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Naruto: A Great Day

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Haruno Sakura is a tough, beautiful, highly skilled medic. Yamanaka Ino is a tough, gorgeous, skilled ninja. Uzumaki Naruto the leading Hokage Candiate is happy that there are young, nubile, hot wo...

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A Great Day
By Geor-sama

Sakura stared out over the village, her green eyes flickering to the apartment building of her team mate, one Uzumaki Naruto. He was currently recovering from their latest high-level mission, he had saved her life...again. He had saved their friends lives, again. He had made it a habit of his...there wasn't s single person of the Rookie Nine that didn't owe him.

Things had definitely changed that was for sure...

For Sakura it was especially true, she had finally accepted she had more than friendly feelings for the boy. Now whither they were lust or love was still up for debate. Still she felt them and she knew better than most that she couldn't hesitate to act on her desires.

The only problem...was she wasn't sure how to go about doing that. What she needed, Sakura mused tiredly, was someone to keep her confidence up. Someone she could trust and would view this as a one time only deal, which meant Hinata was definitely out.

Ino on the other hand, now she would be perfect. But Sakura didn't feel like hunting the other girl down just to figure out how to present the situation. Then feeling a presence behind her, Sakura turned, spotting the familiar and attractive silhouette of Yamanaka Ino.

Divine providence.

"The sky is quite beautiful here," Ino said softly.


A moment of silence passed and Ino moved to stand beside her, holding her arm. "Sakura, I need to ask you something. I, I wanted to thank Naruto for everything he's done for us...but I don't really know how."

"Just say thank you," Sakura said, turning to look at her sometimes friend, sometimes rival, knowing that she could not ask for a better opening.

"I..." Ino stopped the sighed. "That doesn't feel like its enough though, I mean, he risked his life to save us and I know he'd do that for any of his friends, but I still want to thank him."

"What are you talkin about?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow despite her suspicion. "I suppose you could give him some flowers..."

"Sakura," Ino growled in frustration.

This it seemed was enough to make Sakura relent. "Relax piggy, I know what you mean. He's done a lot for me to...and..."

"So, how are you going to thank him?"

"I, I sorta had this idea," Sakura said after a moment a plan forming in her mind and she started worked on Ino's so far only weakness, sob stories. "I mean, we all grew up hearing about how everyone has something dark in their past. Naruto, his past is darker than we can imagine..."

Ino shifted silently, her gaze dropping to the ground silently. She was hooked, all Sakura had to do was reel the girl in.

"I can't, alone I can't bring myself...I'd back out..." Sakura admitted, reaching out to grasp Ino's hand. "If you were there, encouraging me and thanking him...just the first time."

"Wait, Sakura you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting...Please tell me that you're not seriously-"

"Ino, he deserves it...I mean, he's saved my life a couple of times and he's risking his own life to try and bring Sasuke back for me so I'll be happy, even though I'm not entirely sure I want him back...and I just-" Sakura paused, shooting Ino her most heartbreaking gaze.

"I," Ino paused then sighed giving up. "Fine, fine...damn it, I must be crazy."

Sakura nodded and offered a smile and a hug for thanks, while inner-Sakura rubbed her hands together in anticipation. She couldn't believe how gullible Ino was, though Sakura really wouldn't have been able to do this on her own. Besides, Naruto really did deserve to have something special like this.

What could have been more special than Konoha's two hottest Kunoichi?

Uzumaki Naruto was a highly trained ninja, it was a fact that could not be denied. Still even the highest of trained ninja encountered at least one thing that they were at a loss to handle. For Naruto this moment came when he awoke to the feel of two very soft hands on his bare chest.

He honestly didn't want to open his eyes, because this only occurred in his dreams and he wanted to enjoy the sensation. Still he had to open his eyes, and find out who, if anyone, was making him feel so good. When he opened his eyes, he found not one but two people.

His long time crush and team mate Haruno Sakura, along with her friend and the wet dream of a great many guys, Yamanaka Ino.

"Good morning, Naruto-kun," Sakura purred with a smile, right before she kissed him warmly on the mouth. Naruto's IQ suddenly dropped twenty points, then even further when he felt her reach down and move aside the sheet to run her fingers along his sudden arousal.

"Are you happy to see us?" Ino cooed in his ear.

Naruto's IQ dropped to almost nothing, making him roughly thinking about the same level as most plants. It was too much to process and then he watched as Sakura slowly slid down the bed, to where she was teasingly stroking him. What was left of his mind managed to form the feeling of a question before it went out the window as her mouth engulfed him.

Ino, a grin on her face, leaned forward and kissed him hotly.

Naruto fell back on instinct, since that was all he had, returning her kiss while moaning as Sakura did wondrous things to him. Then he groaned, breaking his kiss with Ino to see Sakura holding him in place and moving herself into position. He felt his eyes widen, then gasped as she lowered herself onto him before pausing.

Sakura took a deep breath, then plunged herself down and froze her mouth opened in an 'O' of a silent scream. Panic flooded through him but he was soothed by Ino who was massaging his chest now. "Sakura wanted to give you the best thank you she could..."

Naruto stared at the goddess stroking his chest, then back at the goddess currently perched on him. His mind was so lot, but he dimly understood and he couldn't help but reach up to touch Sakura's chest softly. The green eyed girl seemed looked down, a few stray tears glistening on her eyelashes.

Then with a gentle smile she started moving and it didn't take long before she was moving like a wild animal. It was all Naruto could do to exert any sort of self-control on his impulses, it was made even harder by Ino's hand on his chest while watching Sakura's breast's bounce merrily.

Sadly, this was his first experience and his control was almost non-existent and before long he was sent crashing into an orgasm. Sakura slowed her pace, flushed, rocking herself gently to keep him aroused. Naruto panting with his eyes closed, struggled to recover while feeling embarrassed about how quickly it had ended.

Opening his eyes he stared up at the girl who was staring back at him rather softly. "K-ami Sakura..."

Sakura smiled at him, blushing slightly. "Thanks..."

"I..." Naruto frowned and sighed. "I'm sorry I-"

"Oh that's ok," Ino said cutting him off, grinning as she kissed him. "The first time was just to get that out of the way and to get rid of Sakura's lil problem..."

"Yeah," Sakura added grinning as well. "You'll last longer now."

Naruto blinked, then gulped seeing the look on the two girls faces. Whatever he had regained of his higher brain functions was quickly retreating, aided by another kiss from Ino and Sakura's increase in rocking. Just as he believed he was about to enjoy his long time crush once more she paused and moved off him, gently touching Ino's leg to alert her.

Ino moved to straddle him, kissing him -she seemed to like doing that- as Sakura positioned Naruto for her. As Ino slowly edged her way down onto him, Sakura sat up, and the two girls kissed hotly. Naruto felt his brain grind to a halt as he saw the two girls kissing. It was one of those fantasies that you kept hidden away, but never expected to actually happen. Yet here it was and Naruto was amazed to see it.

Ino broke the kiss and turning leaned forward, placing her hands just above Naruto's shoulders. Her long blonde hair cascaded down on either side of her head, and shut out the world. Their eyes met, and the world seemed to stop as she started to move her hips.

Not breaking eye contact, Ino made small circles with her hips and it was all he could do to bite his lip and hold on for as long as he could. Ino seemed to sense how close he was and deliberately slowed her pace, easing him away from the edge.

Naruto, in instinctual appreciation reached up to cup Ino's breasts, gently fondling the flesh and softly tweaking her nipples. Ino moaned softly and started moving her hips once more. Naruto panting, began to lift his own hips, his surprise and awe at what was happening finally fading enough for him to become active.

On each of her down-thrusts, he lifted his hips sharply, earning moans and encouraging murmurs. The pace increased, his handling of her breast's going rougher, her voice rising in pitch. Leaning back, Ino tossed her hair and began driving herself up and down furiously.

Then Sakura decided to get in on the act and kissed him, her beasts rubbing against his shoulder delightfully.

The Hokage-to-be was utterly lost at the sensations, all he knew was that he had two beautiful, best-friends no less, women in his bed. All that mattered was shifting a hand to Sakura, trying to bring her as much pleasure as he could while Ino drove him crazy.

Ino reached her peek first, screaming out her passion as she drove herself down forcefully one final time. Naruto wasn't far behind her, it was actually only because of his determination that he had lasted this long, gasping his pleasure into Sakura's eager mouth. Then Sakura was displaced as Ino collapsed on top of him, her head resting on his chest.

"I think you broke her," Sakura said, prodding Ino softly in her side and flashing Naruto a grin.

"Ooops?" Naruto offered breathlessly, then rolled over, holding Ino so that she was now lying on the bed. Sakura moved into a kneeling position beside her, engaging Naruto in a heated kiss, moaning as he caressed her breast. Naruto for his part was wondering what in the hell he had ever do to deserve this, mainly so that he could do it again repeatedly.

Breaking the kiss Sakura leaned back, her eyes dark with lust. "Are you ready for me?"

"Sakura-chan, I don't-" he started to protest, instinctively knowing there was no way he could be ready for yet another performance so soon. Sakura however cut him off by lowering a hand to stroke her thigh enticingly, tempting him by leaning back her knees spreading slightly. Suddenly he felt a renewed energy and he carefully withdrew his hardening member from Ino, which earned him a moan of protest from the girl.

"Come on Naruto-kun," Sakura purred once more. "Let's improve our team work."

Naruto didn't hesitate, moving forward he eased her all the way back onto the bed, then taking a minute to ensure he was aligned properly pressed forward gently. Sakura sighed, reaching up to hold stroke his shoulder, lifting her hips slightly to met his slow thrust.

Naruto stopped and closed his eyes to enjoy the chills going up and down his spine, unable to believe what he was doing. Ino was impossible enough, but this was Sakura. He had loved her ever since they were in the academy, before he even understood the word. This was the girl that had loved Sasuke and had become his closets friend, the girl he was nearly killing himself in trying to make happy.

She was beautiful, she was kind...and she was kissing him, accepting him.

Leaning down he kissed her heatedly, trying to steal her breath even as he started thrusting faster. Sakura was moaning and squirming beneath him, her fingers clawing at his arms and shoulders, her legs coming up to wrap around him.

It didn't take long until the room was filled with moans, grunts and encouragements as they each rushed toward mutual release.

Sakura was first, screaming as her body withered and bucked beneath him. Naruto followed soon after, swept up in the passion, but he never stopped moving until his body finally seized up in protest. Collapsing he closed his eyes for a moment to catch his breath and then silently rolled off of her.

"Wow," Naruto murmured softly, unable to believe what had just occurred. He was jolted from his thoughts however as delicate fingers began to trace their way up his leg. Lifting his head, he watched in mute amazement as Ino crawled into position, her fingers magically managing to bring new life to him.

Noticing his attention Ino grinned, her tongue teasingly licking his arousal. "We're not done yet...I wanna see just how much stamina you have." Naruto started to say something, or at least he thought he was, until Sakura joined the other girl, stroking him gently with the occasional use of her tongue.

Sitting back the pink haired medic grinned, licking her lips enticingly, then Naruto watched in utter amazement as Sakura reached out to cup the back of Ino's head and turn it so that they could share another kiss. Breaking it the two girls looked back at him, leaving no doubt that Hokage-to-be or not, they were in control.

Somehow, instinctively, Naruto knew it was gonna be a great day.

A simple one-shot, don't look for anything to develop from this. Just enjoy the pure smuttiness!
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