacy and molly. and jon decided to go back to chicago for the weekend. we had the house to ourselves. he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist. he walked us into his room and kicked the door shut. i put my legs on the ground and continued to leave little kisses on his neck as he walked us over to his bed. my knees hit the edge of the bed and i fell pulling him down on top of me. clothes were ripped off in a matter of seconds. soft kisses were placed all over and hands roamed every inch of skin. just when i thought i was going to go crazy, he thrusted into me. i loved the feeling of him being inside me. i started to move with him. he went faster and faster. i felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge. with one final push, we both climaxed and ryan fell on me, both of us gasping for breath. he pulled out and laid next to me. "stay with me tonight" he said into my ear. "i...i have to call eric"i reached over the side of the bed and got my phone. "hello" i heard eric through the other end. "hey eric, it ok if i stay with ryan tonight" i asked hoping he would say yes. "i don't know hannah" he said hesitantly. "pleeeeease eric" i begged. "well...ok. just be home tomorrow. and be careful" he said acting all fatherly. i laughed. "ok bye eric" and i hung up the phone. i turned back to ryan. "looks like it's just you and me tonight" i smiled. he placed his hand on my waist and started to kiss me. 'tonight is gonna be amazing' i thought before we were at it again.

sorry it took sooo long to update. i've been really busy with finals coming up and writers block. i'm hoping to get the next one out over the weekend :)
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